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@DOWNLOAD KINDLE Î Jindan Upgrade (Desolate Era, #20) ⚝ Fate Had Never Been Kind To Ji Ning Wracked By Illnesses And Infirm His Entire Life On Earth, Ning Knew Early On That He Would Die As A Teenager What He Didn T Know Was That There Really Was Such A Thing As Life After Death, And That The Universe Was A Far Larger Place Than He ThoughtA Lucky Twist Of Fate One Of The Few In Ning S Life Meant That Ning Was Reborn Into A World Of Immortals And Monsters, Of Ki Refiners And Powerful Fiendgods, A World Where Dynasties Lasted For Millions Of Years A World Which Is Both Greater And Yet Also Smaller Than He Ever Could Imagine He Would Have The Opportunity To Join Them, And In This Life, Ning Swore To Himself, He Would Never Let Himself Be Weak Again The Era He Was Born Into Was A Desolate One, But Ning Would Make It His Era I m absolutely loving this book, just like all the other books in the series I always think it reached the climax part of the story, yet it seems to be forever out of reach Ji Ning keeps on surprising me by the way he defeats his opponents and how he overcome all his obstacles I just really hope the translator translates the book faster, because each chapter is almost a legit cliff hanger I can t wait to read the next book. QuoteIf he was to remain alive but be like an emotionless walking zombie, life would be worse than deathThoughts Another good volume, the story got split in 2 different parallel lines, I m really curious to see how they ll be merged again, also, now the main character can be 32 timesselfish, self centered and snobbish These are my personal opinions, you may discord, my final rating of the book is not necessarily linked to this system and may diverge from it.Book Storyline Originality 5 5 stars Development 5 5 stars Enjoyment 5 5 stars Writing stile 3 5 stars Funnyness 1 5 stars Epicness 5 5 stars Scaryness 1 5 stars Smartness 3 5 stars Addictiveness 5 5 stars Plot twists 3 5 stars Pace 5 5 stars Storyline planning 5 5 stars OR 5 negative stars Holes 3 5 negative stars Self contained Y N Cliffhanger Y N Adult Y N Mystery Y N Treasure Hunting Y N Violence level Less than usually in the series Tech level irrelevant Religion level fictional daoism and Buddhism Main genre Xianxia Subgenre Chinese web novel, Shounen, Cultivation Point of view main character Aftertaste GoodWorld Originality 3 5 stars Variety 5 5 stars Consistency 2 5 stars Impact on the story 4 5 stars Maps 5 stars Real world Y N Fantasy based on real world Y N Journey Y N Main scenario A trial regionCharacters Total amount 32, the rest don t matter Points of view Ji Ning, we can now follow him from 32 different perspectives Main characters Ji Ning Secondary no one else matters in this volume Ordinary everyone besides the main Overall quality 3 5 stars Main 3 5 stars Secondary 3 5 stars Consistency 4 5 stars Connection 2 5 stars Dialogs 2 5 Stars Interactions 3 5 Stars Underworld Crew Training Romance Notable best characters Notable worse characters Setting Historical importance 5 5 Stars Historical deep 5 5 Stars Historical score 5 5 Stars Geopolitical importance 5 5 Stars Geopolitical variety 4 5 Stars Geopolitical score 4 5 Stars Setting overall score 4 5 Stars Tension 3 5 Stars Atmosphere 3 5 Stars Classic Supernatural Superpowers Non human races Y N Virtual Reality Y N Monsters Y N About the setting there s a little tidbit of a greater world out there starting to take form, also some pressure about what s happening outside the trial since it took so long.Rules Devised system 3 5 stars System complexity 3 5 stars System explanation 3 5 stars Impact on storyline 3 5 stars Rulebreaker Y N Y but not much in this volume Type of Rule Ki cultivation, Fiendgod body cultivation, heartforce cultivation, swordforce cultivation, taijiforce cultivation, infiniforce cultivation, crapforce ciltivationXianxia Battle phase 4 5 stars Skill innovation 3 5 stars Treasure hunting phase 3 5 stars Cultivation phase 4 5 starsSeries StorylineThese are scored based on the series up to the end of this book Impact of this book in storyline 3 5 stars Originality 5 5 stars Development 4 5 stars Enjoyment 4 5 stars Writing stile 3 5 stars Funnyness 1 5 stars Epicness 3 5 stars Scaryness 1 5 stars Smartness 3 5 stars Addictiveness 4 5 stars Plot twists 4 5 stars Pace 4 5 stars Storyline planning 3 5 stars OR 5 negative stars Holes 3 5 negative stars Can be read as a standalone fucking aliens and fucking hiveminds ,FUCKING ALIENS AND FUCKING HIVEMINDS