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(((FREE PDF))) ⇵ Super Grandma and Super Grandpa (The Unknown Superheroes #1) ☄ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

I have a daughter and two grandchildren By being a grandma, I became aware of the Super Grandparents that spend time with their grandchildren or take care of them full time In 2015, I began writing my first book for the Super Grandma and Super Grandpa series to educate children and adults about safety and awareness with a super magical power theme for fun Author, Christine J Gilbert (((FREE PDF))) ⇨ Super Grandma and Super Grandpa (The Unknown Superheroes #1) ↵ In The Suburbs Of The City Lived A Super Grandma, Jeanne Classyca, Who Had Two Grandchildren Super Grandma Was A Special Agent, And She Had Super Magical Powers She Was A Classy Lady And Believed In Eating The Right Foods And ExercisingNot Far Away Downtown In The City Lived A Super Grandpa, Patrizio Wannabee, Who Had Three Grandchildren He Was A Special Agent And Had Super Magical Powers He Didn T Believe In Eating Healthy Or Exercising One Would Describe Him As A Bit Chunky, Until Agent Classyca Encouraged Him To Eat Healthy And Work OutSuper Grandma And Super Grandpa Were Unknown Superheroes And Worked Together On Cases Involving Saving Children In Danger By Using Their Super Magical Powers They Each Owned A Safety Training School That Taught Safety And Martial Arts To Children To Make Them Aware Of Stranger Danger, Stop Drop And Roll, Cyber Bullying, AndWhile They Were Working On A Case, Evidence Was Found In A Wooden Box, And They Discovered Their Students And Grandchildren Were In Danger It Was Up To Super Grandma And Super Grandpa To Catch The Criminals By Using Their Super Magical Powers While They Were Trying To Catch The Criminals, Something Unexpected Happened, And Their Super Magical Powers May Have Been Handed Down To Their Grandchildren A great book on a great topic that will be a super read for grandparents, parents and kids Christine demonstrates her versatility with this book that still addresses important issues but in a positive and productive environment You finish this book with a smile on your face A great book that wonderfully educates and entertains all age groups This book is truly magical, and will make a great movie Love it It s a cute story with action and magical powers that teach children how to do the right things when they re in danger Bravo for Super Grandma and Super Grandpa Christine you did an amazing job on Book 1 and 2 for that matterMy Grandkids love this book They also love there Super G TSHIRTS we bought them from Im so glad you wrote this fun book for Boys and Girls My Grandchildren enjoyed meeting you Your a very sweet lady and an amazing Author.P.S i LOVE MY SUPERGRANDMA TSHIRTS AND MY HUSBAND HAS HAD ALOT OF COMMENTS ABOUT HIS SUPER GRANDPA T SHIRT A great book to read to kids It is fun and is a great way to teach safety lessons. About a grand ma and grand pa who each run locations to assist children to grow up and be quality people Additionally, they work together to locate lost children and assist in any child relate crime They get to know each other better and consider a relationship Includes some spirituality and tips for health clean living.