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4.5 brilliant starsThis story was so much fun I adored the heroine s right off the bat In a short amount of page time I got to know them both well, despite the story being told completely from Keighley s point of view It s also told in first person present tense, something I normally struggle with, but Lorelie does it so well The dialogue is engaging and flows effortlessly.Thanksgiving dinner was a blast, the witty banter certainly kept me entertained With that said it wasn t without some heartfelt moments as well Kaleigh s immediate family were a wonderful bunch of people, so her mom, dad and sister Her extended family not so much.The conversation on the rooftop between Brooke, Keighley, and her little sister, Sierra, was classic It made me giggle like a school girl high on pot, perhaps because all three girls were partaking in said drug at the time.Snow white Snowy Bennet was an unexpected part of the plot, one I enjoyed very much Brooke s background was heartbreaking, although I was a little confused about what actually happened to her father because the plot contradicted itself.As with any story that mandates conflict, the two part ways for a while, which gives them both time to reflect on what they want in love and life When Brooke turned up with Roxie my heart exploded with joy The ending was wonderful.Although this is book two in a series I feel it can be read as a standalone The only connection I found was the fact Brooke works for Skyler, spelled as Skylar in book 1, at Belladonna Ink Other than that these two lovely heroines don t feature in book 1 I highly recommend this story Copy provided in exchange for an honest review Not even in the same league as the first book in this series 3 stars. I think Lorelie Brown bought me with her Far From Home novel enough to want to read every single novel la she publishes I really like her style, the way she effortlessly breezes through the dialogues between the characters, the way she creates the chemistry, and also the way she writes the sex scenes she makes them to be so hot and erotic, but not simplified or lascivious That being said, I found a major flaw in this novella view spoiler There is the scene where Keighley sees a tattoo on Brooke s leg, RIP Daniel, and Brooke says it s her father Later though, Brooke says her father left them and she doesn t know anything about him, if he s dead or alive hide spoiler This was an enjoyable book The first 45% or so is my favorite Lots of humor bringing a lesbian stranger home to Thanksgiving, posing as your girlfriend just to drive your fundamentalist Christian aunt crazy Brilliant , and Keighley and Brooke are both likable MCs Then the MCs spend much of the next month enjoying each other and I enjoyed reading of their enjoyment And then.sigh.Keighley realizes she s in love with Brooke and when Brooke doesn t immediately express reciprocal love, the fight and breakup tropes should have file numbers, so we can easily footnote them in reviews ensues Anger at your love interest because she hasn t revealed much, if anything, about herself before you decided you are in love with her anyway never makes sense, and certainly feels manufactured here.Surprise of surprises, Brooke realizes she wants Keighley in her life, and they reunite to live HEA.So the first part of the book is 5 , and the second half is 3 Overall, and I m not sure if I m rounding up a bit or down a bit, but Take Me Home is 4. ( Download ) ⚔ Take Me Home (Belladonna Ink #2) ⚇ Thanksgiving Arrives In One Week And One Day Feeling Hemmed In By Parental Expectations Are They Disappointed By Your Sapphic Proclivities I Can Help The Only Pay I Want Is The Holiday MealI Didn T Know What I Was Looking For Until I Saw Her Craigslist Ad I Love My Family I M Lucky To Have Them Well, Most Of Them But My Aunt I M So Tired Of Her Giving My Mom Crap Because I Happen To Be A Lesbian So One Pink Haired Tattoo Artist Pretending To Be My Girlfriend Will Annoy My Christian Fundamentalist Aunt Right Back And Make My Thanksgiving Perfect Only Brooke Turns Out To Be Cuter And Complicated Than I Expected And Before You Can Say Yorkiepoo, We Kiss And Abduct A Dog Together I Want To Keep Them Both But Brooke Isn T The Kind To Be Kept Lucky For Me, I M The Kind To Chase What I Want A very cute holiday romance I didn t like it as much as I liked I enjoyed this short read I didn t realize it was second in a seriesbut honestly you couldn t tell Definitely a stand alone story Interesting premiseone that I wouldn t be surprised if people have actually used Hiring someone to take home for a Holiday dinner In this case it was Thanksgiving.I thought the author did a pretty good job of developing the story line quickly including a whole host of secondary characters The romance is extremely quick but it s a short book so I tried to overlook Solid 3 starsARC via publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I received this book from NetGalley and Riptide Publishing in return for a fair review We ask that reviews be posted no than 30 days prior to the book s publication date publication date is November 7, 2016, 30 days prior to that is October 8 2016 Today is October 8 2016Keighley and Brooke, sitting in a tree, kissing Wait, there were not trees hmms.Keighley is 23 and an accountant Brooke is somewhere around the same age and a tattoo artist Book is from POV of Keighley.A week and one day before Thanksgiving, Keighley is both looking forward to and cringing from the family gathering that will occur on Thanksgiving day Because it is the all family party day And while she loves her father, mother, and sister 17 year old Sierra , she doesn t particularly like her cousin Trisha, and especially doesn t like her fundamentalist aunt Daphne After asking her mother if they could just not invite Daphne and her side of the family, and becoming resigned to the idea that they will be joining the party, Keighley decides to get a ringer Well, that s the word that would be used in a sporting context, not sure what to use here Using a ringer is like having a friendly amateur competition between two companies, and one brings in a professional athlete and pretend that athlete is an employee In this specific situation, Keighley decides on bringing a date to the party a fake lesbian girlfriend To thrust in the face of Daphne.An advertisement on Craigslist is spotted Pink haired tattoo artist ad Feeling hemmed in by parental expectations Are they disappointed by your sapphic proclivities I can help The only pay I want is the holiday meal Keighley contacts said artist, who goes by the name of Brooke , and a deal is struck.There s some family events, dogs, angst drama, meals and drinks, and lots of sex Kept on the edge of the seat I was I couldn t stop reading I gave the first book I read by Brown 6 stars I want to give this one the same, though I can t really While we learn a ton of information about the two main contestants in this game of pigeon okay, I couldn t think of what to put there , but still, book is super short Still, I m on the edge of putting it on the six star shelf anyway I ve decided to reserve the six star shelf for those works that I ve read than once and deserve to be on the highest shelf And no, that doesn t mean that every reread gets up there I ve read plenty that I ve given as little as 3 stars to.October 8 2016 Review of Take me home by Lorelie BrownThis is the second novella in the Belladonna Ink series by Lorelie Brown I ve loved the first one and gave it a 5 star rating This novella is a sweet romance written in first person from the point of view of Keighley, an accountant that decides to bring a rent a date to her family Thanksgiving dinner The date in question is Brooke, a cute tattoo artist with a troubled past and reluctance to get involved in relationships As the plot develops, their compelling chemistry unfolds along with Brooke s fears and inclination to escape The dialogues are witty, funny but also realistic in a romantic comedy way The secondary characters, including a dog, complement the plot smartly.Even though this book is part of a series, there is no need to read them in order as it stands alone without any problems.Overall, an entertaining festive read 4 starsARC provided by the publisher and Netgalley. 3.75 stars rounded upI fell in love with Brown s writing when I read Far from Home so I decided to also give this one a try It s shorter than the previous book, clocked in around 30,000 words In that sense, I felt this one was rushed in terms of the relationship progress Plus I couldn t help it, I still squeaked when I read the sex scenes There were pretty long scenes, considering that this was only a novella length I wasn t comfortable with some of the words used, and I guess I prefer reading sex involving men rather than two women sheepish smile However, I was still entranced with Brown s words simply put they were charming Her characters were wonderful to read, and I enjoyed her humor The disaster at the Thanksgiving dinner was funny, and I loved the dialog exchanges between Keighley and BrookeThere s something about girls About women We re amazing Beautiful and special and different and something altogether made of miracles I like that Lesbians, made of miracles Like girl juices are the Gatorade of the sex worldPlus there was a CUTE dog here that just took my heart away I am so easy lol So despite the rushed story, despite my skimming the sex scenes altogether I guess I still loved this novella for the writing and the characters It made me smile a lot, it made me happy, and I guess that was all that matters The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is required for any ARC received.