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`Read Epub é The Disasters Ä Hotshot Pilot Nax Hall Has A History Of Making Poor Life Choices So It S Not Exactly A Surprise When He S Kicked Out Of The Elite Ellis Station Academy In Less Than Twenty Four HoursBut Nax S One Way Trip Back To Earth Is Cut Short When A Terrorist Group Attacks The Academy Nax And Three Other Washouts Escape Barely But They Re Also The Sole Witnesses To The Biggest Crime In The History Of Space Colonization And The Perfect ScapegoatsOn The Run And Framed For Atrocities They Didn T Commit, Nax And His Fellow Failures Execute A Dangerous Heist To Spread The Truth About What Happened At The AcademyThey May Not Be Academy Material, And They May Not Get Along, But They Re The Only Ones Left To Step Up And Fight I ll admit the cover snagged my attention for this one The tagline alone Space is hard Grab a helmet made me think it was going to be an epic, funny space thriller This is definitely what the book sets out to do, however, it really fails to be exciting or funny in any way.The plot of this book was slow and hard to buy into The pacing was just poor there were really only enough plot points to fill a book half this size, making the book really drag It just felt like it should have been a novella and not a full length book Also, the main villains of this book were really not believable Their entire cause was Earth First focus on the problems on Earth rather than colonizing space While this could have been an interesting set up, the execution made zero sense Moving to space was shown to be a choice in this book, one that came with passing a series of exams and a promise that you wouldn t come back to Earth Why on Earth pun intended would anyone who is part of the Earth First movement ever leave Earth with a one way ticket Why would this group not be based on Earth Wouldn t it be to their advantage that people are leaving Earth and therefore reducing over population Also, why would they have to kill everyone who left Earth Why not just take over Earth politics and reshape that planet as your own The whole thing honestly made zero sense, and made an already bad book less enjoyable.The possibilities of having a book set in space are endless you can have some crazy, futuristic settings with any kind of futuristic vibe you could want Instead, this book mostly took place on planets that were pretty much cookie cutter copies of Earth Not a ton of time is even spent on the main spaceship which is given virtually no description other than it s a Honda and it s pretty Altogether, the setting felt squandered and was pretty disappointing Even the settings that were heavily featured were pretty underdeveloped there was very little description or world building.Possibly the worst part about this book is the main character, Nax He s a hot shot pilot who flunked out of the academy test his failure is never really explained, despite his apparently stellar track record before this test and is thrust into the leadership role for this band of misfits He rotates between being obnoxiously cocky, to repetitively insecure seriously, he repeats the same phrases over and over , to indecisive in his love life All around, he was just kind of a mashup of tropes, without much depth There was no growth for him throughout the book and most of his motivations really aren t clear Also, it s clear he s meant to be the comedic relief of this book, but there was nothing really amusing about him The rest of the characters were no better all one dimensional with almost no indication as to their motivations for their actions.This book really just disappointed me It had so much potential but really did nothing with it It s also a genre that hasn t had a lot of activity in the last couple of years, so I was really looking forward to a breath of fresh air in the space If you re looking for a quality book set in space, check out The Martian by Andy Weir or Across the Universe by Beth Revis 1 5. I justreally like this cover. 1.5 5 stars I feel a little mislead by this book Space is hard Grab a helmet I don t know about you, but to me this tagline suggests the Disasters is going to contain a lot of off planet action scenes This was very much not the case In fact, other than the first chapter, at least 80% of the book takes place on an urban colony practically indistinguishable from a city on earth There was a lot of running from the authorities and grand schemings for a massive organization takedown, but very little space This is not a bad thing, per se, but it s definitely not what I signed up for, and y all know how much expectations play into my assessment of books.And that s not even the whole of it One cover quote says a clever, comic thrill ride packed with non stop action and starring a motley crew that won me over from page 1 A motley crew These kids were practically prodigy students highly skilled, brilliant, some clearly hailing from wealthy families yeah not exactly what I would consider a motley crew I spent most of the book wondering at how such preppy students got kicked out of the school in the first place It just didn t make any sense.The final nail in the coffin was that I found most of the book kind of boring There were a lot of running from the enemy scenes, but even then I could feel my interest waning with each chapter There wasn t a lot of character exploration, and they all came across a bit superficial.Perhaps had I not been mislead by this book s marketing, I would ve enjoyed it , but when you sign up for a space book with a motley crew and you end up with a planetside conspiracy story staring last year s honor students, you feel a little swindled I genuinely wish I had liked it.Recommendations this book is for those who like YA conspiracy stories than fans of YA sci fi It did not meet my personal expectations enough to endorse, but hopefully I ll find myself in the minority.Via The Obsessive Bookseller at Other books you might like This is such an incredibly fun space romp with so much diversity, I fairly felt my soul sing I crave action adventures where characters are as diverse and hi this book delivers monumentally It also balances a kickass adventure with vulnerability and awkward self depreciating sass sprinkled throughout I think they ate a grand total of, ah, two 2 meals tho I worry for space books, I do Nobody eats enough If that s the future, im out The cast is the favourite motley crew kind Nax is bi, poc, with a Muslim family and he s an utter disaster What if he just flung himself into space before thinking Yes This is Nax Then we have Rion queer, black, British diplomat s kid and Case poc, anxiety disorder, genius and Zee trans, medic, Russian, eyeliner on point, and will kick you into the middle of next week and lastly they pick up Asra crime boss kid, Muslim, wears hijab, knows everything and everyone Misfits Here for it.My only downfalls were myseeeeelf I didn t keep up with the plot and it wasn t hysterically humorous as I thought it would be But I definitely want MORE and I hope it gets a sequel let my disaster queer kids in space have a series