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Pretty good the application of principles into a new business Definitely worth reading How to think about digital disruption This is a very good introduction to how to think about digital disruption not just IOT by focusing on the business problems to be solved and how to accelerate your business using IOT Lots of insights here, but no silver bulletsit requires discipline and lots of hard work. I listened to the audio book I loved the idea of developing formulas for business processes Customer obsession and avoiding short term gains for long term ones, was especially good The concept of failing forward as a culture All good stuff The only reason I take a point away is cause author was a bit repetitive. Warto ciowa pozycja 1 project charter instead of gantt chart2 future press release Great book by someone who has worked at on many of these IoT initiatives concise and captures the essentials of s IoT strategy A bit of validation to oldies who have been doing process excellence or other customer focused product development for a while, and quite a revelation to those who are just discovering the extent of s customer obsession, analytics excellence and dominance in various industries. I m diving into IoT these days like a lot of people with new Echo devices for Christmas Beyond that my role at work is becoming increasingly oriented toward IoT This book is much, much about business than it is about technology I haven t read the author s predecessor, The Way, but having read this I feel like I have Much like the fortune cookie joke of adding in bed to whatever the cookie tells you, I imagine this book added with IoT to every sentence in that previous book.That doesn t mean it wasn t enjoyable or helpful The author s reflections on and explanations of how it invests, innovates, and optimizes its business were very helpful Reading this book you get much of a sense of respect for efforts such as drone delivery or even the failed Fire phone I felt a little in awe of the company after reading it and admire the bold rationality of a company that seems to have an even better ability to innovate successfully than, say, Google.I think there are probably far better books on IoTin fact I grokked IoT far better listening to the book on my Echo Dot than I did from anything in the book itself But as an up to date book on I found it helpful. I think Rossman does a great job describing s culture but does a poor job on providing a playbook on IoT Likening Kindle to an IoT solution is a bit disingenuous Alexa absolutely The author points to reading his earlier book to understand s culture I have a good enough understanding based on this text alone A better book on the topic is O Reilly s Enterprise IoT I also have Sinclair s IOT Inc but haven t cracked it open yet. `FREE ↵ The Amazon Way on IoT ☠ The Way On IoT Is For The Leader Who Wants To Understand How The Internet Of Things Is Transforming Business And Society Readers Will Discover Business Cases, Key Concepts, Technologies And Tools To Help Develop, Explain And Execute Their Own IoT Approach Through Understanding S And Other Leading Companies Sophisticated IoT Technologies And StrategiesConnected Devices, Wearables, Cloud Computing, Sensors, Machine Learning And Algorithms Are All Capabilities And Technologies Dramatically Changing Business, Government And Organizational Landscapes These Are The Core Components Enabling The Internet Of Things, Which Harvard Professor Michael Porter Writes Is The Backbone For A Third Wave Of Technology Led Innovation And Digital Disruption This Book Gives You The Easy Recipes To Identify The Opportunities In Your Business