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[E-pub] ♩ Modding the Rich Girls ♨

[E-pub] ☦ Modding the Rich Girls ♊ This Series Picks Up Where The Hookup App V Series Leaves Off, But Provides Enough Background To Stand On Its Own Catch The Bundles, Simon S Tale The Hookup App Complete Series One And Nathan S Tale The Hookup App Complete Series Two For A Special Price Research Psychologist Daniel Kepler Is The Next Lucky Recipient Of The Hookup App, The Mysterious Smartphone Tool Designed To Alter Personalities And Now Implant Thoughts And Memories Providing Easy To Follow Tutorials, Daniel Is Quickly Able To Learn The Extent Of His New Powers As He Learns The Features Of The Powerful App, He Realizes That His Own Research Is Sorely Behind The Curve What Could The App Developers Possibly Want From Him And Can He Resist Letting Its Seductive Powers Corrupt Him Featuring Tristan Daniel S Beautiful Office Aide Can Daniel Help Her With Her Relationship Problems Witout Crossing The Line, Or Will She Pull Him Across On Her Own Rachelle A Kidnapped Sister A Shady Character Named Edmund Rachelle Wants Answers And She Thinks Daniel Might Have Them How Far Will She Go For The Truth Pepper Student Body And Sort Of A Research Groupie Who Will Seduce Who First Elizabeth The Brains, And Beauty Behind The Hookup App This Tall, Willowy Blonde Is As Hauntingly Attractive As She Is Brilliant Simon Elizabeth S Partner In Crime And Lover Fellow Developer Of The Hookup App Portia, Carly And Stephanie Every Controller Has Their Thing, And For Daniel, It S Snobby Rich Girls Nomally He Has To Put Up With Their Pretentiousness As A Professor, But Things Have Changed Recently Emil Delano He S Been Under The Radar For Years A Hacker Who Stole The Beta Version Of The App From Another Controller The Power Is No Longer Adequate And He Wants Novella Length , Words