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I haven t read anything this good in a long time It is lyrical and hard hitting at the same time, a feat only to be accomplished by a sweet voiced Irishman like Bill It ranks as my very favorite biography of maturation He managed to meld the pathos of his struggles in poverty with his humor, his music, his loves and his education I liked Bill so much I went and met him at Merlin s Rest in Minneapolis. All of the history which to me came off as dry right off the bat really bogged things down for me The story wasn t enough to engage me and keep reading. In April of 1971, Bill Watkins set off for England from Scotland on foot He missed his train and after a run in with a dog ended up with an injured foot in the middle of nowhere He ended up in the care of a group of Romany Gypsies The Once and Future Celt by Bill Watkins covers his time in the Romany camp and his return home as a man changed by his experience.The Once and Future Celt happens to cover many of the same locations, cultural practices and legends that Molly Dwyer focuses on in Requiem for the Author of Frankenstein Watkins as a native Briton of Irish Welsh ancestry is able to capture the regional differences with realism, heart and humor He doesn t feel the need to go into lengthy explanations, relying instead on context and a brief glossary at the start of the memoir I loved reading his dialogue because I could hear the different personalities and I ended up learning a whole bunch in the process even though I had to stop every now and then to giggle.Wakins s most recent memoir is the conclusion of a trilogy of memoirs The previous two are A Celtic CHildhood and Scotland Is Not for the Squeamish Having so enjoyed his latest one, I would love to go back and read them. `READ EPUB ⇜ The Once and Future Celt ⇸ Bill S Journey Into Manhood Has Taken Him Through England, Ireland, Scotland, And Wales Now Bill Finds Himself Stranded In A Gypsy Camp With An Injured Foot, TheYear Old Adventurer Is Comforted By The Beautiful And Elusive Riena, But Then Makes His Way Back Home To Birmingham, Where He Finds Himself Set Adrift On Unemployment In Recessionary England Bill Learns A Family Secret From His Welsh Father, Chases Yet Another Girl, And Finds Some Wisdom To Close His Long Journey Of Self Discovery