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#Read Pdf ð The Beep Book ⚛ The Beep Book Is Transcripts Of Interviews With Over Game Audio Professionals From A Range Of Areas Of Game Sound S History The Majority Of The Interviews Were Conducted As Part Of The Beep Documentary Film Project By Director And Author Karen Collins These Are Supplemented By Interviews Done For Video Game Music Online By Chris Greening The Book Is , Words In Length A Huge Volume Of Material Spanning Decades Of Video Game And Pinball Audio History Interviews Include Artists Such As Marty O Donnell Halo , George The Fat Man Sanger Th Guest , Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy , Yoko Shimomura Kingdom Hearts , And Many, ManyThe Interviews Aim To Explore The Changing Nature Of Game Audio Over Time Interviews Are With People From All Over The World, Including Japan, USA, Canada Europe, And Took Place From October To July They Cover A Range Of Expertise And Experience Levels, And Include Composers, Sound Designers, Voice Actors And Directors, Record Labels, Conductor, Orchestrators, Chip Musicians, Hardware And Software Creators, AndIf You Re At All Interested In Game Sound, Or Its History, We Think You Ll Find Something Of Interest Here Many Of The Interviews Have Been Or Will Be Released As Video Content On Our Website, So Feel Free To Preview Some Of Them Having Them In A Single Book Form Means You Ve Got Them All In One Place In A Searchable, Quotable Format If You Ve Seen Our Kickstarter Campaign, You Ve Seen The Print Books As Two Separate Volumes The E Book Combines Those Two Books Into One Easily Searchable DocumentInterviews Nobuo Uematsu Final Fantasy Series Arnie Roth Conductor Of Distant Worlds Becky Allen Popcap Audio Director Chanel Summers Ex Xbox Audio Evangelist Guy Whit Peggle , NOLF, Adaptive Audio Specialist Leonard Paul EA Audio Turned Chiptune Artist, Beep Composer Simon Ashby Audiokinetic Wwise Guy David Viens Plogue Chip Guru Alexander Brandon Deus Ex, Unreal Series, Skyrim Alex Wilmer Tomb Raider Series Charles Deenen Maniacs Of Noise Turned Trailer Expert Clint Bajakian LucasArts, God Of War, WoW Michael Land LucasArts, IMuse Creator David Warhol Intellivision Audio George Sanger The Fat Man Th Guest,Wing Commander Jason Graves Dead Space, Tomb Raider Jenn Lewis EA Sports Turned Indie Audio Levon Lewis Transformers, Golden Compass DB Cooper VO Artist Bioshock, Beep Michael Csurics VO Director Peter McConnell LucasArts Grim Fandango, Hearthstone Rudy Helm Sierra On Line Tracy Bush WoW Composer Voice Of Murlocs Tom White Director, MIDI Manufacturer S Association Spencer Hooks Game Audio At Dolby Steve Horowitz Nickelodeon And Other Kids Games Chris Huelsbeck C Guru Turrican Series Brad Fuller Atari Coin Op Dren McDonald Ravenwood Series, Gathering Sky Jory Prum LucasArts Grim Remastered, Walking Dead Peter Drescher Ringtones, Annoying Audio Guy Tom Rettig Broderbund, Prince Of Persia Brendan Becker Chiptuner Responsible For Pretty Eight Machine Rich Heimlich Soundcard Expert Brian Schmidt Xbox And Pinball Damian Kastbauer Technical Sound Designer, Uncharted David Thiel Pinball Sound And Qbert S Voice Creator Marty O Donnell Halo, Destiny Composer Nick Wiswell Forza Series Wilbert Roget II Monkey Island Remake, Tomb Raider Bryan Celano, Chip Beaman, Masanobu Tomita, Shannon Potter Formosa Interactive Garry Schyman Bioshock Destroy All Humans Series Jim Welch Meriwether, Slot Machine Audio Lance Hayes Forza, Gears Of War Richard Ludlow Disney Infinity, The Raven Scott Gershin Last Of Us, Resident Evil Tom Salta Ghost Recon, Halo Anniversary Penka Kouneva Transformers, Gears Of War , WoW Winifred Phillips Assassin S Creed III Liberation, Little Big Planet Gordon Durity EA Sports Adele Cutting Harry Potter Series Anastasios Constantinou Tazman Audio Graeme Norgate GoldenEye , Crysis Allister Brimble Amiga Titles James Hannigan Dead Space , Harry Potter Joanna Orland Wonderbook, God Of War John Broomhall Transport Tycoon, X COM Mark Estdale VO Director On Game Of Thrones, Etc Nathan McCree Original Tomb Raiders Michael Kelly Sony Playstation Audio Rebecca Parnell Evil Dead Fistful Of Boomstick Richard Jacques Sonic Series Sam Hughes Lego Batman Scott Selfon Microsoft Audio Stephan Sch Tze Polar Express, Jurassic Park Hiroki Kikuta Secret Of Mana Hisayoshi Ogura Darius, Arkanoid Hitoshi Sakimoto Final Fantasy Tactics, Monster Kingdom Koichi Namiki Sega Sound Team Michiko Naruke Wild Arms Series Nobuyoshi Sano Ridge Racer, Tekken Series Noriyuki Iwadare Grandia Series, Lunar Series Shinji Hosoe Namco Turned SuperSweep Tenpei Sato Rhapsody, Valis, Disgaea Series Tetsuya Shibata Monster Hunter, Devil May Cry Yoko Shimomura Mario Luigi, Kingdom Hearts Yoshino Aoki Mega Man, Breath Of Fire Series Yuji Takenouchi Metal Gear MSX Alberto Gonzales Altered Beast, Tintin, Asterix Anders Carlsson Chiptune Artist Goto Shota Nakama Director Of Video Game Orchestra Rob Bridgett Prototype Series, Scarface Harumi Fujita Ghosts N Goblins, Mega Man Hideki Sakamoto Echochrome, Yakuza Junko Tamiya Strider, Bionic Commando Masahiro Aoki Doujin Circles, Sengoku Basara Masashi Kageyama Gimmick Benkei Gaiden Michiru Yamane Castlevania, Twinbee Ryuichi Nitta Ninja Gaiden, Beatmania Saori Kobayashi Sonic, Panzer Dragoon Takahiro Izutani Metal Gear, Bayonetta Yasumasa Yamada Art Of Fighting, Samurai Shodown Frederic Motte Fury Of The Furries, Pac In Time, Sam Power Series Not just the best book of its kind, but it s the only book of its kind.I love how game composer George Sanders ended his interview Thanks for doing this I don t feel like I did anything at this point I don t feel like I did anything spectacular I think I was in the right place at the right time with some intent to make things positive And I think my friends were there to help I think that there were shoulders to stand on Giant shoulders to stand on, whether I knew I was on them or not I think every time that I thought that I was doing something incredible, I wasn t alone And every time I thought that I had been forgotten, and that it would amount to nothing, I was completely off And in the long run, you really don t know what s going on at all And the universe has it under control, and whenever you look back on it, it s a perfect divine composition It s a perfect symphony There s no note out of place It s as though we had access to time travel, and could go back, change things, come back, find out that it s not really that great, go back and change it a little Maybe it s getting better We go back and forth, back and forth, until it s just the way that we want it, then we go back and destroy all the time machines And this is how the world is And I don t know if it s me that does it, or if it s spirit or if it s God or if it s some game developer, but somehow the great game design document is really, really well put together laughs You may not notice as you re respawning the seventieth time after a really rough level, but it s a really good game.