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~DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚖ A Blunt Instrument ♼ Who Would Kill The Perfect Gentleman When Ernest Fletcher Is Found Bludgeoned To Death In His Study, Everyone Is Shocked And Mystified Ernest Was Well Liked And Respected, So Who Would Have A Motive For Killing Him Inspectors Of Scotland Yard Felt It Was An Unlikely Crime For The London Suburbs A Perfectly Respectable Chap At Home With His Head Bashed In It Seems The Real Fletcher Was Far From The Gentleman He Pretended To Be There Is, In Fact, No Shortage Of People Who Wanted Him DeadSuperintendent Hannasyde And Sergeant Hemingway, With Consummate Skill, Uncover One Dirty Little Secret After Another, And With Them, A Host Of People Who All Have Reasons For Wanting Fletcher Dead Who Tiptoed Into The Study To Do The Deed The Rather Nefarious Nephew Neville A Neighbor S Wandering Wife A Fat Man In A Bowler Hat The Mystery S Key Was A Blunt Instrument A Weapon That The Police Could Not Find And That The Murderer Can To Use Once Then, A Second Murder Is Committed, With Striking Similarities To The First, Giving A Grotesque Twist To A Very Unusual Case, And The Inspectors Realize They Are Up Against A Killer On A Mission SPOILER ALERT What a lark A Blunt Instrument has to be one of the most droll and entertaining of Heyer s mysteries I loved it from beginning to end, and figured out whodunnit almost immediately Ordinarily, this would make me think less of Heyer s writing abilities, but in this case, her hiding the murderer in plain sight actually causes the reader to second guess themselves throughout the 309 hilarious pages.Entertaining, funny and filled with period charm and cant speak, A Blunt Instrument isn t to be missed for lovers of the golden age murder mystery. Normally I m all in favour of the retro paperback covers but this one is hideous.While there is a lot to like about this book, it does have a few flaws Any time my favourite Watson Hemingway came on to the page the whole book sparkled with life energy GH gave him some of the books wittiest lines The remaining funny lines went to Neville I found his Hemingway s exchanges with the gloomily religious Corporal Glass hilarious But Helen is one of the most selfish, shallow, stupid all round annoying characters GH ever wrote Half way through view spoiler if I had been a character in the bookI would have murdered her hide spoiler It is an nice English cozy mystery where almost all the characters are suspects It is the forth from Inspectors Hannayside serie I will continue with the other stories.Thank you Netgalley for this book. I came to the work of Georgette Heyer rather recently and was taken by her sparkling and fun regency romances, but I pursued her books into other historical eras and, mostly lately, into other genres such as her murder mysteries I find that they have the same sparkling dialogue and touch of madcap humor that her regencies possess which is a further delight.Most of her mysteries take place post WWI at an English country house and feature either Superintendent Hannasyde or Hemingway as the Scotland Yard detective sent to solve the case A Blunt Instrument is no exception It is the fourth and last of the Hannasyde books with Hemingway acting as his sergeant.A Blunt Instrument highlights a colorful circle of characters from laconic and witty Neville, the deceased s nephew who stands to inherit to the witless and often lachrymose neighbor, Mrs Helen North who is the deceased s most recent flirtation Poor Hannasyde and Hemingway are saddled with a Jeremiah like Bible quoting local constable and several would be suspects who have their own reasons for throwing shade on the investigation of a man who was supposedly too well liked to have been a victim.I enjoyed this one for its historical, classical feel It was a crime in a time before our later crime scene tech advancements so the investigation work was tramping around going at witnesses and shifting for hints in their statements In this one, the timeline was the sticking point because witness statements were contradictory Though, that said, as a reader, I doubt I was meant to believe Helen s statements yes, she had three, at least, by the end Helen is too obvious for words and I had the strongest urge to pitch a bucket of ice water at her every time she showed up in a scene However, she does turn out to be a necessary figure in the story She loves her husband, but finds a solid, hardworking man who doesn t go in for gambling or lots of cocktail parties not enough so gets into trouble to stir him up and gets into an intrigue to make him act jealous John chooses to keep his peace and wait her out because he actually loves her inspite of her antics He is even willing to frame himself to protect her Her sister, Sally, is much level headed and gets the lamentable task of verbally shaking her into some sense, but Sally does enjoy being right in the thick of a murder investigation because she writes mysteries I had a good time whenever Neville appeared in a scene He leads people on a merry chase, but he s never really obstructive and will tell the truth unlike Helen and her husband But, the character who is the real corker is Constable Glass His religion runs to the hell and brimstone sort and he speaks entirely in Biblical aphorisms and not the helpful sort He drove everyone to Bedlam had had the sergeant, Neville, and Sally scrambling for their own Biblical quotes to shut him up I know he will annoy the Dickens out of some, but he was a buffoon and I could only laugh most of the time.I figured this one out before the big reveal and even got the motive even though the author did her level best to distract with all the characters and the nonsense going on I confess that it was because of reading other mysteries that I cottoned to the truth and not because I m all that brilliant.All and all, I m delighted that Sourcebooks is reprinting these old Heyer detective stories for a new generation to discover them and enjoy the antics and wit of her work Those who enjoy old style country house mysteries will be the target audience for this books series.My thanks to Sourcebooks Landmark via Net Galley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review. A delightful cozy mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie It s not really surprising, but due to Heyer s wonderful writing it provides hours of good fun, filled with her trademark bickering and interesting characters A nice, comfortable read, perfect if you re looking for a good old fashioned mystery I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Another Heyer Mystery completed In this one the police forces tackle the strange puzzle of the Perfect Gentleman who has been murdered in a most messy way possible, in less than five minutes Not only that, they cannot find the implement used So many people could have done it and yet, no one can picture any of them actually putting their hands to the task The case becomes further muddled by someone not telling the truth by just a few details leaving everyone involved on eggshells Everyone except Neville, who the police secretly believe to be a half wit bent on wasting their time One thing he definitely does is try their patience and give everyone a laugh.This felt a bit like Hawaii Five O, Georgette Heyer style Particularly the way the story progressed I m pretty sure I ll revisit this Heyer, it didn t get a five because I still think Why Shoot a Butler and The Unfinished Clue was better In this one the characters didn t make me take sides like most mysteries, but that s fine since the end will surprise most everyone.I did suspect the murderer at one point, but then decided that it was impossible and picked another impossible suspect So I second guessed myself the whole way through concluding that I didn t know who it was, till the grand finale One police man, Officer Glass loved to quote scriptures at everyone He was rather funny when he applied a scripture to someone accurately, but tiresome when he got it wrong All in all he was a bit over the top But he didn t spoil the story any and he didn t preach at everyone too much, just every time he opened his mouth PG The murder is rather gruesome, but we aren t given a bunch of nasty details The victim was a lady s man and there is a fair bit of smoking. This book is classic Heyer madcap characters, clever plot and hilariously droll dialogue The problem with solving this murder is that, as Sergeant Hemingway remarks than once, if all the witnesses are telling the truth, then there can t have been a murder And yet there is the body of Ernest Fletcher with a bashed in head, so clearly there has been a murder.So obviously that means someone is lying And yet, all are, in fact, telling the truth Of course, the truth of the matter will dawn upon you, the reader, as it does upon Superintendent Hannasyde.I only wish that Ms Heyer had written mysteries 3.5 to be preciseComparing to her other mysteries Why Shoot a Butler , They Found Him Dead, No Wind of Blame and Penhallow , this one was the least favorite It has a bit of a thrill and twist However, you can guess who is the culprit and the motive after finishing two thirds of the story I mean it was clear to the point that I doubted it and thought it was a narrative trick but it wasn t I don t know, maybe that was her way of misleading the reader, making the murderer too obvious to be true Other than that it was fine Some of the characters were getting on my nerve Officer Glass and Helen North , and it has a bit of a humor. It flickers guiltily through my conscience that if any other person had written this book, I would have given it 3 stars But it is Heyer and I delight in anything she writes like a doting parent delights in her children s drawings Even the weaker ones So you ll just have to accept this as a disclaimer The mystery of A Blunt Instrument was sadly predictable and often involves people sitting around discussing clues that have already been hashed out ad nauseam There are some definite tones of sexism that I like to think are in fun but might not have been And if you re familiar with Heyer s character archetypes, the characters fall into their somewhat predictable spheres And yet what fun spheres they are Honestly, I read this book for the characters The King James quoting constable kept me laughing out loud and I can t get over Heyer s daring in giving the mystery writing sister a monocle What could be less romantic I love the nephew with his crazy plans to keep his aunt occupied and the estranged couple each wrapped in their own private drama So I give this book 4 stars because it was fun and it was written by her Don t go in expecting much.