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!READ KINDLE ☧ Lars (Witches of London #1) ⚖ Some Problems You Can T Solve With Magick And Some You CanAfter A Homophobic Pagan Group Rejected Him, Lars Kendall Is A Solitary Heathen On The Northern Path, Loyal To The Gods Of The Norse Pantheon But Being On His Own Sucks So When He Finally Meets A Mixed Group Of Other Queer Witches And Magick Users, It S Like Finding Family If Family Involved Exploring Past Lives And Casting SpellsRhys Turner Quit A Stressful Job In The City After His High Strung Boyfriend Of Six Years Walked Out He Sold The Expensive Flat In Central London And Bought A Run Down House Out In The Suburbs Never Mind That It Needs Walls Knocked Down, Its Garden Landscaped, And What The Hell Is Up With That Carpet With His Health Failing, Rhys Is Desperate For A Clean Slate And A New Start He Isn T Ready To Fall In Love With Anybody, Least Of All The Hunky Builder Who Looks Like He S Stepped Out Of A TV Show About Vikings Tattoos, Long Hair, And All But As Strong And Loyal As Lars Is, He Also Has A Very Soft Heart, Which Might Be The Hardest Thing For Rhys To Resist Note This Is A , Word Novel Witches of London Lars is the unique story of a young contractor living in the outskirts of London who makes a living renovating run down estates for wealthy clients, turning old houses from the 70s into tasteful modern homes.A little less known even lesser known than his being gay is the fact that he s also a follower of a pagan spirituality, believing in the Old Norse Gods he feels all around himself in nature a small altar and wooden statues representing his gods being his way to connect himself with his faith.As Fantasy esque as this sounds, people like Lars do exist And while most of us have probably only heard of Wicca, a pagan branch that somehow made it into pop culture since the 1990s, the spiritual beliefs that Lars and his fellow coven members follow are in fact based on real pagan groups that exist nowadays Lars not only worships the gods, but also tries to use the energy he draws from the Earth to have a positive impact on the people around him much like a Christian would put his faith in a prayer.So in this context, the story is far from Fantasy and rather touches spirituality and meditation autogenous training which is open to anybody who is willing to actually sit down and shut up the many voices in our heads that everyday life puts there When Lars is hired to renovate the house of terminally ill ex banker Rhys, Lars not only tries to help the man by being there for him, but also by calling on his inner powers to help Rhys on a level that the man is not aware of Some parts of the story felt very spiritual and unusual for a m m novel and I kind of wondered if it was a good idea to put these images into the heads of people who actually suffered from such a disease But thankfully, Lars is following Rhys on his painful journey through a modern medical treatment so this story does not portray a spontaneous healing as in a miracle of the gods.I found the spiritual aspect of this novel extremely well done and it sparked my own curiosity about these subjects.Judging the book as a m m romance, I am inclined to say that I absolutely loved Lars his background, his mindset, his beliefs that were deeply spiritual, while he was still a young guy living in the 21st century who kept his cell phone in his back pocket while worshiping the gods He was very relatable and had good morals and attitudes that I quickly grew to like Rhys on the other hand was a bit complicated to relate to Granted, he was suffering from a disease that might cost him his life, but I did not like his past, his former profession and his decisions regarding a relationship as a terminally ill gay man Had he been a healthy man in the prime of his life, I would probably not have liked him very much and he would probably not have made a good match for Lars.I am already curious about the other coven members, who we will get to see of in subsequent books Although I am already afraid of diving into Julian s head, to be honest, LOL As I truly value this book for its unique take on an alternative spiritual lifestyle, I would definitely rate Lars with 5 stars May he live happily every after with Rhys and enjoy the polar lights in Iceland P.S And please give Tim his own book A Russian character by Mr Voinov I d drop everything else to read THAT. 4 StarsThis was somewhat different quirky and bewildering at times, but wholly unique and utterly charming.The writing was superb, featuring a cast of genuine and likeable characters, all fully fleshed out and complex in both personality and motivations Main and secondary characters alike, I really enjoyed all the players in this story.I especially loved our hero Lars A real old soul, Lars was sweet, resilient, and endearing A young pagan man worshiping the old gods of Norse mythology, Lars believes strongly in his faith and is simply looking to live a good life, searching for like minded friends and hoping for true love Here, he finds all of that and Although this had a major romance element, which I enjoyed greatly, following the growing relationship between Lars and his new business client Rhys a slightly older man battling a life threatening illness I still felt this story was 100% Lars spiritual and emotional journey to love and enlightenment.Interestingly, for a book featuring concepts of myth and magic, it surprisingly felt grounded in reality, which isn t something you get the pleasure of experiencing often when reading stories with mystical themes and practices Following Lars as he joins a group of witches of various pagan philosophies, the story heavily explores and reflects on the studies of Norse mythology and astrology among others A lot of the concepts and beliefs often went right over my head, but I still found the content fascinating nonetheless.This was a win for me and I look forward to exploring the series further. 4 StarsThis is not some super paranormal fantasy with magic and unreal creatures but quite the philosophical look on different practices of faith, interwoven very nicely with a lovely contemporary romance.Lars is your average bloke, trying to find a community to belong to, a place to practice his paganism without rebuke or ridicule He s busy with his business renovating houses, playing on his strengths as a builder and a nurturer and is basically the epitome of a gentle giant who wouldn t mind finding that special someone to love When Lars lands a big job from the stunning Rhys, he does hope a little that maybe, just maybe, he didn t misread that spark of interest he saw in the gorgeous man s eyes.In turn, Rhys is somewhat on a new lease in life He s not necessarily fatalistic but he is realistic with his current predicament, and he s not going to say no to the bright light and unbelievable wonder that Lars is These two connect wonderfully and easily, and their interactions and intimate dance were all very sexy and swoony.This is no doubt full of spirituality and looks at various forms of non Christian religion I m not gonna lie These aspects are abundant and detailed and though it doesn t garner a lot of interest personally, it never came off preachy to me which I greatly appreciated At its core though, this is all about Lars and Rhys and their beautiful journey Both these characters were really really likeable Lars especially and though there was no flash and bang, there is a nice touch of twisty angsty that is short lived but plausible Throw in a seriously romantic happy ending that induced a few tears out of my cold heart, all of which provided that much appreciated happy sigh of contentment and satisfaction So I have these two lives, right The life of me as a pagan, with all my pagan friends many of whom are queer and that s one side of things Then I have the life of me as a reader of queer fiction, with many queer fiction reading and writing friends And then you get a moment like this, where both of those worlds get to intersect, and you get to see how awesome it would be when a great writer combines realistic paganism with queer fiction For many of us pagans, this is exactly what it s like Quiet nods to deity Offerings and getting together with friends and nothing you d see in a television show, but still having plenty of profound moments that create growth, love, transformation and Also seeing a bunch of people with different practices getting together and talking easily about those practices, even though they don t always sync up, struck me as being very true to real life Quite outside of that, I adored Lars as a main character and as the introduction to the Witches universe He s sweet and caring, he cooks hearty food and renovates homes He is constantly drawn to the potential beauty in what others may see as rundown and ramshackle, which is why it s not surprising that he stays with Rhys despite his severe illness, not only seeing so much beauty in him in the present, but also in the potential of what could be Lars and Rhys relationship was a fascinating one that explores what it can really be like when two people are dealing with an illness that makes itself part of a relationship by how huge and energy demanding it is The hurt comfort factor is wonderful that s something I love to read in general and this book delivered I liked that Rhys was realistically ill He didn t have the illness during one scene, and then not at all during another as a person with chronic illness, I get very tired of this with any kind of illness, including mental ones He had a groundedness in how he approached his illness that I think a lot of sick people have and use, even as a defence or as a way to hold people away from them Watching that play out and create conflict between Lars and Rhys was actually really satisfying for me on a personal level The other characters in the ensemble are also really interesting and you can sense a lot of room for development and story in future books I liked Julian the most out of the group, not in a I d like to be your friend way, but in a you have a really electrifying energy, and tend to charge scenes with a certain kind of dynamism way I don t think everyone will like him, but that s what I love about him Polarising characters are great at getting people invested, and he certainly hooked me in, while I was still getting to know Lars.As for the magical side of things well, I don t want to spoil anything, but I will say it all felt very true to real life across the different practices I ve had over the years I think anyone living on one of the branches of the huge tree that is paganism will find something familiar here, and to read it in a fictional m m love story, instead of in a non fiction tome, strikes me as a very Bardic thing to be doing, and I am so here for this kind of storyweaving, which reaches out to folks regardless of their beliefs Definitely recommended. I m totally biased but I loved this book.The relationship between Lars and his fellow witches was lovely, as they created their own version of a family, with shared and differing beliefs.Lars and Rhys relationship also a wonderful balance between the spiritual and practical.As usual there was no patronising of the reader, and I loved the sense of the different existing in such a suburban setting You don t need to share Lars or the witches beliefs to enjoy any part of this book.Cover is stunning.Full review on blog here Unusual book But I liked it I m left with the desire to find a group of friends who have varied, in depth knowledge of different and unusual beliefs and then make them camp in my backyard The personal relationship, as touching as it was, felt secondary to the mystic elements in this story That s not to say that the relationship wasn t powerful Rhys was heartbreakingly human in his journey and even when I hated his decisions, some part of me got them on a base level In the end, we come in alone and go out alone that s not a spoiler If anyone is capable of joining that walk with a deathly ill person, it would be Lars His steadfast decency, support, lack of ego and just goodness made him a joy to read He put himself out there speak your truth quietly and clearly and listen to others , he did that I want a Lars Or maybe I should be a Lars, who can say There are lots of secondary characters to mine in future stories Krish, Lee and of course the debauched Julian I m looking forward to their books Not to exclude Manda and Sam but they are blissfully coupled already I do love the women in this world, strong, supportive, loving none of the bitch madonna whore stereotypes that sometimes creep into books In any event, I recommend this one It s different unique And I love the author s turn of phrase He s so good at his craft 4.25 stars 3.5 STARS Witches Norse Gods Sacrifices Epic Cover, aaaaaannnd Mr Voinov I was totally thrilled when I saw this book How could you not be with that kind of cover Then the blurb that goes with it isn t bad either, it definitely piqued my interest And it talks about witches So my head was quick to imagine duels, casting spells or curses or wars or anything that goes Harry Potter realm dont laugh you, a child can dream yea But..but..It wasn t anything like that at all Not at all It s about Neo Paganism.So its about this young contractor who pimp ruined old houses to a modern or habitable ones His names Lars, a pagan who worship the Norse Gods, you know Thor, Odin, Loki, Freya He was cast out from his old coven for being gay.Cause of that he found a group who was warm, friendly, diverse and offered him a family that he didn t find from the previous one despite of him being part of it longer My fave is Julian, the guys just shameless carefree, confident, funny and snarky and all that I hope he ll get his own book.Anyway, so Lars got hired by this wealthy man Rhys Turner to fix a huge old house he bought for himself Attraction was there at the first time they laid eyes on each other I dig the way they send signals to each one which Lars was unsure what to make of, it seems unprofessional to hit on a client blah blah blah But soon enough, they get it ON.Then Lars found out Rhys has a terminable disease The book then evolved on Lars trying to find help from his witch friends and gods to help Rhys He went on quests in dreams and stuff So there Its quite hard what to make of this book Its not heavy on the romance, not a lot of action either But a lot of strange pagan stuff that I dont understand But as a friend point out, spiritual stuff doesn t always make sense So whatever.Still, its interesting enough to finish the book And the writings flawless and fluid too, not that I expect anything less from Mr Voinov. This story is pagan exploration than romance That said, there were some lovely erotic scenes I have a familiarity with most of the concepts discussed, albeit at a lower level Trust me, you ve been around long enough and you ve heard a variant of this at least once, usually satanists He s the type that tells a pair of Jehovah s Witnesses he can t talk right now, he has a virgin sacrifice on the altar I wouldn t categorize it as proselytizing, but the focus of the story is Lars as a practitioner and how his life fits into it The dream walking astral traveling sequences were great, and the details are vivid I was expecting romance and action this is a very self restrained plot Additionally, I was caught off guard by the emotionally darker tone it wasn t alluded to in the blurb and I had hoped for something lighter Prior to reading the book I had shelved this as paranormal, it isn t This is witchcraft as faith, not Harry Potter. Free at Kobo, 5 5 18