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@Read Epub í The Last Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Jane Austens Fighting Men, #2) ⚠ eBook or Kindle ePUB free

@Read Epub ¾ The Last Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel (Jane Austens Fighting Men, #2) ò The Worlds Of Jane Austen And The Baroness Orczy Combine In A Swashbuckling Tale From The Author Of The Three ColonelsCaptain Frederick Tilney, Dashing Cavalry Officer And Rakish Heir To Northanger Abbey, Is Interested Only In Fencing And Enjoying Himself That Is, Until He Meets The Girl Of His Dreams, The Lovely And Intriguing Violet BlakeneyHowever, Her Father Is Not Convinced Of Frederick S Pledge To Reform And The Officer Is Banished From Violet S Presence The Baronet Has A Will Of Iron, For He Is None Other Than Sir Percy Blakeney The Retired Scarlet Pimpernel Now, During The Hundred Days Crisis, An Evil From The Pimpernel S Past Menaces The Blakeney Family While Sir Percy Is Crippled By Age Frederick Must Convince The Baronet To Accept His Assistance In Accomplishing The Impossible Take On An Entire Country To Rescue The Girl They Both Love Ooooh what an adventure that was I could hardly put this down It was a nice continuation of The Scarlet Pimpernel series, but the author blended in Jan Austen s worlds So fun This story follows Captain Tilney and Miss Violet who happens to be the now old spy from the Pimpernel books They find love, but he is an immature boy who Violets papa does not approve of after a stupid night Sure I felt bad for Tilney, but I get Dad s side Id have high standards if I had been a badass spy during the Reign of Terror For sure.The beginning had me hooked even though it took a bit for the drama and espionage to begin Tilney was such an idiot Gah SorryI ll stop bringing it up.There were some lulls, but oddly not all of them bugged me Some of them were needed to understand what was going on in the world and to get to know the character Some other lulls were a meh and I wanted things to speed up a tick.I wantEven if its the Pimpernel s last adventuremaybe Violet amd Tilney can continue the League Ah fun Violet though had moments when I wanted to kick her But I did like her but she wasn t the brightest at times Lol Same with Tilney.that s why they need each other Now the ending was quick Good but indeed quick.In the end, I liked this book It mixed two things together and it was done well There were some important lulls and see not so important lulls The characters were entertaining even though the two mains were certainly stupid especially Tilney But alas they are young and will grow Hehe thus why another book would be funnnnnnnnn Anyways..I shall stamp this with 4 stars What an adventure I had tears in my eyes as we reached the climax and conclusion and the Scarlet Pimpernel took his final bow as such Some of what made this so dramatic is that this man, who is advancing in age and despite his regular attention to his fencing abilities, etc., is suffering from the affects of rheumatism I was holding my breath as he initially refuses any help and goes off the face the enemy in France basically alone But plans changed and it all came together in an excellent variation Jack s writing is superb his knowledge of fencing, his use of French phrases and history all kept this story so real to someone who has none of those skills but who appreciates having them written is a way that brought them to life.The story begins slowly and builds as Jack brings a large percentage of Jane Austen s characters into this mash up with the Scarlet Pimpernel and history around the time of Waterloo I was laughing at some of the characters Lady Susan s cuckolded husband sitting next to her lover, who is skillfully draining the man s pockets, Henry and Catherine Tilney nee Morland giving advice to a love stricken man, M M Darcy, Caroline Bingley and her husband, Sir John Buford And, hats off to Jack, I loved the way he took Captain Frederick Tilney, a rake with few morals in Jane Austen s Northanger Abbey and slowly led him to reform his character, a step forward and then two steps back The realism of this connected so strongly for me Sir Percy Blakeney and his wife, Lady Marguerite, are still so much in love I had not read the book, The Scarlet Pimpernel, in the past, but in anticipation of this, Jack s latest book, did so and the one scene in which he bends down and kisses the spots on which Margot had walked away still resound in my memory I do so love a good love story and this still has a couple totally dedicated to each other as they get on in years But there are two offspring and it is their friendships which bring Captain Tilney into their world And as this young rou finds his charm and good looks alone are not going to win a place in Violet Blakeney s parents approval especially Sir Percy s he finds himself struggling against forces which place him out of favor, even further His father has used his influence to gain a place near the Regent and out of danger for his son and wants him to use this placement to make connections for a good marriage but this also takes Tilney out of the action as Napoleon returns from Elba Subsequently it also throws Tilney back into circles with reputations frowned upon especially by parents wanting all that is honorable for their daughter.As the stage is set the action becomes tense near the middle of the story and then I could not stop reading I know we are guaranteed a happy ending but when it is a matter of live and death, not just love found or lost, the story is so muchgripping I highly recommend this book to all It may just be my favorite to date of the author s books. The sequel to two classics and a cunning romantic adventure is a heady temptation and I certainly couldn t resist And why would I want to when I ve read this author s fantastic books already Baroness Orczy s The Scarlet Pimpernel and Jane Austen s novels, predominantly Northanger Abbey are melded together for a sequel that takes place about twenty years after The Scarlet Pimpernel and a few years after the events of Northanger Abbey The Last Adventure of the Scarlet Pimpernel is also the second book in the Jane Austen s Fighting Men series following The Three Colonels I ve read both and personally I would describe it as a companion novel since this one begins during the first story and there are crossover characters and events But that said, the shared events are minor since the main cast of characters and plot are new and follow it s own course.The story opens with Captain Frederick Tilney fighting a duel of honor Again But this time, one of his best friends, Sir John Buford, tells him that Buford has taken stock of his life and plans to change clean up his reputation and live honorably This change involves cutting loose Frederick since Frederick still has no plans to change and still can t see where he has caused many of his own sticky situations Buford s rejection is like a slap in the face His other friend Blakeney stands by him, but also counsels caution.Frederick keeps going on as he has been until he falls for Blakeney s now grown up sister, Violet She is everything he wants and realizes that he wants to change for her But unfortunately, a misstep and his past cause her father to cut him off The loss of his courtship to Violet along with his transfer to the Horse Guards and getting on the bad side of his new commander while getting the constant grumblings from his own father leave Frederick frustrated until the situation in France boils over and his lady is caught in the troubles The Scarlet Pimpernel is forced out of retirement and Frederick wants in on the adventure.This book was a pleasure from cover to cover I did enjoy the weaving of classic stories together and it was well done While this primarily focused on certain Northanger Abbey characters, I enjoyed meeting oh so manyfrom all her novels and at least one novella I ve only watched the movie adaption of The Scarlet Pimperel, but I had no trouble recognizing old characters and seeing the ties to the past I thought the author did great with bringing those characters, older and living their lives at peace, back to living color I also appreciated the brilliant move to make Frederick Tilney a main player and give this minor character in Jane Austen s Northanger Abbey a chance to grow and turn into a dashing hero of honor Yes, that was probably my favorite part was the remaking of Frederick Tilney.But, I also enjoyed this new story with it s own original plot threads starting separate and then being brought together for that exciting and breath taking ending The historical settings were diverse and well drawn so that I could see them all so clearly whether Paris, English countryside or glittering London I also enjoyed all the touches of military and espionage authenticities as these are strong elements Then changing of the guard was a vivid scene as was Frederick s fencing scenes.I am now quite eager for the next in this series and can t wait I think fans of both classic authors would love this book, but also the broader audience of sweet historical romance. I received an a reader s copy of this book to review and am so glad I did The Scarlet Pimpernel is one of my all time favorite characters and Mr Caldwell understands him so well The book is written in a style reminiscent of the original The classic characters ring true The bravado, humor, and surprises are all there The only thing I could quip about is the fact that Margot s being an intellectual of Paris in the past is left out Instead, she is his devoted wife and once celebrated actress The story revolves around a love affair involving one of his children which takes you on a path of adventure and redemption The redemption part of the story was written in a believable way with real effort on the part of the character with the motivation felt by the reader Even though, the love story is the main part of the book, there is so muchin the way of JAFF characters It seems that all our favorites have shown up to the party None of them detract or seem to be there to just represent They all have their function I am grateful that Mr Caldwell took the time to hone the story into one of beauty The real star to me in the story was the Scarlet Pimpernel Still wonderful after all these years I wish this was a series I loved it that much There was a twist in the last few chapters that I took me completely by surprise in true Pimpernel style Fans will not be disappointed Thank you so much for such a wonderful read I plan to read it again after reading The Three Colonels to go with it Loved it so much