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eye emoji Holy fuck.So I wanted to read this for over a year, forgot that I had backed the kickstarter for it, and then was digging through my DRM free PDFs mostly comics from kickstarter and humble bundle and just consumed all these Spike Trotman works over the last two days, leaving what in hindsight might have been the best for last.Because, wow, I knew it was gonna be kinky and sexy, but it was also romantic and had a great story arc, and was period appropriate without being unseemly.Basically Wylie, Roya and Joe are really interesting, and it s almost a shame we didn t get a longer book to know them all in because I would definitely have read something twice or three times the length of this, just to stay inside their heads But really, this was a story, this was Wylie s story and it wrapped up so well pun intended so I m just glad I finally read it.Wow Just wow. I kickstarted this book, so let s not pretend I wasn t all for it from the get go With that out of the way, I m happy to report that Yes, Roya is exactly what I was hoping for It s F M M femdom by personality that makes it clear why everyone falls for each other and enjoys being exactly as wonderfully smutty as it is Roya is a force of nature, and her men love her exactly as she is They also love each other, and the happy, quiet ending is wonderful. After writing a letter to famous cartoonist Joseph Ahlstrom, 19 year old Wylie is both thrilled and nervous to get an invitation from Joe to review Wylie s portfolio.Meeting Joseph Joe leads to Wylie discovering truths about Joseph, himself, and the v mysterious RoyaSince I m already a big fan of Iron Circus Smut Peddler erotic graphic novels anthologies, I jumped at the chance to back the Kickstarter for this project What I liked The main storyThe set up deffo pinged me an F M M story that was about femdom and occurred in the early 1960s THEN, I found out Roya was a WOC and I was all SIGN ME UP However, the actual plot was about Wylie working through some realizations about himself and figuring out that there are many ways for people to be happy The ArtEmilee Denich s drawings are greatness Sadly, only the front and back covers are in colour The sexIt s printed by Iron Circus so trust me when I tell you that all the naked times scenes are so scorching that you might end up googly eyed Basically, any combo of M F M that can happen, well, happens An argument could be made that Wylie was too easily seduced by Roya and Joe Personally, I don t see the point on discussing that since it s rather clear how lost Wylie feels about life in general Although it is wrapped around the concept of Roya ordering Joe and Wylie around in bed, the kink emphasis is on D s over BDSM There are no toys and, except for a fantasy sequence, no one wears any fetish y clothing.What I didn t like The villainAt one point in the story, Wylie s professional life gets complicated due to one character who has a srs bizness vendetta against Joe Eventually, we do find out the villain s reason and, despite the fact that it made sense, I kinda went meh Some aspects about Roya s characterizationI like that she was a WOC and that there was a lot to her story than I originally thought She gives a monologue at one point in the story that made me go huh, I hadn t thought about that.OTOH, it bugged me that, aside from seeing her reactions in different situations aroused, angry, protective, understanding , there s not one moment where she s sad or excessively happy Her cool detachment was a little too much for me It could be interpreted, I guess, that there s only so much about her shown because the only POV in the whole story is Wylie s What s funny is that I don t feel the same way about Joe even though, looking back, we don t get to know much about him either His complacency might annoy some people he s happy af being submissive to Roya and doesn t really question her at any point in the story , but it didn t rattle me.TL DR This is an erotic graphic novel about femdom, an M F M relationship, and some good art It s true that there are some things that could ve been developed better HOWEVER, there are some deeper themes in between the sexy times and the novel is highly original This gets a YUP from me D Just great I read this in a single sitting.This graphic novel is beautifully drawn, both literally and figuratively Its polyamorous interracial Dom sub MMF relationship whew is positively and, dare I say, realistically portrayed Lots of graphic sex here, so stay clear if that s likely to bother you Otherwise, very recommended. The porn is lovely, of course, but what really moved me in this graphic novel is the supportive tenderness of the relationship between its three main characters I also appreciated the gradual development of the meta argument concerning the politics of authorship in the comics industry, and the conclusion presented by the last two pages is nothing short of brilliant The delicious icing on the cake of Spike Trotman s fabulous writing is that Emilee Denich s artwork is truly a pleasure to behold. This was a great read Well done femdom with realistic characters There should be kinky comics and fiction like this diverse and slice of life. Some of this was just wow. book marketed as erotica me it wont just be sex im sure therell be a plot somewhereplot is just sex me im shocked and confused `DOWNLOAD EPUB ↳ Yes, Roya ↠ Wylie Kogan Is An Aspiring Artist, Stumping For Work In California Think Mad Men, But With Palm Trees When A Fawning Fan Letter Grants Him Access To His Cartoonist Hero, The Celebrated Joseph Ahlstrom, He S Quick To Take Advantage Of A Proffered Portfolio Review But Winds Up Learning Than He Ever Wanted To About Joe When He Stumbles Across Some Of His Idol S Illicit Fetish ArtHis Hasty, Ill Considered Theft Of A Drawing Triggers A Series Of Events He Never Planned On Most Of Which Involve Joseph S Imposing And Resolute Partner, Roya Yes, Roya Is A Page Graphic Novel M F M Femdom Story, With Ghost Green On Art, C Spike Trotman On Story Chores, And Kinomatika Handling The Cover