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Very brief, but intense, heart wrenching short story about women s bodies being a battlefield of war any war, anywhere Very minimalistic and yet strong I had goosebumps Mostly because I know what is described here happens every single day, somewhere out there. Beautiful and terrifying short piece from Zadie Smith I loved the narrator s tone where she was constantly drawing parallels to relieve the story of any sense of locality Elegant and masterful, it is exactly what one would expect from one of the finest writer of our time. Smith s reading of Two Men Arrive in a Village for The New Yorker runs approximately twelve minutes, but these minutes encapsulate all the horrors that women face every day the world over.The story contains neither characters nor plot in the traditional sense the narrative follows two nameless men in a village that could be anywhere, as they terrorise its womenfolk It s decidedly a parable for the modern reader, but with no lessons to offer, only shameful truths.While this is about violence against women in general and Smith shuns specifics, a few phrases are meant to invoke the use of rape as a wartime strategy and a tool of intimidation For instance, she writes that two men arriveoccasionally in a tank having strayed far from the main phalanx .My mind immediately dredged up the 1991 Kunan Poshpora incident, the targeted genocidal rape of Bangladeshi women and the custodial murder of Thangjam Manorama just three out of several such reports from occupied, war torn and conflict ridden regions.The commentary on war continues when Zadie gives one of the rapists a sympathetic backstory She pulls this off without seeming like an apologist, alluding to the enactment and effects of senseless savagery as state policy as much as she does to the fear that envelops women in underprivileged areas.Another theme is stereotyping By stating that the two men always look a certain way one tall and the other short, Smith also critiques the near comically villainous portrayal of attackers in fiction As if they have to be exceptional in appearance to commit such atrocious crimes.The writing style isn t particularly captivating, memorable or even technically superior In fact, I d say it s consciously distant But the overall impact of this parable hits the reader like a ton of bricks Smith left me with quite a bit to consider not bad for a short story In the documentary The Act of Killing there is a scene where the men whom had torutured and killed their fellow Cambodian s returned to a village and re enacted their crimes All around them were people and I remember most of them being women who had been old enough to remember the killings first hand, had probably never spent a night since without thinking about those horros and were now fafe to face with their tormentors.Yet the look on their faces is what I remember the most because I don t think there is a word to describe the emotion they were feeling These men, the killers, we re enacting their crimes for fun and were not there to kill anyone but these women wore a mask of entertainment for their guests but you could see the confusion, horror, and doubt in their eyes.For me that was one of the most horrifying things I ve ever seen.This story captures a part of what those women felt, that fear but also that unity, even if they will come to a tragic end no matter how proud they stand At the end of the story we get images of the wind, and that s how I imagine evil the Devil here works the Devil all of a sudden appears and there is nothing we can do to stop him till he leaves Even Bela Tarr used wind imagery in Satantango when we meet the Devil character, similar here as good looking with his impish friend And that s probably why the chief s wife leaves the room before the name is spoken because to hear the name, even of a friend of the Devil is to invite him back.But that last image of the small man who sort of confesses to the girl he just raped strips away the excuse that a Devil did something evil and places it squarely where the responsibility lay with humanity Monsters do not commit these terrible crimes, men people, though usually men do To dehumanize these terrible acts is to look away and let the Devil get away with it, but to know that men do these terrible things means that they can be stopped because men are weak the image of the men who only drink shows weakness and cowards.This is a fantastic story. Two Men in a Village is a free story available via The New YorkerFavorite Quote s The two men like to arrive in this manner, with a or less friendly greeting, and this might remind us of the fact that all humans, no matter what they do, like very much to be liked, even if it s for only an hour or so before they are feared or hated or maybe it would be better to say that they like the fear that they inspire to be leavened with other things, such as desire or curiosity, even if, in the final analysis, fear is always the greater part of what they want What did I like I liked how this story was a reverse Kafka, rather than relying on the strange she relies on eerily familiar Smith highlights how frightening and strange humans are without any surreal add ons And how reality can appear to be surreal. Netu ila som, e prv vec, ktor si od Zadie Smith pre tam bude sedemstranov poviedka, ale ve mi sa mi p ila A very tight and well styled story that tells the tale of hate and violence and terror The ability of humans to commit injustice is terrifying, but it happens everyday Zadie Smith is a wonder as she describes the hopelessness and the mundanity of the event for she seems to hint at it being common universal of two strangers wandering into a village Although the prose is restricted to the tone of a fable, it does the story justice in the way the poor woman could not for their daughters and sons. This is my first Zadie Smith story and I really liked it I honestly just loved it I loved how she kept repeating the title throughout the story I loved how the story was told I loved how the story was told It was a really good and interesting read It makes me wonder what was going on when she wrote it or what had inspired the story I recommend this book to everyone and anyone. 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