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*Free Ebook ☔ Every Day A Little Deeper (Boston Verse #10) ☔ Ebook or Kindle ePUB free

I’m just putting this up everywhere until I’m finished. I’m SO LOVING THIS! Free on Ao3, this series is smoking hot but moves from straight up porn without plot into quite a complex relationship. Soooooo goooood! Love me some feminisation!!

4.75 stars These boys are getting sweet on each other (but in a super kinky and outstanding way). Here for it! I LOVE these guys, but can we have the feelings talk, please? I'm dying over here! ~ 4.5 stars ~ *Free Ebook ⇪ Every Day A Little Deeper (Boston Verse #10) ☜ Relationships:
Andres CardonaRiley Blackpoole; OtherRiley Blackpoole

With Each Day That Passes, Riley Finds Himself Falling Harder For Andres The most fulfilling, enjoyable PWP (?) I've ever had the pleasure of reading. PERFECT!

(Rating for the serial thus far 110. They can be read online, or downloaded for free, by clicking here.)
Andres is getting under Riley's skin... and hard!