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All that and a bag of chips Continuing on with my addictive crisps habit Lorraine, that one s for you I picked the second book in this series as soon as I finished the first I listened to both.This one started a bit darker than the first We are at the omega auction the exact same one as in book one but we have a different buyer Rafe He s the alpha of a biker wolf pack He s also an enforcer for the shifter council He s at the auction taking a looksie, but doubts he ll find an omega to fit his specifications He wants someone big, tough, and not submissive So basically an alpha who can get preggers.Guess what That s right boys and girls, Rafe finds exactly what he s been looking for Omega Colby He just so happens to be chained down, gagged, opened by a hollow butt plug ya knowso you can check out the goods and in a cage for viewing and inspection He s just that dangerous.Rafe buys him Colby doesn t bite any body parts off of him although he has in the past, and will do so in the future just not Rafe s..And here is where the story went kinda weird Colby was this chained up badass, and then he gets all weirdly submissive for a good chunk of the book, and then he s back again in badass mode He was an inconsistent character that I didn t know how to handle Like a bag of low sodium crisps god forbid.There s also an omega knapping plot Cage fighting Motorcycle sex just think of the vibrations a Harley puts out , stupid miscommunication, and an HEA Anyhooo.this story was longer than the first,complex but also sometimes scattered We get to see Clint and Trevor from book 1, and Trevor is the happiest werewolf omega ever, pregnant with twins.Oh.I forgot.have you ever wanted to see a big, bad, wolf alpha lose his cherry to his omega You got it here, folks Now that s what I call equality and balance in an alpha omega relationship I ll keep reading, eating my way through this addictive series like a horde of teenage boys let loose in a convenience store. I ll admit it I m addicted to this story I enjoyed this onethan the first, and I love how all the stories are interconnected and we get to see the same event from multiple points of view The author is doing a good job with this one. So, I m just going to set the multiple editing errors names mixed up, missing punctuation, grammar issues aside My biggest complaint is that I was absolutely flummoxed by the fact that Colby is brutally gang raped off page, but described later , with what seemed like absolutely no psychological aftereffects At all.Say what now Seriously Not even seventy two hours after the event and he is begging for sex with his alpha.Huh Rafe never even really seems to talk or comfort Colby after the rape view spoiler And let s not forget he initially doesn t listen to Colby try to explain what happened and instead accuses him of fucking other guys willingly Grr hide spoiler I really enjoyed this second book in omega auction series too I was thinking the story line will be very similar with the first one but it was surprisingly different.This is a unique book because there are a lot of POVs in this novel The novel is well constructed but a bit heavy on the emotional side I love both MCs and I was very happy that Colby finally was able to accept his self and willingly be claimed by alpha Rafe This book also ignited a lot of possible outcomes for the future books in the series and I can t wait to find out about what happens to those kidnapped omegas.The only reason I gave only 3.5 stars to this book is because I really feel like there are a bit too much of unnecessary emotional scenes in the novel Nonetheless, I thorough enjoyed this book and will continue to read all the books in the series.3.5 stars Great story with a different kind of omega Rafe is an alpha looking for a different sort of omega, not some delicate little thing who s completely meek and submissive Colby looks all alpha and can definitely handle himself, but he shocked everyone by being an omega Colby is wary of his new alpha and has a huge chip on his shoulder against the world The new pack isn t exactly welcoming either There are lots of things stacked against this couple and each of them has times that they want to call it off before bonding, but something keeps them together, keeps them trying This was where the story really shone, in how real their struggles to be a couple were I really liked Rafe with the exception of one horrible misunderstanding and betrayal not cheating and found him an admirable kind of alpha Colby was harder to love just because could be so combative Their chemistry was sizzling and the sex was scorching hot We also got a nice look at Clint and Trevor so sweet The one thing that I would caution readers about is a violent sexual assault that happens It s pretty much off stage but still shocking and disturbing This was such a good book that, although I can read it KU anytime, I went back and bought it in order not to lose it and to have it to remind me for rereads. As I already mentioned after part 1 of this series I am not generally very interested in shifter stories Usually, I don t enjoy it, especially if it involves men getting pregnant, I find that rather absurd.However sometimes a book comes along, that is interesting in spite of my reservations and this series definitely is such an exception Colby is a troublemaker, or so he is told again and again until his Alpha sends him to the Auction house, where Rafe is looking for an Omega From the beginning, it is clear that those 2 are a good fit and watching them coping with their insecurities and misunderstandings is great fun.To keep the story going, a little thriller about kidnapped Omegas is thrown in and we meet the M C s of the first part in this series again I really loved that they were not only mentioned shortly but played an active and important part in the story.Again this was an interesting book with great characters and I think the summary is, it doesn t matter if you read about wolf shifters, aliens or next door neighbors, as long as the story and the writing are good, it is perfect.In this series, that was definitely the case and I rate it 4 stars and definitely recommend it I feel torn about this follow up in the series The first book was very sugar sweet and was a surface romance which is very okay and was a good book however, this book was the same way The problem was that the subject matter was darker and did really lend to the lightness of the writing Without giving spoilers, what happened to the MC s was way to dark to just be glosssed over And the fact that there was zero after effects I couldn t get past that and rest of the book suffered to me for that I would have loved to give it hight but everything was just too glossed over. &Kindle ⇲ Buyer Beware ⇧ Warning For Violent, Non Consensual Acts This Book Does Feature A Strong Hurt Comfort Theme That Involves References Non Explicit To A Violent Rape Colby Until I Pissed Lloyd Off, I D Always Thought That The Omega Auctions Were An Urban Myth, Something That Packs Used To Scare Omegas Into Obeying As It Turns Out, Not So Much When Lloyd And Ivan Delivered Me To The Auction House, It Was Immediately Clear That Shit Had Just Gotten Real I Could Only Guess At What Lloyd Had Written On My Intake Forms, But It Was Obvious That These People Believed I Was Dangerous Rafe Usually Only One Reason That An Alpha Buys Someone Like Me Colby Had Said I Watched The Emotions Flitting Through Eyes On A Face Set Like Stone And Considered His Words Colby Might Be Bigger, Stronger, And, Yeah, Tougher Than Most Omegas But He Was Still An Omega An Unbonded Omega With No Pack An Omega Who Thought That The Differences That Set Him Apart, The Differences That Made My Wolf Scream With The Need To Claim Him, Meant That He D Stay That Way % Of Royalties Received From The Sale Of Buyer Beware Are Donated To The Trevor Project The Leading National Organization Providing Crisis Intervention And Suicide Prevention Services To Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender And Questioning LGBTQ Young People Ages Good Series I am really liking this series thus far The MC s in he book are likable, however it would be nice to knowof Rafe s background Trev and Clint are brought back in and I really like how the first book and second tie together Given this, I cannot wait to see what will develop with the water sorry don t want to spoil anything and Jack I cannot wait to see what the next book brings in the series The only complaint I have is there was a little bit of name mix ups in at least two areas that I can remember and some grammar issues. Really enjoyed this one3.5 This is a muchrounded out story than book one and I thoroughly enjoyed it.Both Rafe and Colby were excellently drawn characters and I really liked that Colby wasn t a traditional passive omega.I liked the back story to this one as well and I was pleased to see the link in with the werewolves of book one continued in this book.Good pacing, a bitworld development and a seriously hot cover.