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I loved this book A warning, however, is that the reader must take particular note of who is speaking I launched into the book without taking particular note of the name at the beginning of each chapter and, of course, became very confused Once that was sorted, it was a joy to watch the characters unfold Readers from middle school through to adults should enjoy this important comment on September 11 and the repercussions. Review link I received this eARC via the publisher from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewAll quotes are from the ARC and subject to changeBut is this story going to be a happy story or a sad one I shake my head It ll be happy and sad It s about everything Dancing in the Rain by Lynn Joseph was so beautiful and nothing like I have ever read It was an emotional rollercoaster and I was left with a sense that this book is important and something that everyone should read I m not one who normally picks up middle grade books, I have a hard time connecting with the story usually but I had no such problem with this one While it is marketed as middle grade it s one of those books that can honestly be enjoyed by all ages because it offers an incredible message about grief and the fact that no matter how bad life gets there is always joy on the other side of tragedy.This book takes place right before 9 11, during, and directly after It s set in both New York City and the Dominican Republic Our two main characters are both relatively young We have Brandt who has just started second grade and he lives in the city with his mother and older brother and then we have Elizabeth who is twelve and lives in the Dominican Republic with her mother and aunt while her father works in New York City They are both affected by the events of 9 11 in very different ways, which I won t spoil, but it s that tragedy that ultimately brings the two of them together.It was different, good different, reading a book that was told through the eyes of someone so young It reminded me of not only the openness and honesty of children but also their ability to understand so much than most give them credit for It also reminded me of the magic of childhood and the ingrained belief that everything is possible if you just hope You still like him she asks, shocked Even though he yells at you for tapping your feet I smile at this fierce girl My brother held my hand when The Towers fell down He walked me home and didn t tell me to be quiet And when we had to come to this island to live with our granfather, my brother tickled me and told me everything would be okay Brandt is such a unique little character and I loved him to bits He had this air of being so wise beyond his years and was so open to love and hope and wishing He completely embodied that innocence of childhood He was probably the reason I connected to this story the most and that has a lot to do with the fact that I was the same exact age as him when 9 11 happened I saw a lot of my younger self during that time reflected in him I also loved his close relationship with his older brother Like any siblings they fought but there was this camaraderie that was amazing to see And although we really only get to see Jared through Brandt s eyes I loved him too because through his own personal ups and downs he cares so much for his brother and mom It was beautiful He reminds me of Elizabeth, with her cheerful, hopeful face dreaming of crazy things like searching for mermaid tresure at the bottom of the sea Robin Hood and Elizabeth are the same, both believing the best of everyone and never giving up Elizabeth is the embodiment of creativity and imagination She believes that mermaids truly exists and that the sea sings to her She also has the wild and powerful determination, the kind that could eventually change the world I loved her perseverance and the fact that she didn t give up and that she was willing to do whatever was in her power to help put joy back into all of their lives.Brandt and Elizabeth made an incredible team The whole aspect of friendship in this book was something I enjoyed the most These two main characters set out to heal their families and give them the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel Do they succeed You ll have to read to find out.Lynn Joseph s writing was so breathtaking It wasn t only the way she described the Dominican Republic, which by the way she made me want to hop on a plane with the beautiful picture she painted of that place But the way she also described grief, hope, joy, love, and even anxiety and horror was awe inspiring I felt everything she wrote so deeply.I did have a few problems, however.At times it felt as if the story was bordering on magical realism only to have those aspects never brought up again There was this one scene where sometime after 9 11 Elizabeth wakes up from a nightmare with something in her hand that was in her dream that she couldn t possibly have because she wasn t there that day It s something that isn t touched on again and that confused me as the synopsis doesn t really point to magical realism.Also, I felt like there was a bit of a hole in the story at the end because of the fact that Brandt and Elizabeth s families were connected before the two met and it s never brought up again after the beginning of the book Elizabeth s dad and Brandt s mother were friends It s most likely because of the fact that this book is in the children s point of views but I wish it had been brought up again It made me wonder I think about all of the tragedies that make our hearts hurt so much That make us scared and sad and angry But, still, there is joy Because just look at us Look at all of us Either way, I completely fell in love with this book The characters, the magical setting, and the message that I gleaned from it It made me remember what it was like to be that young, yes, but it also reminded me that even though we go through terrible things in life we shouldn t give up Bad things happen, horrific things happen but if we can get past those things the ability to find joy in life is still there It was heartbreaking and heartwarming and I highly recommend it #DOWNLOAD õ Dancing in the Rain  Twelve Year Old Elizabeth Is No Normal Girl With An Imagination That Makes Room For Mermaids And Magic In Everyday Life, She Lives Every Moment To The Fullest Yet Her Joyful World Crumbles Around Her When Two Planes Bring Down The Twin Towers And Tear Her Family Apart Thousands Of Miles Away, Yet Still Touched By This Tragedy, Elizabeth Is Swimming In A Sea Of Loss She Finally Finds Hope When She Meets Her Kindred Spirit In Year Old Brandt And His Year Old Brother, JaredBrandt And Jared, Two Boys As Different As Oreo And Milk And Just As Inseparable, Arrive On The Island To Escape The Mushroom Of Sorrow That Bloomed Above Their Lives In The Wake Of The Tragedy Elizabeth Shows Them A New Way To Look At The World And They Help Her To Laugh Again But Can Elizabeth And Brandt Help Their Families See That When Life Brings Showers Of Sadness, It S Okay To Dance In The Rain Set Against The Dazzling Beauty Of The Dominican Republic, Dancing In The Rain Explores The Impact Of The Tragic Fall Of The Twin Towers On Two Caribbean Families It Is A Lyrical, Well Crafted Tale About Finding Joy In The Face Of LossDancing In The Rain Won A Burt Award For Caribbean Literature Prize I received a free digital copy from the author publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest feedback This middle grade book is set during the events of the September 11 attacks in New York and focuses on two different families and how they deal with the effect the attacks have on their families Elizabeth s father and Brandt and Jared s mother both work in the attacks and they end up meeting together in the Dominican Republic and realising they can help each other heal their families This book is whimsical and a bit magical in places with dreamy writing and a childlike optimism that really seems to beam from the pages I really enjoyed it It was avery quick read and I read it in two short sittings but I was really invested in the story and I really connected with Elizabeth and Brandt in particular and just how lovely they were I really wanted to hug them Brandt s reactions to his mom and brother Jared who appears to be slightly on the autistic spectrum possibly was really wonderful and it made me think of all the things children can probably see and understand around them that adults can t I really loved the very last scene in the book It really came alive for me and I actually felt a bit emotional at imagining everyone together, and beginning to heal and realising there were so many things life had to offer when you re able to look past that grief This book is about loss, grief, companionship and support and it s really lovely and I definitely recommend it to everyone to read. Sad but great book I thought there could have been a better ending but maybe their might be a sequel I received a free copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book deals with the aftermath that the 9 11 terror attacks leave on two Dominican families We follow both Elizabeth and Brandt in a dual POV, both of whom lose their fathers in the devastating tragedy Set in the Dominican Republic, we see how these losses affect both families and how they come together to overcome what they ve been through.I really enjoyed this book Given the age of the protagonists Elizabeth should be around 12, Brandt is 8 , I would classify this as a Middle Grade book, and I m glad someone approaches a topic like this for children, because even if they maybe aren t affected by 9 11 itself, there have been many other devastating terror attacks around the world and maybe a book like this can help children deal with possible losses I really liked that the book didn t try to put the blame on anyone It really isn t at all about who is responsible, it is literally only about how the families lives are affected and how the children have to deal with it while their mothers also have a very hard time coping I really enjoyed this book overall, although I would have liked for it to delve a bit deeper at some points I would definitely recommend this book though It comes out today, July 15, 2016. I d like to Thank Netgallery for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for a honest Review.I m going to start by saying that I really liked this book and would greatly recommend it to anyone I believe that this book is truly underrated and not well known enough Dancing in the Rain is such a diverse read and also perfect for many age groups It can be understood and read by children, because it s an easy read, but it s also something Young adults like me would enjoy for its meaning This book was so heartbreaking, tragic and cute at the same time, a truly captivating mix Dancing in the rain is about two families torn apart by the collapse of the World Trade center at September 11th 2001 First off we have Elizabeth, a twelve year old girl She lives in the Dominican Republic with her mother Mami and the half sister of her mother in a big green house neat the sea Her father works in New York in one of the towers as a waiter I really liked Elizabeth, she had such a rich imagination full of mermaids, dreams and other wonderful things She also had such a bubbly, happy air around her and was a true sweetheart She always misses her father dearly, especially since her relationship with her mother is not the best I personally liked seeing the completely of the relationship with her Mami, because mostly even though they love each other, it seems like her mother cares about her husband and is always very down when he s not there She s only happy when he s here and is mostly very harsh towards her daughter and makes her feel left out The only time she really says I love you to Elizabeth is whenever her father comes home, which is not very often I really felt for the girl, because she grows up with that kind of sorrow, especially later when her mother blames her for her father s death and falls apart Elizabeth doesn t have anyone to grief with and I think that it s a horrible thing of a mother to blame something like this on her daughter, when it has been a terrorist attack, not related to Elizabeth at all Yeah this really made me feel sick with hate for Mami, of course she was grieving, but trying to blame it on Liz was just plain cruel and false The novel however shows very well how much 9 11 drags Mami down and everyone around with her The second family that is affected is Brandt s family He s only eight years old and lives with his brother and mother in New York Her mother is a lawyer and works in an office in one of the two buildings She survives the attack, but is never the same, because of the things that she s seen and the friends that she s lost Mommy which is how Brandt calls her lives in constant fear and memory of what happened and decides do leave New York behind to go to her birthplace, the Dominican Republic She also did know Elizabeth s father and has family of her own back there Mommy s situation is different from Mami s in terms that she was in the attack herself and survived it, but maybe only with her body and not her mind There s also the dynamic in the family itself, because Brandt is Mommy s favorite child, because he s so easy going and a good boy, while she finds Jared too complicated It was heartbreaking to see how she always scolded him and preferred her other boy Jared was of a person with walls around himself to protect himself and noticed so many things, when people usually thought that he didn t notice Mommy also always blamed him to being too complicated and wanted to fix him, while she was unable to see that it wasn t Jared s fault but her lack of understanding for him as well Brandt personally liked his brother a great deal and considered him to be a very important part of his life I really liked the boy, because he was so caring and also liked to look up words in his dictionary, so that he could understand what everyone meant What I found very astonishing was how the events of 9 11 and all the depression and sorrow and grief that happened afterwards was shown through the eyes of two children It puts the tragic in another perspective and shows how children experienced it, not known what was going on, especially in Brandt s case He was so young and so confused It was heartbreaking how he didn t know what was happening, because he was so young and unassuming However, everything that happened made him seem older, because he was confronted with all that sadness very early in his life, especially seeing his mother suffer so much and wanting nothing than to help her This is when he meets Elizabeth and becomes best friends with her Both want their mothers to be happy again and try to cheer them up I liked heir friendship a great deal, it was so heartfelt and real, Elizabeth finally had someone to help through this hard time and she also made friends with Brandt s older brother Jared and felt at home their grandfather s house I think they gave so such to one another and made everything bearable by sticking together and supporting each other, since they were in a very similar situation In general the book was so great, because it explained many important topics so well that even children can understand them The story is short, the writing very light and easy to read, so that the novel is suitable for a wide variety of people Dancing in the Rain talks not only about tragedy, but also about how to live with it for the rest of your life and still try to find the courage to build a new life and try to be happy again It talks about how it s okay to be happy in all the sadness and how you are not responsible for someone elses happiness Just by trying to be happy yourself, you can cheer people up and give them new hope That was a very important lesson for Liz and Brandt In the end nether of the two children are responsible for the mothers happiness or have to fix them, but manage to cheer them up by being happy themselves The novel also talks about how important family is and that you can love someone, but not understand them, that you can love someone, but are hurt by them Not to mention that it also underlines that there s your blood family and the family you choose and that the greatest gift is when you find someone that fits both. This was a netgalley pre published read which I very much enjoyed Elizabeth lives in the Dominican Republic with her Mother and Aunt Her Father works in New York and visits when he can Brandt and Jared live in New York with their Mother The Twin Towers disaster disrupts all of their lives and brings tragedy to Elizabeth s world Brandt and Jared s Mother takes them to live on Elizabeth s island to live with their Grandfather and their two stories entwine, Elizabeth and Brandt becoming good friends trying to help their families through the sadness the disaster brought I thought this story was lovely The characters are relatable and I loved Brandt and Jared s relationship as brothers The setting, especially the Dominican, is beautifully brought to life with descriptive passages of the island where Elizabeth lives The two stories weave together seamlessly and it has such a gratifying ending to the story. Dancing in the Rain is a story about many things It s a two hour read but will stay with you for much longer It is heart wrenching and heart warming It s a story about life and death, about happiness and grief, about war and mermaidsI circle all the words I learn In the past three weeks there are a lot of them obliterate, chaos, destruction and debrisIt s a story about 9 11 as seen through the eyes of two innocent children Their simplified take on things and how they deal with grief was so different from anything else I ve read children s thoughts are always kind of direct and honest, which really worked in this context You kind of want to hold them together and protect them from harm wish they didn t have to worry about when their mommies would stop being sadI wish there was a magic seed I could plant that would sprout a tree of happiness so my Mam and Brandt s mother could eat the fruit and just be happyIt also hits a very personal note when it talks about sadness and depression You wish you could solve everything with horses and flan I also marvelled at how the stories of 9 11 and World War II become so intertwined Grief comes in all shapes and sizes, but the basis is always the sameMaybe lost is a place you disappear to when you re sadI loved everything about this book Truly an unexpected gem of a story Thank you NetGalley Blue Moon Publishing for providing me with a copy A story for children written from the heart It s a well written story of two Dominican Republican children who are profoundly affected by 9 11 It s a tale of healing and coming to grips with senseless tragedy from a child s POV I also enjoyed the aspects of life in the DR even if it wasn t covered in depth It s a good length and a valuable resource for children who suffer from similiar senseless tragedies or to help bring understanding to a new generation about the horrors of 9 11 and pointedly, that it had a strong ripple effect around the world, not just the US The author is from Trinidad which lends an authentic voice to the writing Also a valuable aspect for exposing children to diverse reading I will likely look up and read her other children s books as this one was enjoyable for me as an adult Thank you to the publisher for the free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.