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Nigel, part Sorian part human, all HAWT alpha man He has worked for the GCFA for a long time and finally made it to pretty much the top Whilst never a trained fighter, he had a tough upbringing and he learned to fight hard..and dirty He loves his job, he works hard and plays harder He s a love em and leave em type but one female has got well and truly under his skin, his adorable assistant Amelia She is the one female he can rely on and knows has no ulterior motive.Amelia doesn t want anything from Nigelexcept his body She has lusted after the insufferable male for a while He seems to see every other woman around but her She s used to being overlooked and knows she is nothing like his usual women but a girl can dream.But when his life comes crashing down around him, allegations are made about his honesty and an old flame pops up from his past, Nigel is left reeling But never fear his trusty aide may just be his salvation, along with a certain hacker with boundary issues I loved Nigel and Amelia s story He is the typical alpha male but without the usual fighter security role He s very much a brain AND muscles Amelia is a curvy woman with no idea of her own worth With a cast of well loved characters from previous books in the series and the injection of a few new characters, some of who I LOVED to hate, I was in heaven I m loving the next couple in the series, whose story we see the beginnings of My only grumble was I wanted (((Read Pdf))) ⇠ Nigel (Galactic Cage Fighters, #10) ⇭ Warning Adult Content Nigel Has Worked Hard To Earn The Position As Rep For The Galactic Cage Fighter Association He Even Sacrificed His Personal Life Putting His Fighters First Now, Everything He Has Worked For Is Being Threatened And He Could Lose It All, Including The Female He Can T Live Without Amelia Anne Jones Was Nothing If Not Persistent That Persistence Got Her Through School And Helped Her Get The Jobs She Sought It Even Got Her Hot Sexy Nights With Men Way Out Of Her League By Men She Really Meant Just One Man Out Of Her League, Nigel, Her Boss Talk About Stirring The Pot One Night Of Passion Leads To Complications Neither Of Them Could Have Foreseen What Will These Two Strong Willed People Do When Their Relationship Is Exposed Forsake It Or Fight For What They Want, Each Other Fascinating futuristic world, and insight into the GCFA fighters who live and fight there.Nigel is the result of experimentation on his human mother and a Sorian father The experiments are to crossbreed humans with different alien species to create the perfect soldier or perfect slave if needed He treasured his time with his mother as most children were taken away at an early age When he was six she was taken away never to return Days later strangers came, told him he was free and safe He vowed to become big and strong so he would no longer fear anyone.In present day Nigel is taking a quick sabbatical and having nightmares of those times Normally under control, after a night with Amelia his assistant, his emotions were near the surface and he had to get away Amelia hurt by his abrupt departure is forced to call on a business matter and a woman answers She falls apart in Phoenix s arms only to have him ask her out Nigel tries to make amends with Amelia, but meantime someone is out to frame him for embezzlement Trouble in his personal and professional life escalate Gritty, passionate story which is totally engrossing A complimentary copy was given in exchange for an honest review Loved it Short but very very sweet At first I soo wanted to bop Nigel upside his head a few times for his stupid BS but by the end when Amelia is getting soo ticked off she slaps him grinz and his head is soo hard she complains she s hurt her hand,I couldn t stop smiling and and almost giggling when not only does he try to kiss it better but he actually soo sweetly apologizes for having such a hard head aaaaaaaaawwwwww Doesn t get angry for being slapped,actually apologizes for hurting her hand w his head,you ll see it s a very sweet silly moment I d love a Nigel at the end of the day,at 1st runs like a fool in fear like too many of us might then when he realizes his error a little jealously doesn t hurt he s all in Loved it Funny,sweet and sexy and enough action to make it interesting I can t wait to see Dom and Sam s story Oooooo their too delicious a couple to not get one Please,pleas,please I have enjoyed watching Nigel and Amelia dance around each other and their attraction throughout the series and now, finally, they have a chance at their own HEA YAY Of course, true love and mating is almost never that easy.especially for the GCFA Nigel and Amelia find themselves tested by a villain out to take Nigel s job and a past girlfriend out to cause as much trouble as she can.Can these two over come all obstacles to be together Will the bad guys get what they deserve Read this book for won t be sorry I received a copy in exchange for an honest opinion Nigel has worked hard to get where he is Amelia is his assistant and that means she should be off limits One night of passion makes things so complicated.granted Nigel makes a huge mistake Can Amelia ever forgive him This is the 10th in the series, but the first I have read Was not lost or confused Definitely wanting to go back and read all the others now Also hoping to readabout Nigel s best friend Dom and Sam I was given an arc for an honest review. Another great 5 star book in this series.I absolutely love this series and this new books gets a 5 Star rating.The story and characters are interesting and pull the reading in as the story goes along Each story has characters that enrich the story And it seems to me each book gets better.I would recommend this series and author to anyone looking for a great read I know I enjoy anything she writes. Great continuation of this fab series So happy that Nigel got his story too This story is about love and forgiveness That you should fight for what you want and who you want and stand by your true feelings This story is an emotional roller coaster with a happy ending but plenty of drama along the way. I have to admit that, while I ve read other books by this author, this is my first in the Galactic Cage Fighter series Nigel an Amelia s story is sweet and sexy and can easily be read as a stand alone, although I do wonder about the rest of the series now Witty, well written, and worth the read.I received an ARC for an honest review. Nigel and Amelia s story HotLove Nigel and Amelia s story From misunderstandings and dirty dealings they have to work to be together with the help of their friends Their time together is HOT.