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Traveling into and through this book felt like walking through a story of a new friend at work With every turn I felt I could relate a story of my own in my own music scene growing up Adam Gnade gives a really good first hand glimpse of his specific time era and various characters coming of age Relatable and lovable characters I want to time travel and experience the music scene of everyone s youth. Where do I even begin I sat on this review for the last two days now I seriously could not form words, but I knew there was something I needed to say about it Adam Gnade s books are a fucking treasure Like Caveworld, Gnade has the ability to connect to his reader s unlike any other author I ve come across It s gritty, it s weird, and somehow when I was reading I was taken back to my own crazy, stupid thoughts that I never imagined would ever connect to another person But they did in Locust House It s not a story, it s an experience There s that thud, that pulse, that you feel when you re at a concert, just when it starts In the second where you don t know what song the band will play, but you hope to god it s your favorite one And it plays your perfect song, and you get that high, and when your favorite line plays and suddenly everything is in place.It reminded of the times where I thought I was a rebel Maybe because I was being stupid, and I didn t recognize real rebellion until I read Locust House It s takes you back, to all those moments you want to live again And in the subtlety of the pages, Gnade will take you there If only for a few hours of reading it.Locust House is sober It brings all clarity to my smoked out thoughts I had as a teenager AdamGnade EBOOK ♳ Locust House ⚇ In His Latest Work Of Fiction, Locust House, San Diego Born Author Adam Gnade Writes About His Homeland In The Tradition Of Regionalists Like Sherman Alexie And Willa Cather Gnade S California Is A Place Of Border Clash, Of A Glimpse Of Stormy Sea From A Top Coastal Hills Or Rollercoasters, Of Ratty Beach Apartments And Punk Shows A Collaborative Release By Three One G And Pioneers Press, This Is A Story That Asks, What Does It Mean To Hold Fast To Your Dreams, Ethics, And Beliefs While The Whole World Tries To Tame You Locust House is a novella length rumination on a time, a place, and a culture It s an impressionistic love letter to San Diego s fringe music scene, circa 2002 It is beautiful, unsettling, and immersive.Gnade presents readers with a handful of misfit characters who orbit San Diego s gritty noise punk milieu and frequent the Locust House a home turned concert venue, rented and operated by the members of The Locust during the early 2000s Some of these characters know each other, some don t However, they re all drawn to The Locust s extreme, envelope pushing music They are propelled by feelings of alienation, deep political convictions, existential angst, and shitty relationships They desire something raw and extraordinary in a society brimming with flatlining culture and post 9 11 paranoia These characters, I should mention, are all secondary to the sights, sounds, smells, and ephemeral feelings that are lyrically detailed in the novella Gnade deals heavily in fleeting moods, moments, and atmospheres not so much in conventional story Don t start this book anticipating a plot Don t go in expecting traditional character development The characters of Locust House are the means than the ends And it s worth noting that Gnade s focus on setting and rich sensory details flies right in the face of current literary conventions For that reason, Locust House was a breath of fresh air When done right, I love a good savory ramble And Gnade pulls it off deftly The world of Locust House is made entirely palpable for the reader the frenetic music, the drugs, the dingy apartments, the steaming elotes locos All of it. A few things about this book 1 I read it in one sitting It s that kind of book And yes, it s a novella so it isn t overly lengthy at all, but mostly that s convenient because it s paced like one big breath so it s a story you want all at once regardless of how many pages it takes up.2 At some point in your life it is likely that you were in your late teens early twenties Or you are not there yet which is okay and the book is good no matter how old you are but it will likely feel different to you and hit a little deeper if you have already passed through and survived your earliest years of adulthood Anyway at some point you, the reader, were a fledgling grup and lived somewhere and knew people and listened to bands that were absolutely everything in your life And stuff was hard, because growing up is, but it was also somehow a little okay in all its screwed up ness because you had a place and a time and it was uniquely yours This book is about that time And it s someone else s story but that s okay because that feeling is perhaps somewhat universal and when you re done reading it you ll exhale and wonder how long since you took your last breath and where that one person ended up and where that album is and why anything ever had to change 3 So read it and stuff Adam s other writing is equally feel inducing and worth owning adamgnade locusthouse The crowd pushed Agnes pushed back There are the last two sentences of the novella and they totally encapsulate the themes of this book I miss seeing these bands play. I was lucky enough to read this book prior to its release, because Adam asked me to write a blurb for it Here s what I wrote Locust House reads like James Joyce and E Annie Proulx had a lovechild and dropped him into the punk scene of early 00s San Diego, and then 15 years later he wrote a novella Adam Gnade has managed to pack energy, story, and feeling into this novella than you will find in most full length novels It s as though he s written the literary equivalent of the 45 second songs he mentions in the book It ll fuck you up like the best music, and like the best music, it ll haunt you long after you read the final sentence. Locust House hits fast and hits hard It lights up the weirdcore receptors like a couch fire smacked with gasoline It s almost horrifying It s peering over the edge It s punk but grown up, espousing hindsight nostalgia is too goopy a word Adam Gnade channels of a time tempered empathy into the abrupt nexus of Golden Hill, San Diego, 2002 Locust House is a crossroads It s a point of departure It s a haunted fucking mansion and these are its ghosts You may well be one, too. A really great read that totally took me back to my early 20s, but I wish it would have included a larger variety of perspectives ie from band members, people who were renting the house, the cops, etc Maybe I just wanted it to be longer Ha, then again, it s concise nature definitely parallels listening to a song from The Locust. This book exemplified everything I loved about growing up with show spaces, The Locust discovering that extension of punk and chaos that they and others created , and trying to figure out your life or, in some cases, knowing exactly where it s going It was quick read, but for good reasons Much like those shows and that music, I didn t come out unscathed after reading this And that s a compliment.