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Another super fast, super fun read Nary a dragon in this book, but a plethora of wizards, sorcerers, trolls, giants and gnomes Nary a gold coin, either. Ericka, Wiglaf and Angus were sent on a quest to find Sir Lancelot When they found him Morgana Le Fay the witch turned him into a chicken but they reversed the spell and turned Morgana to stone J.R. [Free E-pub] ⚆ Sir Lancelot, Where Are You? (Dragon Slayers Academy, #6) ♣ The Evil Witch Morgana Le Fay Has Put A Terrible Curse On Sir Lancelot, And It S Up To Wiglaf And His DSA Buddies To Find And Save Him But They Re Just Dragon Slayers In Training Can They Really Outsmart The Trolls, Witches, And Other Villains That Stand In Their Way Ive learned that freind ship is a bumpy road so watch out this is one of the amanzingest books that i have ever readit shows love and feeling it grabs you attenion and it feels like you in that situation i love it because its about lancolot from you know king auther and thats all i am going to tell you because it is my favret book and i want you to feel the feeling that i felt. 3.5 Intermediate chapter book a great adventure for young kids In trying to make the story seem older, the author throws in a few antiquated words I.e shan t and ways of saying things This might be a good way of introducing this vocabulary at a young age The yearbook at the end was cute. cute The Dragon Slayers Academy books are fun to read and I think this one is probably my favorite so far of the ones I ve read. This is the sixth book in the Dragon Slayers Academy series by Kate McMullan Our girls have been reading a few different dragon stories and so this series piqued their interest One of the series we ve been reading the Dragon Keepers series by Kate Klimo paints the dragon as the hero and the slayer in a bad light But this story gives us of a typical look at dragons and their slayers, although the story is riddled with tongue in cheek humor This series offers an interesting take on the dragon knight saga The story centers around a school where children are taught to become dragon slayers, primarily for the purpose of enriching the school s headmaster with the slain dragon s hoard So far he hasn t been the beneficiary of much dragon gold, but I get the feeling that with 19 books in the series, he will keep sending his boys out, hoping to succeed at long last It s a very entertaining story, with lots of subtle humor and word play within the narrative I thought it was fun that the characters took a break from dragon slaying and the three friends struck out on an adventure to save Sir Lancelot It s a quick read and I liked the story Our oldest has been reading these stories on her own, so I m reading them quickly to catch up with her in the series We ve read a few of the stories together, but now we re all reading them independently Our youngest is also reading a few of these tales now that she s finished with the first Warriors series I am sure that we will look for of the books in this series at our local library. its about a spell has cast on Sir Lancelot and Wiglaf and his friends want to go save him and along the journey they meet a dog they call him Rufus and Rufus leads them to Lancelot when they get there they have to avoid Morgana le fay when Wiflaf takes off his cloak in front of Morgana she zaps him with a stone spell but Wiglaf survives when it hits Lancelot s mirror it bounces back and zaps Morgana in to stone and they save Lancelot from the chicken spell.