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Did not live up to my expectations Could have used some actually resolution at the end it basically stopped at the climax and nothing was really explained or resolved.The world was well built and the dragon lore was interesting, but I found some of the descriptions confusing and some of the stuff to do with the dragon could have used a little explaining, as I didn t really get it even at the end of the book.Stroud does multiple perspectives well, but here, I think it might have benefited from being limited to one or two main ones The end result was that I was slightly invested in each character, but deeply invested in none of them, and none of them were really developed to their full potential Or at all.Still, it was interesting, and while it s definitely not something I m going to reread, I suppose it was fun while it lasted. Es schmerzt mir fast, das sagen zu m ssen, aber das war das Schlechteste, was ich seit Langem gelesen habe. [Read Epub] ☩ Buried Fire ☸ Popular Books, Buried Fire By Jonathan Stroud This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Buried Fire, Essay By Jonathan Stroud Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The new minister at the church on the hill revels in the discovery of an ancient cross buried on their grounds Meanwhile, a boy on a sleepy hillside is trapped and changed by a malicious thought that rises up from the Pit Puzzling out what s happening will prove a dangerous business for all involved History and legend Gifts and harm Secrets and buried things Family bonds and the beauty of souls One part mystery, one part thriller, this book has edge of the seat qualities I ve come to expect and greatly appreciate from Stroud. 554 2016 When I got this book as a birthday present I first was rather delighted A book by the brilliant author of the Bartimaeus Trilogy Great A book that includes a huge dragon Even better So I started reading it full of enthusiasm and joy But those positive feelings quickly vanished, when I realized two things 1 This book was absolutely not like Bartimaeus I don t remember any moment, where I was amused or had to laugh out loud, because a character said something funny In fact I don t even remember anything in this book resembling a joke at all So it was a serious book then A book carried by its dark plot I m fine with that I even like it If all books would try to be funny, funny wouldn t mean fun any It would be annoying Boring Out of place But if a book isn t lighthearted and enjoyable, it needs something else to keep me reading A meaningful message for example Was there something like that in this book I m not sure Stay away from sleeping dragons Don t mess with other people s souls Trust no one, who is driven by greed Let s say I wasn t able to find anything meaningful enough to make me like this book But books also do not have to convey serious messages all the time As long as they are exciting enough, they can be about almost everything But no luck with this book again I guess if anything exciting had happened, I would have noticed it, but I think I was tempted to fall asleep while reading it, then to be surprised and entertained That there wasn t any suspense at all is probably connected to the second problem I discovered2 I did not like the style of writing It was too distanced to allow the development of any kind of connection between the reader and the characters I did not care about what was happening to anyone and if they were possessed or not, because the style of writing kept me from doing so There weren t any emotions expressed, there wasn t a moment, where I could identify with one of those people in town There conversations seemed to be hollow and empty as well Far too wordy and pointless After a few pages I was somehow frustrated by my inability to feel empathy for the characters and had to set the book aside for a while After doing that, it was very hard for me, to pick it up again, because I did not see any point in continuing reading So I basically forced myself through this book and was relieved when I finished it Now about 3 years after I read this book I can t stop thinking that I probably would have liked the book , if I hadn t had such high expectations If the style of writing would have been a little better, the book could have reached at least a 3 star review, because the idea of the book itself was quite interesting So I guess this book is one with a lot of wasted potential, which is why I wouldn t recommend reading it But I do recommend the Bartimaeus trilogy, because those books are absolutely awesome Yak, akhirnya selese juga ini buku Dengan perjuangan sepanjang keringat bercucuran Jadi ceritanya tentang naga yang bangkit karena ke cerobohan seorang vicar entah apa itu saya baca sesuai intuisi mungkin semacam pendeta bernama Tom Aubrey yang ngotot mindahin cross a.k.a palang kuno yang konon adalah sebuah benda keramat dari jaman Anglo Saxon yang gunanya menyegel naga yang ada di dalam bumi, tepatnya di Wirrinlow Nah karena segel ini terlepas maka roh dari si Naga ini bangkit dan masuk ke tubuh Michael, adik dari pacarnya si Tom.Dan kemudian..baca sendiri deh Wakakaka.Buku ini gw dapetin susah payah, setelah ikutan nebeng ama si Dewi a.k.a angelic zaizai nama bekennya xD beli di dan cuma kebagian buku bekas Itung2 buat bukti bahwa saya emang fans dari om Stroud 3Overall, buku ini keren Kalo kita liat dari sejarah pembuatan buku ini ya Ini buku pertama yang dibuat oleh om Stroud Bukan pertama banget sih, om Stroud penulis lepas ceritanya Sering bikin cerita anak2 Tapi ini kalo ga salah adalah buku fantasy pertamanya, jauh sebelum The Bartimaeus Trilogy Jadi jangan harap buku ini bener2 bertipe seperti TBT Endingnya gampang ketebak sih Tapi tetep aja, ini karya om Stroud yang bisa bikin hal biasa menjadi luar biasa.Yang gw suka itu, dia selalu buat karakternya menarik Ga terlalu dominan karakternya ga terlalu dewa banget di cerita itu.Masih 2 judul aja yang bisa gw baca dari buku karangan Jonathan Stroud ini, secara susah bener dapetin judul yang laen macam The Leap ato The Last Siege Kalo ada yang mau sharing, gw terima banget xD Yah sekian deh udah lama juga saya ga bikin ripiu buku xD Having read the Bartimaeus series a few years ago, I looked for other books by Jonathan Stroud and found this I hasn t realised initially that this was his first published work, and although relatively short compared to the Bartimaeus story, it is a good start to his career.I found it initially intriguing, as the story got underway at once and it felt as if I had been dropped in the middle of something already started This made me want to continue reading to make sense of what was happening The middle part of the story, where the underlying motives of several characters unfolded, I found quite gripping and also a little frightening.As others have noted, the story draws quickly to a conclusion and ends somewhat abruptly, with no exploration of what effect the catastrophic events have had on the participants But given the intended audience younger readers I think this is reasonable, as to draw out the story beyond the ending in the book would probably be seen as anti climactic.Overall a enjoyable read, quite quick but engaging, and a good introduction to Jonathan Stroud s complex work. This was a real wasted potential book The basic idea was really kind of cool a dragon has been lying dormant beneath an English village for centuries, and periodically people will stumble close to its lair and receive the gifts of the dragon the ability to see auras, pyrokinesis, flight, and telepathy, abilities which manifest themselves gradually And now the dragon is going to be set free, which sounds very exciting.The book suffers from so many technical problems that it s hard to enjoy it, though He has major issues with shifting POV, the characters are 2 dimensional, and the pacing is off Add to that the fact that there are only two female characters and they re both extremely passive, and I wasn t really a happy camper.I would recommend picking up the Bartimaus Trilogy, but steering clear of Buried Fire This is very much an early novel, before he and his editors really worked things out. The premise was cool, but the execution was decidedly not And the ending Gracious, it was like the author got tired of writing and just stopped, tying the loose ends together into one horrid knot that left ends sticking out anyway.