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Kurzeindruck Englische Edition Es geht um eine sehr fantastische Gesichte ber Harper, ihre Freunde, das Meer und die Musik Es ist ein sch n gew hltes Thema, aber es hat mir insgesamt weniger gefallen Die Szenenwechsel waren zu prompt Es entstand bei mir Verwirrung Die Zeichnung einfach Strichzeichnungen haben beim Verstehen des Textes etwas geholfen Coloiert w rden die Zeichnungen sehr viel besser wirken, wie man es am Cover sieht Teilweise merkte ich sehr stark, dass einige Handlungsstr nge sehr konstruiert und gezwungen wirkten Nach diesem Erlebnis w rde ich Cerrie Burnell nicht weiter empfehlen. READ E-PUB ⚇ Harper and the Sea of Secrets ☾ The Songs Of The Sea Festival Is About To Start, But Disaster Has Struck The Royal Musicians Will Be Performing, But All Their Instruments Have DisappearedHarper And Her Friends Use Her Flying Umbrella To Come To The Rescue, And That Very Night They Start Hearing Beautiful Music Coming From Melody Bay Will They Have The Courage To Walk Along The Pitch Black Smugglers Tunnels Passing Under The Sea To Find Out Who Has Stolen The Instruments A Captivating Adventure Story All About Friendship, Creatures Of The Sea And Magic This Is World Book Day UK Book For I liked the first book in this series, so imagine my delight when I found out that not only would there be a second book, but that for World Book Day they would also make a small novella It took some effort to get this book, but I now have it in my hands, and I had to read it as soon as I could, which is today This book was magical, lyrical, musical, fantastical and so muchI had to get used with the changing POVs, we switch through all the characters, and at times it was a bit annoying, as you were just reading from Nate s, only to switch to Liesel But after a few pages I got used to it, and then I didn t have any problem with it In fact I started to like it Started to like that we saw this magical world through the eyes of not just one, but four characters We have another mystery in this one Though mysteries would be better We have the mystery of the missing instruments Where did they go , the secret of the sea, the secret behind all the music that is being played It was great fun to read about our group of children finding out all about this place, figuring out all the secrets, and also helping people I still love the fact we have a magical umbrella It is just so much fun, though it is quite magical to see how much one can hang on it how many people can fly with it It doesn t look big at all, but one can do so much with it It is truly a magical umbrella DHarper, and her skill of being able to play any instrument, was fun I loved how she put that orchestra in their place Go Girl The illustrations are once again just absolutely fabulous, and I was delighted each time they passed by a lot I especially loved the 2 page illustrations we got at times All in all, this is one book I would recommend It is fun, it has music, it has great characters, lovely art, and much much .Review first posted at I know this book is for very small children, so it s best I read it before I go to college For a book of it s kind it s just lovely The language is simple with a bit of alliteration and nice similes to liven it up The world and it s characters are just really pleasant and likeable although I am being a bit biased here as the main character is a harpist as the name would imply and I recently met a Sunday School classmate who I hadn t seen in about 10 years and she s turned out as a harpist with some decent banter There s a fair bit of imagination in the fantasy elements which the Lauren Child esqe illustrations really bring out It s just beautiful. It was very good and exciting too It was very mysterious and magical as well It s full of mistakes