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3.5 Stars The first book in M.K Eidem s series, Kaliszians Nikhil Kozar, squad leader of the Kaliszian Elite Guard, is checking out the caves on Pontus when he finds the beaten and half dead body of a female But she is not of his species or any he knows She is in fact a human from Earth and was captured and sold as a slave to work the mines Mackenzie Mac Wharton feels she failed her group as a guide when they were captured by the Ganglians After being beaten she awakes to find herself in the arms of a huge warrior This is related to another series by M.K Eidem, Torians I don t think you have to read the other series but you will want to because there is mention of events that happen in the series So, I, like many, was expecting Treyvon s story first but apparently the author felt led to tell Nikhil s story instead This was fine with me as I enjoyed his story and I loved the characters But now I have a dilemma I once again have to wait for the next book to come out. [Read Ebook] ⚒ Nikhil (Kaliszians, #1) ☩ As The Squad Leader Of The Elite Warriors, Nikhil Kozar Was The Largest Warrior In The Kaliszian Empire When A Shuttle Crashes On One Of Their Planets The Search And Rescue Mission Turned Into Something Much ComplicatedMackenzie Mac Wharton Had Agreed To Guide A Group That Had Wanted An Adventure On Her Mountain They Got Than They Bargained For When They Were All Abducted By A Group Of Aliens Called The Ganglians Badly Beaten And Barely Alive Mac Finds Herself In The Arms Of The Largest Male She S Ever Seen She Should Fear Him, Should Be Fighting To Get Away From Him, But There Was Something About The Massive Male That Called To HerA Traitor Threatens The Empire Someone Wants Nikhil Dead The Zaludians Want Mackenzie Back And Then There Was The Secret She Is Keeping Would It Be The One Thing That Finally Brought Down The Kaliszian Empire Or Would It Be The First Step In Its Rebirth I really liked this one and can t wait to read book two I love a good alien human romance and so this book was just what I was looking for I will say at times I just wanted the heroine to go with the flow, yes it s a huge difference between you, but if you are with an alien and you both didn t even know the other race existed you need to know you both will have different normals It bugs me when in that situation the people alien expect the other to do everything like they would After saying that it wasn t horrible or anything that took me out of the story but it was something that bugs me I loved both her hero and heroine I have to like a heroine in the book because to some extend they are me when I read a book I place myself in the book but I have to love the hero and I did in fact loved him He was protective, possessive and so caring and kind to the heroine She was his everything, and how can you not love that This book is very safe, no OW OM at all in this book This is the first book I have read from his author and I really got into this book and her writing We get a nice glimpse into who book two is about and I have to tell you I am excited Don t read if you don t want spoilers 4 stars because of Nikhil, Mac annoyed the shit out of me I didn t like the fact that they can have kids with someone that they re not their true mates I just hope the author doesn t go through that route about having a love triangles in the MCs There were some secondary characters that they had ashes and didn t find their true mates but what if they ever did find them that would cause a problem at least that s my POV image error Rating 3.5 stars 3.5 starsIt was good but not as good as the Tornians series I thought the heroine was too immature at times But then I would remember she had known him like a day or two and I would try to give her some slack I liked Nikhil though. I love M.K Eidem books I expected Treyvon s book to come out first, but after reading a blurb on the author s website that she needed to tell Nikhil s story first before Treyvon made sense Her website mentioned she told Grim s story first book I ve read of hers and absolutely LOVE when she should ve told Wray s story first I really like Nikhil s story and am anxious to read about Treyvon I am curious if she will write about the 3 powerful species in the known universe and how that all ties in with humans. Warning Possible spoilers and some definite raging below I ve been waiting for Ms Eidem to come out with a new book for what seems like forever Not really, but I preordered this bad boy up immediately when I saw she decided to write this one before Treyvon I love her stories and world building She never disappoints with her perfect heroes This was no different Ms Eidem introduces us to a sister race of the Tornians, the Kaliszians, that we catch a first glimpse of in Wray and Grim two of my all time favorite books The Kaliszians have a True Mate that is determined by the transfer of the True Mate bead A true mate can also become their Ashe which I equated to as a wife But the Ashe doesn t have to be their True Mate Mackenzie is found in the Zaludian mines, beaten and severely malnourished and dehydrated She is discovered to be Nikhil s true mate when she is rescued I did find I had some confusion on the whole True Mate Ashe thing and whether they could have healthy children vs unhealthy children with someone who was just an Ashe as opposed to a True Mate.Nikhil was wonderful, so kind and sweet You complete me in a way I cannot adequately express I am no longer alone, there is now to my life than just duty and battle There is you I wanted to just eat him up He was the perfect hero He only wanted to take care of Mackenzie He treated her with honor and respect and I felt he truly loved her And, only wanted to please her He was absolutely perfect in my eyes.What my entire problem with this book was the heroine, Mackenzie OMG I wanted to choke the ever loving shit out of her She had me raging on than one occasion that not even a bottle of wine could make me like her She jumped to conclusions at every turn and then would say hurtful things and not explain why she was upset Oh, don t get me wrong, she had moments where I thought Okay, she s going to come through for me But then, she would go and do some dumb shit and I had the hate going on again In the end, I guess you could say she proved her love for Nikhil but to me it was too little too late Up until the last few pages, she was still keeping secrets from him that she claimed weren t her secrets to tell but I call bullshit She wanted him to be honest with her in everything She should have trusted her mate It drives me absolutely crazy to have a perfect hero paired with a bitchy heroine, one who doesn t appreciate him I totally understand feeling you have your choices taken away and not wanting a bead to determine your fate But come on Get over that shit already Anyway, raging doneoverall, I enjoyed the story and look forward to Treyvon though, view spoiler Jen, the heroine, has a dead husband and I hate dead exes hide spoiler