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I m starting to review the writing craft books that I m reading as spending time working on writing is slowing down my fiction reading the horrors But, I am reading a fair amount of craft books, even though I m not usually a huge non fiction reader.This one I got because, shockingly, I m trying to come up with ideas to have a catchy hook to open my work in progress There are a couple things that work in this book and a couple things that are annoying.I like the 7 types of opening and his descriptions of those.I like the examples he gives from familiar classic and current novels.I also liked his explanations and examples of hybrid openings that include two orof the seven types of openings.I was not a fan of his really long quotes of his own books used to demonstrate each chapter These quotes were much longer than the familiar and classic works, and went well beyond the opening section, practically full first chapters, and constantly different books I get it He wants to show you how effective these hooks are by making people want to read his books and buy them But I bought a book from you This one About writing That s what I wanted to hear about.So a decent source of information, buried in an ad. This book by Jackson Dean Chase is great for beginning or aspiring writers Unlike his useful but formulaic Phrase books that help writers with sentence structure, description and themes, this book is a muchgeneral guide on writing It contains a thoughtful introduction by the author about how difficult it may be to start writing, but encourages the reader to not give up The book continues by being separated into informational sections on how to write It is one of the most organized guides I have seen on how to write but at the same time is not written like a standard textbook In short, the book has personality It covers paragraph, sentence structure, grammar and punctuation, description andIt uses real examples of writing and shows the basics of how to form scenes for your novel This guide does not cover non fiction writing and should only be used by writers who are serious about being novelists. This is one of the best books I ve read on writing It s not as well known as others but it s a very clear, concise book about what is the most important part of your book the opening If you re an aspiring writer and you don t nail the opening of your book, it s going to be incredibly difficult if not impossible to get the interest of an agent or editor Your opening scene has to be lights out awesome The book is so short, it ll probably only take an hour to read You ll be amazed at how much valuable info can be crammed into such a brief book. I found this extremely useful as a guide to writing that killer first line or paragraph to make a reader and an agent want to read on. [ Download Epub ] ♢ How to Start Your Novel (and 10 Ways They Shouldnt) (Story Secrets for Writers) ⚑ DO YOU KNOW THE SECRET The First Words On The Page Are The Hardest You Ll Ever Write It S Easy To Get Overwhelmed By Choices How Do Bestselling Authors Do It That S What I Set Out To Discover I Tore Apart My Library, Scouring The Openings To Hundreds Of My Favorite Novels To See What Makes Them Work And Why And Do You Know What I Found A Pattern A Secret Formula Authors Use Time And Time Again To Deliver Powerful, Bestselling Results And Do You Know What Else Genre Doesn T Matter Point Of View Doesn T Matter It Works For Novels, Novellas, And Short Stories It Works For Series And Standalone Books It Even Works For Writing Memoirs The Formula In This Book Will Teach You How To Write Killer Opening Lines Story Hooks That Get Noticed By Agents, Editors, And Readers My Formula Contains The Seven Sure Fire Ways Successful Authors Use To Open Their Stories And The Ten Wrong Ways Unsuccessful Authors Use And How To Fix Them In This Breakthrough New Book For Aspiring And Experienced Writers Alike, I M Going To Reveal All These Secrets Andin An Unbeatable Quick And Easy System That Will Take Your Writing To The Next Level BONUS Includes Seven Exciting Case Studies That Show You Exactly How A Bestselling Author Constructs His First Chapters From Start To Finish Who Is Jackson Dean Chase Jackson Dean Chase Is ABestselling Author In Less Than A Year, His Books Have Amassed OverFive Star Reviews On The Most Trusted Review Sites And Been Downloaded And Enjoyed By Over , Fans His Revolutionary Writers Phrase Books And How To Write Realistic Fiction Series Have Helped Many Authors Overcome Writer S Block How To Start Your Novel Is The First Book In His Story Secrets For Writers Series That Helps Solve The Toughest Problems Facing Writers Today Here S What Readers Are Saying About Jackson S Books A Fresh And Powerful New VoiceTerry Trueman, Printz Honor Author Of Stuck In Neutral Jackson Knows His Craft And Grabs Readers From Page OneNate Philbrick, Author Of The Little One I Love The Creativity This Author Shows He Really Has A Way With Words That Leaves Me In AweFang Freakin Tastic Reviews Author Jackson Dean Chase Has Found The Right FormulaMichael Billington, Author Of Blood Debt How To Write Realistic Characters Is A Must Have That Will Pay For Itself Many Times OverKindle Reviewer Explanations In How To Write Realistic Men Are Short And To The Point You Don T Have To Wade Through Lengthy And Boring Descriptions To Learn Valuable Facts In his introduction, Jackson Dean Chase claims, The first words on the page are the hardest you ll ever write He stresses the importance of writing a first sentence that will capture readers attention If you re anything like me, I can t seem to make up my mind about what wording to start with Suffer noThis book is here to help The author presents us with seven ways we could use to engage readers and why they work He goes on to demonstrate multiple examples, taken from books of different genres, including his own Reading his excerpts are tantalizing, as he effectively validates how powerful his book openings are There are also ten ways that no story should begin with, again showing us why those methods don t work and exceptions you can make How to Start Your Novel is a great guide for those interested in writing I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. So You Want To Be An Author You have a head full of ideas for stories and you re ready to start writing You sit at your computer and the ideas won t come out or if they do they don t sound right You need to get Jackson Dean Chase s new book, How to Start Your Novel Jackson explains in easy to read language what you are doing wrong and how to correct the problem The writing style Jackson uses makes it seemlike a personal conversation than a stuffy text book The book gives you both the wrong way to start and then the correct way to hook your readers with the first sentence He gives you real life examples of what is wrong and how to fix your start correctly Jackson gives you helpful tips on how to start so your readers don t get bored right off the bat Don t waste any time or money on other how to books for fiction This is the only one you need. Jackson Dean Chase doesn t bore you with endless information he gets straight to the point He deals with very practical ways on how to use an opening line, how to hook the reader and keep them reading This is not only a must have book for aspiring writers, I strongly recommend that reviewers read it too It s an insight into the world of writing and how to make words work It s easy to read, easy to understand, and not in the least boring I wish I had this guy as my Journalism lecturer This is actually quite good It has very good advice on how to start and not start a story, and why, and real examples are given to illustrate his points This would be a great guide for a beginner, but also a great reminder for theexperienced Even skimming through it could prove to be useful. A Must read for any writer.Jackson Dean Chase has created an excellent craft book He provides lots of examples from famous authors to illustrate the points he is making This book was so interesting it caused me to rethink the openings of some of my own works I will be purchasing his other how to books.