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Disclaimer Susan is a dear friend, so I m biased I witnessed her hard work and persistence in both paddling the Inside Passage and writing this book Her memoir is a tale of both her inner and outer journey while paddling 1,200 miles of challenging ocean waters and attempting to synthesize 50 years of living which has its own unique challenges Inside has been called Wild by kayak, but frankly I think Susan s story demonstrates farself awareness and awareness of the natural environment around her than Wild Not to mention MUCHpreparation Without such careful preparation, a person could easily suffer a fatal mishap on a journey like this.Susan has accomplished things most of us only talk about doing She is one of the most accomplished and impressive women I know yet she is also kind, humble and down to earth I enjoyed getting to know her inner world better while reading Inside I also loved her tale of adventure and roughing it in the wilds of the coastal Pacific Northwest, interspersed with intriguing people and places A gifted photographer and visual artist, Susan has a knack for colorful, quirky written descriptions that capture the imagination and make me want to see these places in person She also demonstrates a concern for protecting these wild woods and waters, and a deep respect for the humans and creatures who inhabit them I m honored to call her a friend and proud of her for sharing this beautiful book with the world. 3.5 maybe because in my mind I kept comparing it to Wild I would have like to have knownabout Susan and her motivations to undertake such a journey If you have been to Alaska, you will enjoy being reminded of it and if you haven t, you will want to go, although perhaps not alone in a kayak One important observation that stuck with me There is a difference between fear that unpleasant emotion associated with the belief that someone or something is a threat and being scared Being scared is an in the moment feeling caused by an actual threat An important distinction to remember, I think, especially for those of us prone to worry. I had the pleasure to hear Susan Conrad give a presentation about her journey through the Inside Passage and knew I had to read her book I was not disappointed It is a wonderful, insightful read The motivations of people that take on the challenges climbing mountains, trekking thousand of miles, or in this case, kayaking for 66 days from Anacortes, Washington to Juneau, Alaska, can be hard to discern Everyone has their own reasons for the challenges they take on Conrad gives us insight into the why by revealing what she gained from the experience.We all make plans Sometimes they are just notions rather than full blown itineraries and they often don t match reality Conrad planned as if her life depended on it because it did The planning, preparation, and physical training were intense and part of the journey She encounters unrelenting rains, dangerous tides, bears, black flies, a few creepy characters andThose aspects arethan counterbalanced by the natural beauty she finds and the solitude she enjoys She lets the reader see that the journey is about understanding yourself by taking a time for a moving meditation and reflection where the surroundings leave you awestruck Feeling small and vulnerable but overcoming physical and mental challenges can leave you strong, humble, andself aware.Her story is told in a refreshing, personal tone As I read I thought well I ve heard her speak and even had a brief conversation with her Of course it sounds personable to me But I began to notice descriptions and word choices that made me feel she was writing to tell about her adventurer in a one to one conversation a kind of writing that sets this book a notch above.I highly recommend this book. I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Susan Conrad, in the ferry lineup on Salt Spring Island I became immediately interested in her Inside Passage adventure, as my family and I experienced the I.P and other parts of Alaska as a shakedown cruise on our 41 foot sailboat, prior to going off shore for 5 years Reading the book, I could relate to may of Susan s venturesome encounters.There is much to like about this book It is well written, detailed and informative It is a must read if you are into kayaking. ( Download Book ) ♂ Inside ⚔ Inside One Woman S Journey Through The Inside Passage Is A Plucky Adventure Memoir Of The Sea And Soul Told By A Woman On A Big Adventure In A Small Boat Along The Coast Of Western North America In Spring , With Her World Scaled Down To AnFoot Sea Kayak And The , Mile Ribbon Of Water Called The Inside Passage, Susan Conrad Launched A Journey That Took Her North To Alaska On The Way, She Forged Friendships, Lived Her Dream, And Discovered The Depths Of Her Own Strength And Courage Loved the concept of an woman in the wild, adventuring alone However, the writing itself lacks personal insight and thoughtfulness She is an excellent descriptive writer The landscape and physical experience of the kayak are well told and easy to imagine She lacks in emotional depth and introspectiveness that a solo adventure might elicit At the beginning of the book, she expresses a desire for time with herself to contemplate, yet never seems to The focus instead on the exterior panoramas and happenings She, also, comes up short on delving into the people she meets along the way A few people who host her overnight, or at least offer shelter campsite, are briefly described, but never become characters I see this not as a lack in her wiring, but in her attempt to interact with others in a curious manner How could one not wander about the man who lives quite isolated in a deserted town I would have wanted to know their stories The kayaking and navigating is quite detailed in description To the point that one feels they are a trip guide, not a narrative Harrowing experiences nonetheless, she shows strength and bravery that carry the reader through to wanting to see her finish WhichSPOILER ALERT, she technically doesn t. Loved this journey While I have read a number of extended journey books Wild, other long term backpacking trip books on the PCT or Appalachian Trial authors approaches to these vary Some are logistics heavy with less inner journey, others areinward but fail to capture what it is really like out there or what the reader needs to picture in order to truly go on the trip with you This book is fantastic in its detail while not being self indulgent Having travelled the Inside Passage on the Alaska Ferry Conrad mentions, it takes a keen eye and care to really capture the feel of the place, to be able to picture each campsite etc Her pacing of the story neither rushes nor drags, I never lost interest Lastly, while I would have loved evenof her inner journey particularly in the 1st half of the book as we get a wonderful dose of it in the 2nd half, I enjoyed her balance of both It was both a journey we were on the Inside Passage as well as her struggles out there This book will sit with the best of adventure travel books that I have read. This was a gift from Dave and Garrett last Christmas, and I thought I would throw it in a dry bag and read it on summer kayak adventureswhich we never had An enjoyable read, though, no matter what the season I wondered if I would feel inspired to expand my paddling skills after reading this book, but no To plan an expedition like the author did, and to paddle solo takes years of preparation and skill building I m inspired to findtime in the future to sit in my kayak and connect with nature, but I m a fairweather paddler and a can live with living vicariously through other people s larger adventures. I bought Susan s book after taking one of her classes and having a lovely conversation with her at lunch I m so glad I did Not normally a memoir reader, I was struck by Susan s candid and visceral story that swept me up in her journey just like she d stowed me away in a pocket and taken me along for the ride Except I didn t have to endure swarms of flies or encounters with bears Wonderful story and one heckuva adventure Incredible voyage, very detailed, from chart reading to experiencing the day to day, life and nature s challenges, thick, takes time to get through Quite the woman A journey of the heart as well as one of personal transformation Well done