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The oddysey of allen iverson is a great book if you like to play basketball or you like to know about basketball player this book shows you that even though you go threw tough times, you have a chance to make something out of your life Allen had to live in a home where the water pipe was always running and he had no money to buy things for himself He had to get help from his coaches and gear from his coach In the end A.I became a great basketball player and he did that because he never gave up he also had some help from people that really loved him and cared for him You need that in life to go through. I did not think that I was going to enjoy this biography of A.I because I assumed it was going to be boring and simple It was the complete opposite Even though I knew a lot of Iverson s story I still found my self wondering what happened next For example, when he played against Kobe in the finals I knew that the lakers won in 5 games but the whole time I was hoping A.I to come out on top A.I is one of the most influential players to step on the court and his story and one of the best. Great biography with perfect source material I wish I could have adopted little Allen. I rate this book 5 stars because Allen Iverson was a very influential player to basketball and learning about his life was interesting My favorite part of the book was when he played college basketball He learned how to lead a team He came from nothing to making millions in the NBA. I liked this book because it told a true story about how working hard can get you the results you like I think that coming from a backround like Allens is tough to over come In the begining of the book it tells you how Iverson grew up in a poor family where 9 kids shared two beds His mom was hard working trying to find a way to support her family Allen soon finds a love for basketball and football taking his team to state in both sports The day before going to state for basketball a couple months after winning one for football he was involved in an altercation where a group of white people claimed to be beaten by Allen and his group of friends Allen was found guilty of assault and was given 5 years in jail Luckily enough for him there was sufficent video footage that showed he had no part in the altercation and was free to go After that incident he went back to playing basketball and was recruited by Georgetown university where he would be an athlete for the then top ranked Hoyas After 2 years in college he was drafted 1st overall by the Philadelphia 76ers He played ten seasons with the sixers never winning a championship but capturing the NBA s Most Valuable Player award in 2001 After his NBA career he was arrested by a cop for having an illegal firearm and an ounce of marijuana He was also accused of throwing games in which he won 10,000 dollars from a casino after a playoff loss All in all it has been an up and down road for Iverson but there is no denial that he changed the game and will forever be a hero. Allen Iverson was one of the most controversial players to ever play in the NBA In this book, Larry Platt gives the reader a full overview of the life of Allen Iverson One of the most critical features of Allen Iverson is his appearance Iverson was only a measly six foot and 165 pounds He had his hair in cornrows, but importantly was all of his tattoos My favorite tattoo of his is the one that states Only the Strong Survive Iverson talks about the meaning of the tattoo He says that growing up he lived in deep poverty along with many other people in his neighborhood Also, Iverson struggled in his childhood due to not having a father figure in the house because he was in prison But, basketball was always there for him at the local playground In an interview, Iverson says that if a person is weak, they will never make a name for themselves or a place in the world That is where the quote Only the Strong Survive originates This tattoo has significant meaning to Iverson, and I also agree with him that if you want something in life that you have to work for it The first strength of this book is how detailed it is It goes through Iverson s most meaningful moments on and off the court From him getting into brawls at the bowling alley up to shootings in his neighborhood I also enjoyed reading about the different coaches he had along his career and what they thought of him This book also shows you just how much attention a basketball player gets and the fake news that the media let out to the public Another strength of this book is the pictures Each chapter starts off with one of Iverson s tattoos, allowing the reader to understand the meanings behind them I am against tattoos, but I can understand how they can allow a person to express themselves in tough times The main weakness of this book is that it is a little bit hard to follow Sometimes the book will break off and talk about a different experience that Iverson had in the middle of a chapter and does not give the reader time to adjust In a Goodreads review, Carlos states that even though you go through tough times, you have a chance to make something out of your life I agree with this statement, and this is one of the central themes of the book Allen Iverson was dealt a bad hand, but he worked through it He channeled all of his frustration in life and put it towards working hard in basketball Nelson Ruiz says that from this book he has learned to not judge a book by its cover Iverson may seem like some thug, but that is the label that he has been given I agree with this statement and believe that you have to get to know a person before you can decide if you like them or not. Larry Platt shows us the behind the scenes of one of the most revered, most loved, most hated outside of Philadelphia, most driven to succeed on the court as any, and yet a thorn in the side of every coach and GM that ever had him on their team because of his defiance towards practice Alan Iverson is truly an inspiring person who shows that with true grit and determination you can succeed Then considering some of the choices he made in his youth, he is also an individual that is so lucky that he got ant chance to play basketball at the highest level and lot just playing pick up games at the recreation hall in a prison Great Read, The above all that the message is clear It is not the size of the dog in the fight It is the size of the fight in the dog. *Free Pdf ⇰ Only the Strong Survive: The Odyssey of Allen Iverson ☠ Hem Spor Y Ld Z , Hem Anti Kahraman, Hem Hip Hop Ikonu Olan Allen Iverson, Etraf Ndaki Engellerin Stesinden Gelip Amerikan Pop Ler K Lt R Ne D Hil Olmay Ba Arm T R, Stelik Hi D N Vermeden Philadelphia Ers Tak M N N Santimlik Oyun Kurucusu, Asi D Vmeleri Ve Gangster Tarz R L Sa Lar Yla Spor D Nyas N N En Tan Nan Ve En Ok Tart Lan Y Ld Zlar Ndan Biridir Sixers Arka Arkaya Be Sezon Playoff A Ta Yan Allen Iverson N Kenar Mahallelerde Ge En Sorunlu Ocuklu Undan NBA S Per Y Ld Zl Na Uzanan Inan Lmaz Y Kseli I, Y L Nda Tak M N Finale Ta Mas Ve Yine O Sene Kazand En De Erli Oyuncu D L Ile Ta Lanm T R Daha Nce Hi Bir Yerde Yay Nlanmam Ve Zel R Portajlarla Elde Edilen Bilgiler I Eren Ve Iverson N Yak N Evresinin E Siz Katk Lar Yla Haz Rlanm Olan Yaln Zca G L Ler Ayakta Kal R, Yeni Efsanenin Arkas Nda Yatan Ger Eklerin Ilk Detayl IncelemesidirBu Kitap, T Pk Iverson Gibi, Hassas Ve Tehlikeli Noktalar Aras Nda Aba Harcamadan Geziniyor Ve Ger Ek Bir Amerikan Efsanesinin Arkas Ndaki Gizemi Ve Insaniyeti Ortaya Kar Yor Yaln Zca G L Ler Ayakta Kal R, K Lt Rel Ufkumuzda Iz B Rakmay Ba Aran En Yetenekli Ve K K Rt C D Hilerden Birinin B Y Leyici Bir Portresini Iziyor I am ashamed to say that, much like my southern contemporaries, my opinion of Iverson was based on a prejudging media lynching and a largely racist point of view from my largely white acquaintances Luckily, unlike these same narrow minded contemporaries, I have developed a yearning to not ignore the beliefs of which I disagree Larry Platt does a wonderful job of showing me a greatly misunderstood human who tried to stay true to his character no matter the expectations of society, a value which I envy and would hope people believe about me Unfortunately, I can not go back and appreciate the greatest basketball player of my time, but thanks to technological progress I can go back and watch with amazement the on court exploits of one of my all time favorite basketball players. allen iverson is hands down my favorite baller of all time he was the embodiment of a hip hop culture on court tats and braids, posse and parties he turned ball control into a deadly weapon no one since jordan or magic or bird had the kind of influence that he has on the game in his prime, no one could take over a game like AI standing six foot nothing, a hundred and seventy five pounds, he still had no fear taking it in the lane and scoring over the big fellas heart, guts and freak skill The Answer had it all coming out of the rough hood of Newport Bad News where only the strong survive.