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[Read] ⚉ Into the Abyss (Falls the Shadow #2) ☿

While I still enjoyed this novel, I much preferred the first book of this duology. Though I really liked the first book, though, this was a failure, though The first was quite entertaining and enjoyable, though, that I really wanted to read the sequel, though What a disappointment, though.And hell, didn t have the book an editeur Sometimes there are three thoughs on one page for several pages I m sure the whole book has as many thoughs as pages and it was really going on my nerves, especially Violet not only say them and think them the whole time, no, Seth likes them too Which shows that the two are really interchangable Cate wasn t the best protagonist, but she wasn t the worst I got somewhat invested in her life, so it must have been pretty descent But her sister Violet She has no personality whatsoever A whole book from the perspective of a character with no personality is like torture Sadly, the story is also barely there and boring as hell I read the book riding the train, I was always nearly falling asleep Sometime I read two other books I wasn even near falling asleep Reading on Into the Abyss and I had the problem again, so it was the book, not the overall trainriding It s a very good sleeping aid.The book didn t add anything to the overall story, the first can be a standalone, or if the author wants to write another book you can pick it up leaving this out You can t miss anything what couldn t be said in one two sentences, you just skipping the whole boring reading.The people and most CCA Members don t like clones, they revolt, a sacrifice is made, they thinking again about living with clones the end Honestly, that was the whole story Okay and Violet trying to be normal as if you didn t saw that coming or read it a few thousand times already. [Read] ⚒ Into the Abyss (Falls the Shadow #2) ⚔ Violet Has Lost Her Memory, And Her Sense Of Self But Can She Decide Who She Wants To Be In Time To Save The World Find Out In This Sequel To Falls The Shadow, Which Kirkus Reviews Called Perfect For Fans Of Divergent And The Hunger Games Violet Benson Used To Know Who She Was A Dead Girl S Clone, With A Dead Girl S Memories But After Huxley S Attempt To Take Over The Government Left Her Memories And Personality Wiped, All She Has Left Is A Mission Help The CCA Fight Back Against The Rest Of Huxley S Deadly Clones That Are Still At LargeBut When A Group Of Clones Infiltrate CCA Headquarters, Violet Is Blamed Already Unsure Of Where Her Loyalties Should Lie, Violet Finds Herself Running Away With An Unlikely Ally Seth, Jaxon S Unpredictable Foster Brother With Seth At Her Side, Violet Begins To Learn About A Whole New Side Of Her City S History And Her OwnBut When She Learns The Shocking Truth About Cloning, Violet Will Have To Make A Choice And It May Be One That Takes Her Away From Everyone She Ever Loved Actual rating 3.5 stars For me this book wasn t better than book one.In book two Violet and or Catelyn s sister is reborn again as a clone.So obviously she has some memories but what she has done or hasn t done She isn t sure she has or hasn t because again she isn t that old again.I felt that when they brought Violet back this time she was human than the last.There are some dry spots or pieces I felt were drugged out that could have been to the point or on point of the story or what some might say fill ins.This book was told from Violets point where in the first book it was Catelyns, I don t feel it was interesting from her point or maybe because she came back different and I felt I didn t get any answers I had It wasn t horrible just not as good for me as I had hoped and in the books defense it is out of my normal genre so this is a good rating for me. This is going by Goodreads s rating of it was ok Itwas ok Nowhere near the fun, amazingness of the first I can understand why this one wasn t so popular, why it hasn t been as well received Because this book wasn t as good The storyline wasn t as good I didn t like following the sister s technically the sister s clone s thoughts I didn t like reading from the viewpoint of an outcast And of course, I realize that was the point of this whole book, but still Don t read on if you don t want spoilers, because they re not tagged You ve been warned There was no romance There was backstabbing upon backstabbing This book, my friends, had an ending similar to Allegiant Which I hated I hated the ending to Allegiant very much, as I felt the ending was forced and made no sense I can say the same to this one I understand that characters die I love Game of Thrones, and that show offs people like every single episode haven t read the booksyet However, in books, when we re talking about the MC, it s a different story I want, even if the MC is unlikable, even if the MC is an antihero, them to be happy To live To find a resolution to their problems that doesn t involve sacrifice just because they re the least liked person clone around I don t want books that are bleak Give me death and destruction, but give me at least a somewhat happy ending with it, will you In many ways I can honestly say that this was an improvement over its companion I connected so much with Violet s voice than I did with Catelyn s, but maybe that just says something about me that I like to hear the thoughts of a clones over those of a human But in so many ways Violet seemed so much real, for lack of a better way to put it She grew in so many ways Her connections and interactions conflicts with the other characters were genuinely felt by the reader Nothing felt forced Was I satisfied with the ending Yes and no I won t spoil anything here, but will leave it for others to discover as to what happens Overall this was a satifying read than its predecessor and I recommend it. Into the Abyss comes full circle for Violet s character I m glad she got closure , and found her sense of self Though I m glad the author expanded on Seth, it wasn t the direction I anticipated The story was quite heavy, the characters and the reader can t catch a break throughout It was filled with action right till the end A good ending to the series. Source earc via Edelweiss from Simon teenDisclaimer I received this book as an ARC advanced review copy I am not paid for this review, and my opinions in this review are mine, and are not effected by the book being free.Karen at For What It s Worth and Mary at The Book Swarm occasionally post twitter style reviews Karen calls hers Short and Tweet, and I am going to borrow that review style here.My short and tweet review Couldn t remember 1st book plot was confused Slower start, but then picked up. I did not read the first book of the series because I didn t realize this was the second I think it would have helped The characters in this one seem very shallow as does the story Telling the story from the point of view of the teen clone who has no memory before 8 months ago is going to have that effect.