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!Kindle ⚖ Joshua (The Niv Application Commentary) ⚆ Reading Joshua Can Be, Frankly, A Jarring Experience Serious, Troubling Questions About God S Attitude Toward His Created Peoples Arise, Questions With Noeasy Answer But The Book Of Joshua Presents Itself, Warts And Wars And All, And Asks Readers To Let It Tell Its Story From Its Point Of View And Out Of Its Ancient Context It Asks Them To Give It The Benefit Of The Doubt And Permit It To Speak To Them This Commentary Aims To Give Its Voice A Clear Hearing To Translate Its Ancient Cultural Form In Such A Way That It Freely Speaks About The Life Of Faith Today Basically, The Book Of Joshua Tells How Biblical Israel Navigated A Major Historical Transition Early In Its National Life The Book Shows That Guiding These Changes Is Israel S God, Yahweh, Through His Chosen Servant, Joshua The Introductory Sections To Follow Set The Scene For Entering The Book Of Joshua And The Ancient World About Which It Reports Most Bible Commentaries Take Us On A One Way Trip From Our World To The World Of The Bible But They Leave Us There, Assuming That We Can Somehow Make Thereturn Journey On Our Own They Focus On The Original Meaning Of The Passage But Don T Discuss Its Contemporary Application The Information They Offer Is Valuable But The Job Is Only Half Done The NIV Application Commentary Series Helps Bring Both Halves Of The Interpretive Task Together This Unique, Award Winning Series Shows Readers How To Bring An Ancient Message Into Our Present Day Context Joshua Helps Readers Learn How The Message Of Joshua Can Have The Same Powerful Impact Today That It Did When It Was First Written A very readable and informative commentary on the book of Joshua Enjoyed the read. The word on the street was that this commentary by Robert Hubbard in the NIVAC series was one of the best that the series had to offer and with it now in my hands, I can understand why That is no small accomplishment when you consider that Joshua has never been thought of as the easiest book of the Bible from which to draw present day application That s not to criticize that wonderful book of Scripture, but to admit that there are many issues in it that do not exactly line up with modern sensibilities This commentary is full of keen observations and thoughtful application I really can t agree with all its historical and textual conclusions, but if you will look past those things what is left is of much value.The introduction, quite frankly, is a little spotty He is pretty good at explaining the tension between the viewpoints of Joshua s day and our own His brief summary of the contents of the book was fair but not deep His explanation of Joshua himself brought out some fine points Again, though he was fair to mention that there is an early date viewpoint out there, I don t personally agree with his dating If you do, you ll like the book even He can be quite speculative when he talks about the Deuteronomic influence in the book His thoughts on the theological themes in the book are much better and a chart demonstrating the echoes of Moses life in Joshua s life was outstanding After a brief outline, he gives a select bibliography that s quite lengthy for one of these volumes.It s in the challenging passages of Joshua where this commentary comes alive It takes the NIVAC format of original meaning, bridging contexts, and contemporary significance and uses that template to advantage The depth of description in the original meaning section was impressive throughout No one can offer applications that will ring true for every reader in every passage, but this one does a fine job for us.I would check other volumes for historical matters, but this one delivers explanation and application with the best of them Highly recommended.I received this book free from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255.