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[Download Book] ⚖ A Sense of Place, a Sense of Time ♰

4 1 2 stars if I could. [Download Book] ⚖ A Sense of Place, a Sense of Time ♰ JB Jackson, A Pioneer In The Field Of Landscape Studies, Here Takes Us On A Tour Of American Landscapes Past And Present, Showing How Our Surroundings Reflect Important Changes In Our Culture Because We Live In Urban And Industrial Environments That Are Constantly Evolving, Says Jackson, Time And Movement Are Increasingly Important To Us And Place And Permanence Are Less So We No Longer Gain A Feeling Of Community From Where We Live Or Where We Assemble But From Common Work Hours, Habits, And Customs Jackson Examines The New Vernacular Landscape Of Trailers, Parking Lots, Trucks, Loading Docks, And Suburban Garages, Which All Reflect This Emphasis On Mobility And Transience He Redefines Roads As Scenes Of Work And Leisure And Social Intercourse As Places, Rather Than As Means Of Getting To Places He Argues That Public Parks Are Now Primarily For Children, Older People, And Nature Lovers, While Mobile Or Gregarious People Seek Recreation In Shopping Malls, In The Street, And In Sports Arenas He Traces The Development Of Dwellings In New Mexico From Prehistoric Pueblo Villages To Mobile Homes And He Criticizes The Tendency Of Some Environmentalists To Venerate Nature Instead Of Interacting With It And Learning To Share It With Others In Temporary Ways Written With His Customary Lucidity And Elegance, This Book Reveals Jackson S Passion For Vernacular Culture, His Insights Into A Style Of Life That Blurs The Boundaries Between Work And Leisure, Between Middle And Working Classes, And Between Public And Private Spaces This is the virtue and even the beauty of this time of year in northern New Mexico it isolates and intensifies existence it creates a landscape and then preserves it by freezing it 22 A fter the Norman Conquest, hunting became the ruling passion of the nobility and that was when the word forest came into the English language to designate not a kind of vegetation or topography, but a legal entity an area outside in Latin, fores the realm of customary law an area reserved for certain important persons, the king included, who enjoyed hunting big game 76 We are constantly interacting with trees some of them give us fruit, others give us firewood, and all have to be thought about and even worried about when we consider the future In brief, trees give us a sense of responsibility and sometimes a kind of parental pride each domesticated tree calls for an individual response, a response far richer, far rewarding that a strictly passive aesthetic or ecological response to the forest 95 Many of those eight thousand trucks in 1910 were small electric delivery trucks 174 The small commercial or service vehicle is helping weave together the city which an earlier generation of automobiles had torn apart Both kinds of vehicles, the passenger car and the truck, share responsibility for decentralization, but each has begun to mitigate the effect o the other Both responses are helping create a vernacular type of city loosely structured, fluid, and expansive 185 R oads and streets and alleys and trails can no longer be identified solely with movement from one place to another Increasingly they are the scene of work and leisure and social intercourse and excitement 190 I really enjoyed this book, but it s tough to explain what it s about Read the canned synopsis, then read the book. This book is a three and a half, but not afforded the opportunity to rate it so, something compels me to round down rather than up Jackson is that rarest of instances of the non academic who is revered within his her relevant academic community his most notable contribution to the field of cultural geography being the journal Landscapes, which he founded Jackson was blessed with a highly readable, highly enjoyable writing style with none of the pretensions trappings of most academic writing This, along with his keen observations, allowed his writing to escape the limits of academic audience into the culture at large This book includes many joys and than a few surprises I would highly encourage someone who is interested in Jackson to pick it up Your curiosity will be rewarded While not every essay is gold the following range from very good to fantastic must reading for anyone interested in the idea of place The Accessible Landscape Seeing New Mexico Pueblo Dwellings and Our Own Church or Plaza Beyond Wilderness Working at Home A Sense of Place, A Sense of Time A truly inspiring read The clarity with which J.B Jackson approaches the modern built environment is a model that I wish would follow Highly recommended to anyone interested in houses, gardens, roads, cars, in short any of the core aspects of modern life.