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Just sorta serface looks at some important concepts, good for the common reader interested or the beginging student Because our brain works slowly one million time slower than computer , it saves much much heat and energy thus lives longer and we live longer, too Consistent with this effieciency principle, most of our decisiong making is done automatically, without energy consuming consciousness Some disorder may happen addiction reward predicting brain module is deceiving decision making parkinson reward predicting brain module is going static thus making no decicion making.I enjoy the jokes, too. #Download Book ß Why Choose This Book?: How We Make Decisions ⚜ To The List Of Writers Connecting Mainstream Readers And Cutting Edge Science Malcolm Gladwell, Steven Johnson, James Surowiecki Add Read Montague, With This Exploration Of What Exactly Determines The Choices We Make With A New Perspective On The Science Of Decision Making From The Researcher At The Center Of The Computational Neuroscience Revolution, Why Choose This Bookshows What The Latest Brain Science Reveals About The Crucial Events Of Everyday Experience The Choices We Make From How We Decide What We Consume To What Kind Of Art We Like, And Even The Romantic, Ethical, And Financial Choices We Make, Read Montague Guides The Reader Through A New Approach To The Mind With An Accessible Style That Is Both Entertaining And Illuminating In Taking Apart The Mind S Decision Making Machinery, Montague First Illustrates How Our Brains Are Like Computers That Are Slow, Small, Fuzzy, And Cheap And Began With Goals Like Food, Water, And Sex Second, He Reveals How Simple Goals Like These Then Turn Into Ideas Like Beauty, Love, And Terror With A Life Of Their Own Finally, He Explains How A Value System In Our Heads Controls Those Ideas So We Can Make Good Decisions And How That Physical System Can Break Down Leading To Bad Decisions, Addictions, Mental Illness, And Even Large Economic Disasters For a technical view of how we arrive at a choice among many decisions even those we re are consciously aware of making this is fairly quick read The ideas aren t new but they are presented in a mostly accessible manner Those who generally don t like or want to read about science, math, logic, social psych steer clear It probably won t interest you If books like The Tipping Point and Blink interst you, you may like this book as well though Montague delves deeply into technical language I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys works like Steven Johnson s Mind Wide Open. This is an excellent introduction to computational neuroscience and provides a great overview of how decisions are made by the brain I found it widely accessible and would be a good read for anyone interested in learning about how we choose and about the highly relevant and emerging field of computational neuroscience. I ve tried to get into this book twice now, and it just doesn t work for me I want to argue with him on almost every page, starting with page one and his anecdote about the Enigma cipher machine I feel as if I OUGHT to like it it is a subject of interest to me and has blurbs by two of my favorite author scientists, Steve Pinker and Antonio Damasio So I give up.I will not rate it because I only read slightly less than half. Recommended by Dr Chris Perricone Seems interesting so far. 1 Rabbits should try to incorporate uncertainty in their darting strategies. This is a tough book to read It s a bit wordy, and circles around taking time to get to the point At only fifty pages into it, I m considering not finishing it.And I stopped reading it September 2007 I started reading this a few years ago and never finished it, but I m going to give it another shot I ll update this review when I ve got to say.