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This is a collection of Anne Enright s short stories, published originally between 1990 and 2008 They are presented in reverse chronological order, with the most recent ones first This has an interesting effect The stories in the first two thirds of the book are truly outstanding, with surprising honesty and deceptive simplicity The last stories are all self consciousness It s fascinating to see that growth in a writer over 18 years. I have decided that there are two types of fiction writers those who study writing and then write about life and those who study life and then write I prefer works from the latter type of writers and Anne Enright fits very comfortably into this category Barely a page goes by in this collection without genuine insight or poignancy into what it means to be human Her writing in both these stories and The Gathering, her last novel, is prickly Her narrators aren t always likeable, but they always have wisdom. While I usually don t like reading short stories, these I really enjoyed Although whenever reading Anne Enright enjoyed seems a contradiction as she is an Irish writer with all that it means The story of the wife enraged by her husband s infidelity captures the unspoken pacts made in marriages. I d probably give this book 3.5 stars if I could.The first half, or so, of the book s stories are written in Enright s mature, sophisticated, painfully sharp, sarcastic, rare style The women in her stories are never simple minded or sentimental But, they are always filled with feeling I appreciate, as in, I understand, the view she gives of the underside of intimacy She writes about the things we don t admit, to ourselves, partners, friends, family I think most people are or less oblivious to the repulsions, fears, jealousies, neediness, shame that move about in their intimate relationships, and I think this is especially true in our American culture This is what Enright seems to do best She writes these stories with what might be called a cold but tender compassion.I think it s possible many do not like Enright s writing because she brings up uncomfortable, dark or complex subjects, many revolving around sex and marriage, infidelity and compromise in the face of shame and betrayal What I don t believe is that her tone is negative, as I read in some reviews on GR The negative feelings in some readers may be brought on because women, at least in the U.S., cannot afford to admit to these types of very personal and deep insecurities to the weaknesses, the meanness, perhaps, of very strong, but feeling and feminine women The combining of these seemingly conflicting forces cannot be tolerated Enright s women are too strong, too honest and perhaps too crude in their sexual honesty They are very sexual and intelligent What they are not is innocent or saintly Yet, they suffer And they continue They live on with their pain or loneliness They start over again What I find in her writing, her stories, is that she has a deep compassion for these suffering women Most of whom seem to be some reflection of this writer s own deeper self I most admire her honesty.Of course, I get that perhaps many don t like her writing because, bottom line, her subjects are not happy Finally, I have to say that the final half of the book s stories are, for the most part well written, with a few exceptions, but I found myself going into her younger writing with some impatience the book is arranged chronologically reversed, her newer stories come first Her voice and style change the subjects are less personal, and her lines are a bit cloudy At the end, I felt grateful to be finished Her mature writing deserves its accolades Gratefully, we do grow up. Not a fan of short stories to begin with I kept hoping the stories would get better as I continued to read, but they didn t A collection of short stories that were not uplifting or fun to read The stories represented the worst of human character with no plot and I felt no connection to the character s. .DOWNLOAD ☨ Yesterday's Weather ♧ From The Author Of The Man Booker Prize Winning Literary Sensation And Long Time Globe And Mail Bestseller The Gathering, Comes A Dazzling, Seductive New Collection Of Stories Anne Enright S Style Is As Sharp And Brilliant As Joan Didion S The Scope Of Her Understanding Is As Wide As Alice Munro S Her Vision Of Ireland Is As Brave And Original As Edna O Brien S Colm T Ib NA Rich Collection Of Sharp, Vivid Stories Of Loss And Yearning, Of The Ordinary Defeats And Unexpected Delights That Grow Out Of The Bonds Between Husbands And Wives, Mothers And Children, And Intimate StrangersBringing Together In A Single Elegant Edition New Stories As Well As A Selection Of Stories Never Before Published In Canada From Her UK Published The Portable Virgin Yesterday S Weather Exhibits The Unsettling, Carefully Drawn Reality, The Subversive Wit, And The Awkward Tenderness That Mark Anne Enright As One Of The Most Thrillingly Gifted Writers Of Our Time found the stories disjointed and not so compelling. Anne Enright is long established as one of Ireland s most interesting and individualistic writers, accomplished in both novel and short story formats This collection, compiled for the American market, is humourous, witty, tender and realistic, depicting, the rapidly changing Ireland from the 1960 s to the present day, especially the lives of women, who to all intents and purposes were, in severe cases downtrodden, but, usually controlled and educated by the State to lead lives of servitude This servitude was in many cases to their men , in the bed and in the home, or if unmarried and thus still allowed to work outside the home, to those who ruled the then ultra conservative new country Enright grew up in a good time while some of the now clich d ceilings, principally in marriage, motherhood, career, sex and the till then the successful suppression by the Church and State, often working in tandem, of the feminine movement were beginning to crack if not shatter She was, at least, part of the generation who laid the foundations for change to be executed by the following generation Irish women were becoming independent and in control of their careers outside the home, their bodies and their destinies In some stories, Anne Enright shows how the expected elation and new advantages in life at the realisation of these changes in their lives do not materialise The feminine mivement also had a downside Anne Enright writes brilliantly and entertainingly These stories are distinctly Irish with Irish womanhood at their core Yet, as a male reader, an Irish male, I am not constantly demeaned or disrespected Sometimes, yes, we are ridiculed, but, gently an often with humour Anne Enright won the 2007 Man Booker for her superb The Gathering I d recommend this collection as a good introduction to the writer and her excellent novel The Gathering. Some of the stories in this collection simply appealed to me on a shallow level the funny quips and the beautiful prose Most of them, however, made me stop reading and think and after I had gotten lost in my thoughts, and had looped around back to the story, I realized that there was so much I cannot do it justice in this little review blurb, but here is a brief impression Enright is unsentimental, but very emotional, she is witty, clever and cruel, she is kind and giving Her characters feel very, very connected to her, but they seem also to veer away into their own lives and their own mistakes What is striking is not the funny things a character says or the heartbreaking things that they do, but rather, what is striking is the fierce intellect that drives everything so that when you have finished the story and begin rereading you realize that there is an entire submerged narrative, a philosophy, a critique, an amazement, that has been hiding in there the whole time, waiting for you to uncover it I read Enright and I feel stupid, but I keep reading and I realize that she is simply so clever and that if I give myself a little time, she has planted the seeds for my own understanding and I feel, if not elated there are some depressing stories here , then at least illuminated.