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I absolutely liked it Valerie and Donovan was such a great entertainment I enjoyed their crazy thoughts and they were really both random persons The hang up I felt that this book has was that at some point in the story I got a bit too used to their push and pull that I just wanted to get it over with.When it comes down to it, you will really find yourself liking the book at some parts, there were so much love and support from family and friends, heavy drama on Donovan s point and Valerie s antiques will just get you I mean, it got through me and that s what I was holding on to with this book.This is my first book from the author and I believe my 4 stars rating would suffice this I enjoyed and laughed at some parts I am definitely looking forward to readbooks from Kim. 4.5 5.0Albeit a typical story of the town bad boy being forced to woo the woman he wants, Kim Loraine has brought together two very different characters.Read full review in the I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.LOVED this I have to say, I really enjoyed the first book in this series, but there is something about this one that I just loved I think it is the firemen.OK while I love the firemen, this story was romantic, has suspense, a love triangle and real life issues Listening to this story and hearing how Valerie and Donovan overcome many obstacles kept me interested There were times when I wanted to shake Valerie and make her tell Donovan she loved him, but her past with poor relationship choices Hated Mickwhat a jerk, and Blake..totally fake and what a twist with him in the end made her very cautious Donovan had to learn to deal with his PTSD of losing John and also with his family His childhood is heartbreaking and leads to a very horrible result as an adult don t want to give too much away.Through it all, their love prevails and it was a very enjoyable book While book 2, I think you can listen to this without the first book, though I do recommend them in order The background is helpful.Susan Fouche does a wonderful performance of the characters Her voice is rich and even bringing Drew and Mick in with their Scottish accents was warm and easy to listen to. The second book of the Golden Beach series brings us back to American soil and deals with the struggling emotions of a firefighter and the main character from Book 1 s best friend I loved the first book, and this book stayed in true form to the same quality writing, fantastic dialogue, and twists as the first book There is no sopho slump here I m not a huge fan of romance novels, but this one had just enough smooching with just a slight touch of sex, to keep someone like me interested and not rolling my eyes at another intimate scene between the characters It keeps you on top of your toes all the way through I would love to see the Golden Beach series after its completed I believe there will be a total of 5 titles that will complete the story arc to become a mini series. I was very fortunate to read the first book in this series Restoration, which was just as good as the second book Renovation Kim Loraine has a way with words and telling a story that keeps her readers wantingAs we were acquainted with Valerie Peters in the first novel, Loraine delvedin depth with her storyline and gave her a life of her own Valerie was a character with whom I immediate connected with and loved her assertiveness, even though at times she doubted herself.When the hot and sexy Donovan, saves her several times is it if love at first sight Even though the chemistry is off the charts, Valerie just wont give in till it is too hot to handle will Donovan have to put out the fire Kim Loraine is an amazingly talented writer and I cannot wait to read the next book from this great series Renovation and Restoration are two novels that I strongly and highly recommend to anyone who wants to read a series that is well written and characters who are developed If you love reading books where characters overcome and grow, while staying true to themselves, the Golden Beach series is a fantastic series and you will not be disappointed Make sure you do not miss out a on a great summer read and add it to your To Be Read Shelf. This is a part of a series which I didn t know ahead of time There were certain things that threw me off since I hadn t read the first book but it didn t keep me from liking this book The thing that made me not like the book was some things not being fully fleshed out but others being overly discussed It wont ruin the book for you but might annoy you Using my 1 5 rating system of how many kleenex you need due to crying, how many times you need to change your panties, and how many asses you laugh off I give it 5 kleenex s 1 panties 2 asses Characters Donovan Donovan is a playboy fireman who is used to having women swoon for him with little to no effort When he finally meets one he wantswith she wants nothing to do with him because of her own troubles past Can he let go of his troubled past enough to open up for love or will he shoot himself in the foot by refusing to acknowledge his faults Valerie Valerie is a sweet girl who has had to deal with a lot in her life Every time she picks herself up and starts to move on something else happens in her life Can she learn to forgive and most importantly trust in herself This is a good story and some people will probably like itthan I did there were just a few things that are pet peeves that annoy me in the book Reviewed for HeadTripping Books by Sarah An advance reading copy of Renovations by Kim Loraine was generously provided to me in exchange for an honest review Valerie is the assistant to Grace and they are on a project together in London She had a bad relationship in London and when she returned home to Virginia she had a hard time dating again She is swearing off bad boys, you say Well she holds true to this until one night back home changes this course.Donovan is a one night stand guy and a fire fighter who has a demon that haunts him and affects his life He has an encounter with Valerie and doesn t want a one night stand when it comes to her He wants a go at a relationship with Valerie Her past is preventing her from this and a former ex or should I say a couple ex s are going to try anything they can to stop her and Donovan from having a go at being in a relationship We see glimpses of Grace and Drew in this book however, you do not need to read book 1 to enjoy this story Renovation is not only about Valerie being an assistant to a Restoration company, but renovating a relationship into something worth fighting for while helping each other rid the past of the bad.Valeria and Donovan are made for each other and once they work out the stopping points they get their HEA. Valerie is staying away from bad boys nothing but heartache they cause Then fate decides it has other plans for her when sexy bad boy firefighter Donovan keeps coming to her rescue Donovan shows Valerie a side of him that most never see, but he s struggling with PTSD and not telling anyone He does have sort of caveman tendencies that rub me the wrong way, but he does redeem himself to me by the end That s all you can ask for He pushes Valerie away, but he could worst nightmare happen that could he lose her for good While reading this I was shocked, but not surprised with what we find out towards the end of the book Poor Valerie she just suffers blow after blow I really loved the ending of the book It had the right touch for Valerie and Donovan. Copy received in exchange for an honest review After catching a sneak peek of this book in the back of Restoration I couldn t wait I knew Just knew I was going to get my heart stomped on No one seems to do that better than Mrs Loraine She brings us another captivating love story that touches hearts The writing skills this author has tends to blow me away She s got magic Weaving a tale of two damaged and lost souls and bringing them together to find love.Coming home from working abroad Valerie Peters is through She s done with men Possessive, alpha, bad boys in particular She can t go through it again Who knew nearly drowning would bring her just who she needed Donovan knew the pocket sized beauty he rescued was gonna be trouble After one look and one run in with her feisty attitude his playboy ways was thing of the past He s got baggage And a lot of it But he s got to make her his Add in an ex that s wanting the same thing and the fight is on.The struggle these two go through to fight their demons is heartbreaking It s also real We see it everyday in life and Mrs Loraine portrays it so well that you feel it You re connected with them You re rooting for them to come out on the other side.With a twist that you didn t see coming you ll be hurting for Valerie and her family And asking yourself WTF Did that just happen Totally didn t see that coming.If you ve not yet read the Golden Beach series I highly recommend them If you re a sucker for a good romance, a few tears and whole lot of heartbreak then these books will be right up your alley So go grab them A bottle of wine Maybe even a whole box of tissues.Rating Amanda Tears and Lipstick Smears Book Blog `FREE E-PUB ⇨ Renovation (Golden Beach #2) ☠ Valerie Peters Is Done With Bad Boys And Ready To Start Living For Herself She S Determined To Settle For Nothing Less Than A Romantic, Sweeps You Off Your Feet, Nice Guy So When A Sexy Firefighter With The Hottest Reputation In Town Saves Her From Near Drowning, There S No Doubt He S Everything She Shouldn T WantDonovan S Looks And Image Have Kept His Nights Entertaining And His Ring Finger Empty One Night Stands Serve As A Short Term Distraction To The Flashbacks Of His Past He Increasingly Struggles To Ignore But A Chance Encounter With His Best Friend S Sister Makes Him Realize That One Night Is No Longer EnoughTogether They Discover That Bad Can Actually Be The Best And Forever Is Worth Everything