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I was provided a copy of this ebook from the author for honest review I read this entire book never knowing it was the second in the series, following Shh Never questioned it at all, actually, and just accepted the secondary characters as secondary The author did an excellent job of making this sequel act as a standalone Wait tackles so many heavy subjects while still maintaining a lighthearted feel The two main characters are so beautifully flawed and grow so much during this book that everything about them just feels real The descriptions were vivid, colorful It was easy to picture everything as it happened from the layout of the dorms and the coffee shop to the pizza place Jordon worked at I loved the alternating POV I loved being able to understand both of the main characters.If I had to make one criticism, it would be that there is a strange mix of British slang and American slang It was a little distracting I had to look up a few of the British words, and some of the American slang was just so out there as all get up, anyone I couldn t help but laugh And no, the characters weren t just being silly with their speech, both varieties of slang were all over the narrative It wasn t enough to detract from this beautiful story, however Just an amusing part of this book s charm.I award Wait five platypires, and recommend it to anyone who loves sweet romance, or stories of people coming into their own I will most likely pick up Shh In the near future, because now I m very curious about that first book. DAWN S REVIEW4.5 STARSI absolutely adored this book I loved the chemistry between the 2 main characters in this book But what really got me was the bond that they formed from he s of truth or dare The honesty that ce froth from those games was so important to the both of them that it helped them become the best of friends and eventually a wonderful couple This is the 1st time I have read this authors work and I became a fan The depth of this book makes you really look at things in a new way I truly recommend this book to anybody that is young and going off to college. @Free Ebook Ý Wait! (Oxley College #3) ⚞ Jordan Hays Knows Just How Precious Life Is That S Why He Has His Own Mapped Out He Ll Work To Pay His Way Through University While He Studies Hard, Regardless Of The Constant Distractions Because When It Comes To Becoming A Nurse, He S Deadly Serious He Won T Fail To Save Someone AgainBut Hex Penton Is Way Too Similar To The Sister He Lost, And Even Though The Only Thing Fun Than Stupid Dares Is The Crazy Girl Who Sets Them, Jordan Needs To Make A Choice Hex Believes Every Moment Is Important Every Opportunity Must Be Taken, Because You Never Know When The World Will Be Yanked Out From Underneath You With The Foundations He S Based His Life On Shaken, Jordan Must Discover What S Important Making Sure Hex S Life Isn T Wasted, Or Remembering How To Live His It S Time To Play Truth Or Dare Wait Is A Story About Acceptance, Learning To Trust And In Turn Love While Facing Life S Unexpected DifficultiesNB This Book Is Of A Mild Heat Level, And Contains No Explicit Sex Scenes I got a chance to read this as an ARC and Stacey Nashthis is amazeballs I fell in love with Jordan and loved this book eventhan the first which I didn t think was possible Jordan and Hex are so relatable as characters that I was immediately drawn into their stories I had a disregard for morning as I stayed up late to finish this one and ended up sobbing in my bed at one point while my cat looked at me like I was crazy I could not put it down Every page kept me reading and I was sad it ended Jordan is quite the yummy character and I adore Hex and her zest for life BRILLIANT second novel in the series and I cannot wait for the next Thank you Stacey Nash A page turner and heartwarming I love Jordan and Hex Their story was a great read and I couldn t put it down until I learnedabout them and new info kept coming all the way through the end of the book Can t wait to see what Stacy comes out with in book 3 They just keep getting better I got to read an ARC of this book and it is BRILLIANT Absolutely BRILLIANT Wait is the perfect follow up to Shh Jordan s character is beautifully developed, and it s all kinds of fun to see Logan and Olivia make appearances from time to time Hex is complicated and real, and her interactions with Jordan were alternately heartbreaking and hysterical Stacey Nash is a masterful storyteller, and I cannot wait to see where she takes this series next We are proud to announce that WAIT THE OXLEY COLLEGE SAGA by Stacey Nash is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money Originally posted on myspinonbooks.blogspot.comAfter reading and loving Ssh by Nash I couldn t wait to get my hands on book two in the Oxley saga Apart from the fact that the whole series is based where I go to college and University, I love the writing and knowing what really happens at an Australian college.Wait Is about Hex and Jordan, who are both freshers first years and what they are both dealing with while they begin studying at university Jordan is Logan s brother from Ssh so we get to see both him, and Liv again which is exciting We know a little about Jordan s past from Ssh but we really get to find out who he is and why he decided to do nursing rather than another course and why he seemingly drawn to Hex First night of college and Hex is known as the party girl, not really caring about being at university in the first place she is really getting into O Week.Hex reminds Jordan of everything that his sister was and fears that she is heading down the same path as her The overbearingness that Jordan has towards Hex really keeps them apart from each other as Hex doesn t want to know that she reminds him of his dead sister While Hex manages to get Jordan having some fun instead of being so serious all the time and Jordan manages to get Hex to see that there is something that she enjoys and can do I loved the continuous dare game they had going on which really added to the story.I haven t said this in a long time to say that I related to the male characterthan the female might be because Jordan and I have a lot in common, swimming, not huge partiers drinkers and both study a health field Hex on the other hand is a wild child or at least she is for most of the book The minor characters were fantastic and I kind of want them to have their own story but still they addedto the story.Nash has managed to create a realistic view of Australian college and university life which I haven t seen in any Australian YA NA which is kind of sad but still the details about where they are and what is happening are fantastic and I could imagine exactly where they are The story of Jordan and Hex isn t about romance not completely but about getting past the bad things and learning to move on from past Thankyou so much Stacey for the ARC copy Rating 5 5Keely xx I received this book from the author in return for a fair and honest review.This is the second book in the Oxley College series although it can and was by me read as a standalone This in no way disrupted my reading or enjoyment of the story.This book concentrates on Jordan serious ex rugby player who just wants to study hard and doesn t want any sort of relationship and Hex a fun loving party girl who s hiding her hurt behind a smiling mask They both had secrets and issues that they are dealing with and it s the way that they deal with them and each other that makes this book such a joy to read There is insta lust between the two of them but they actually take the time to build up their relationship which makes a refreshing change.This story is very well written and deals with some very hard subjects binge drinking, death of a sibling, the effects of words spoken by parents who don t know the child is listening that sort of thing None of it is preachy or judgmental but tells Jordan and Hex s story perfectly Definitely recommended to all fans of Contemporary Romance.MerissaIndependent Reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Why I read it I read the first book and loved it, so when the opportunity to read the second one came around, I wasn t about to say no Plot This book focuses on Jordan Logan his brother, was one of the main characters of the first book and Hex, a girl he meets on his first night at Oxley The story sort of follows on from Shh in that we learnabout Jordan and how the death of his sister affected him as well as his unresolved issues from that Hex is a little troubled or she IS trouble, depending on how you look at it and she reminds him a bit too much of his past.Characters I really liked Jordan I guess the Hays brothers are just fictional perfection Hex, I didn t connect to her as much More because of how she behaved than anything else She binge drinks herself into oblivion and that s never been my thing in fact, I don t drink at all It s all relevant to the plot, but she made me sigh a lot I worried about her, basically.It was really nice to see Logan and Olivia pop up again too Style Writing As always with Stacey Nash s writing it is great Very easy to read and follow, the pace is excellent I can t fault a thing about it The story is told from the points of view of both Jordan and Hex, and their voices are very different so there s no getting confused.Pros Great writing, good characters and a good plot What s not to like As much as I loved Logan and Olivia, I think I liked this one a little bitJust a bit Cons UmI don t, have anything to put here The drinking did make me uncomfortable but it was all very relevant to the plot sothat s probably a prothan anything else In Brief A great continuation of a nice little series I m already looking forward to the third book It IS a New Adult novel, however the content is pretty clean So if you like something not too steamy well, this might be the book for you