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[Read] ☰ Seduced by the Senator (Dirty Little Secrets, #1) ⚕

100% . This was a scorching hot read This book gives a whole new meaning to the term House on the Hill Mr Senator, oh my I m getting hot under the collar just recalling some of the scenes We have all heard about Bill Clinton and Monica lewinsky but those two have nothing on Bennett and Xavia.Senator Stone is a Republican and climbing his way up the Political ladder but what very few people know is that he is also a Dom and one of the seven owners of the very private sex club know as the House on the hill Xavia Stillman Kennedy comes from Political Royalty on the Democratic side Xavia is tired of everyone in her family and is looking to distance herself from them, so what is a surefire way to make that happen Work for a Senator of the other Political Party There is so much chemistry between these two that Bennett ignores all of the rules set into place to keep him safe from scandal No sex with employees, no sex within the walls of his office, and stay the hell away from interns Yep he s broken all of those rules and many, many You will not be disappointed at all with his story It is well executed and keeps you wanting I have received this book book for free from the author through The Fifty Shades Support group in exchange for a honest review. [Read] ♴ Seduced by the Senator (Dirty Little Secrets, #1) ⚖ Last Stop On The Campaign Trail And Ben Is Blindsided A Young Journalist Who S Dangerous To His Career Appears On His Periphery Behind Those Nerdy Glasses And Conservative Clothing She Wears, Stone Recognizes The Risk And The Draw They Have History Not Political The Hair Pulling, Dark N Twisted KindOn A Journey To Self Discovery, Xavia Aka X Is Desperate To Escape Boston And A Dreary Life Of Pastels, Pearls, And Boredom Senator Bennett Stone Aka The Cocky SOB From New York Becomes Her New Boss And Her Ticket To FreedomWhat She Didn T Expect Was He D Remember Her Or Open A Doorway Far Captivating Than A Simple Escape Ben Houses A Secret Behind Bespoke Suits And His Harvard Law Degree, He Has Singular Tastes And He Fully Intends To Finish What He Started With Her Except Instead Of A One Night Stand, Ben And X Connect On A Level That S IntoxicatingWhat Will It Take For Him To Risk His Entire Political Career With A Journalist Who Can Hang Him Out To Dry She S A Kennedy He S A US Senator And They Re Headed For Trouble SEDUCED BY THE SENATOR, Book In The Dirty Little Secrets Series Full Novelnot A Teaser During A Presidential Campaign Funded By Powerful Mena US Senator S One Nighter Becomes A Game Changer A Reporter Sniffs Out A Scandal Brewing At The Whitehouseand An American Dynasty Princess S Life Hangs In The Balance Spoiler Alert Book Vetting The SenatorFollow X S Journey As She Confronts The Cause Of Her Nosebleeds And Keeps That Secret On Lockdown, Risking Her Life When She S Caught In The Crosshairs Of The DevilDarker Secrets Will Be Revealed With Each BookAffianced To The VEEP Traveling To Cuba, X And Ben Are On A Mission To Avert US Disaster Abroad And Put A Stop To A Blackmail Scheme Except X Is Kidnapped Without Chemotherapy, An Even Greater Risk Is Posed Ben Puts His Life On The Line To Rescue Xavia, Held In A Dungeon Under The Control Of A Sadistic And Ruthless ManThe House On The Hill The Final Book About Xavia And Bennett Someone Is Going To Be Destroyed In A Fast Paced Political Game Of Roulette, There S No Turning Back Sin And Sex, Power And Painthe Length People Will Go To Protect Their Secrets Will Stun If Not Shock The Reader 4.5 stars I loved this book I love the tv series Scandal and this somewhat reminded me of it due to the forbidden love between a very popular senator and his intern Although that s where the similarities stop because the hero, Senator Stone favors the kink He is a charming man who is definitely domineering and is used to D S only relationships Xavia is perfect for him she is a strong female with a spitfire personality that is used to the political life due to her family ties The story flowed nicely and I enjoyed Xavia s sassy attitude The chemistry between her and Ben was off the charts and the author writes in a way that makes you feel as if you are a fly on the wall witnessing what is going down between these two I just wish it were longer and although book number two is released, I see that there are four books planned I will definitely be reading them once they are all released I know myself and since I am so invested in this story and the characters I will have to wait or else I ll drive myself crazy I received a copy of the ePub from the author in exchange for an honest review.Xavia is a Kennedy yes, her family is all about wealth, politics and power She is strong willed and determined to forge her own independent path without the interference of her family Bennett Stone is the mysterious hard working senator who appears to be making all the right decisions for his own political aspirations Yet he is hiding a secret Are there really any secrets in D.C Their first encounter is intense to say the least The chemistry between these two characters is undeniable The author brilliantly shares their story via Xavia and Bennett s points of view The characters are well developed, their voices are strong and distinct The novel s intense plot is character driven Their fast paced journey is a page turner The author sets the scene and delivers the unexpected flawlessly giving the reader clues along the way.When it comes to his new intern Xavia, Bennett appears to be losing control this behaviour is unheard of for the controlling senator Will their dirty little secret unravel their personal and professional future Xavia and Bennett s journey together is far from over Looking forward to reading Book 2 in this original series. I 1 click so much I don t know how I got this book, but I am glad I did Subtract the sex, which is hot, wild and kinky, and you have an intriguing story It s The West Wing meets Scandal times 10, who can be trusted, are they really your friend, what did they just say, was that code Set in Wash DC, during a Senate reelection campaign, and the start of the next Presidential run, you have the dark secrets of the two main characters, their push and pull of giving and earning trust, getting to know each other outside of the bed, falling in love, and realizing they they are in danger, and you have one hell of a story On each page I am asking myself, should I remember that person, are they going to come back as a villain The soundtrack for this series is Smiling Faces The author is weaving an interesting story, thou there are times I wonder did I miss something, and have that question answered later It is a puzzle with pieces moving I enjoyed this series so much, I read both books in in 2 days, and was so disappointed that book 3 will not be available until August.Dirty Little Secrets may not be for everyone, the sex is raw, and should come with a warning, but is integral to the story.This was a find that is a keeper. 3.75 STARS copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review Xavia is from the famous Kennedy clan but is dying to break out from under their thumbs Bennett is a state senator with a little dark and dirty private life They meet at a club, the chemistry is insane, yet he walks away I liked how upfront with the readers Ben is about his lifestyle The one thing that threw me off during the prologue was that X refers to Ben by his last name when she doesn t know who he is Months later Xavia becomes his intern and that s when things get very interesting Ben s character was different than most Dom s I ve read about in the past He s true to his title Hardcore and no nonsense But even the most hard core Dom finds that one woman he lets consume him Some things come to light towards the end of the book that definitely set up the next book Hoping this will be a multiple book series because I think there s a lot to be explored. Wow what an incredible book I loved the story, hot characters and dialogue that will melt your panties Bennett Stone is one hot U.S Senator Xavia Stillman Kennedy is his intern with a pedigree After a chance meeting at a bar one evening, Bennett is obsessed with Xavia But neither of know who each other are or their backgrounds Xavia will soon be graduating from college and wants to escape the clutches of her famous family A friend prompts her to apply for an internship with Senator Stone After seeing his picture, she realizes that he was the man at the bar that made you feel like never before Without giving away any spoilers, they become obsessed with other However, there is a little twist with the Senator He has somewhat of a singular sexual perference which he guards zealously Their story will captive you from the first page The story is very well written and I highly recommend. I m her worst nightmare and she s my obsession This book has everything , from hot sexy scenes , to a hot yummy Dom Bennet is running for VP of the U.S ,He is hot all over tall green eyes and a Dom need I say I don t think so So he meets this girl and he is totally attracted to her but she just seems to innocent for what he has in store for her so he just lets her go, with no intention what so ever of ever seeing her again.That s not what happens here , it so happens that Xavia has her Bff her hook her up with a job as a intern to guess who You got it Mr Hottie this is where things get complicated and exciting So they just have this super hot attraction to each other but it just can t happen this is he s intern But X just loves to test Bennett , until he just has to give her a good teaching Dom way That is Love the book just wish there would have been a little something between the characters They had a lot of attraction towards each other but I just didn t feel like I fell for them as a couple I never got the awe effect I did get the dam that s hot But nothing else Either way it was very entertaining and very interesting sexy scenes Thnx Alex love the book Arc provided OOOOOHHHH This book is a marvelous Dirty Little Secret It is erotic, with a well thought out and complex plot line, and full of intelligent mischief It is well written and with characters that can both entertain us and make us feel connected to.I can see that this is going to be a series to blow my mind There are so many possibilities here in which the plot can expand and weave I am absolutely and positively in love with Bennett I sense a deeply complex character I am itching to know about.Our female main character, Xavia, is not only intelligent and independent, but a strong woman fighting for the freedom to forge her own destiny away from her overbearing and controlling family She is a strong character perfectly matched to our Senator s Dom personality.Christian Grey move over Senator Bennett has arrived in full force