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The theme of Watchlist 32 stories by Persons of Interest is what attracted me to this book I ve always been concerned about the slippery slope we tread when our privacy is eroded In his introduction which I loved Bryan Hurt says The question that inspired this book is how we are affected by this constant surveillance Does a camera trained on a sleeping child change him How does an ever present, faceless audience alter who we are One way to interpret the old Delphic maxim Know thyself is to take it as a warning to ignore the masses, their judgment and opinions But what does it mean when our notion of self is tied so inextricably with our notion of audience In a world without privacy, what becomes of the private self I think this is an important issue we should all stay aware of and addressing it through these short stories works.These stories paint a picture of the many ways we can be watched and the effects of being watched The collection includes stories from a wide array of authors including T.C Boyle, Cory Doctorow, Jim Sheppard, Aimee Bender, etc and stories in a wide array of genres I found, as in many collections, there were some stories that didn t quite appeal to me but then there were others, like The Relive Box by T.C Boyle, Scroogled by Cory Doctorow, Coyote by Charles Yu, Safety Tips for Living Alone by Jim Sheppard, Moonless by Bryan Hurt, Our Neighborhood by Lincoln Michel, The Taxidermist by David Abrams, that I loved and those made reading the collection worth it I would suggest this collection, it s a worthwhile read.I received a copy of this book from Catapult for an honest review. [[ READ KINDLE ]] ☘ Watchlist ⇬ In Watchlist, Some Of Today S Most Prominent And Promising Fiction Writers From Around The Globe Respond To, Meditate On, And Mine For Inspiration The Surveillance Culture In Which We Live With Contributions From Etgar Keret, TC Boyle, Robert Coover, Aimee Bender, Jim Shepard, Alissa Nutting, Charles Yu, Cory Doctorow, And Many , WATCHLIST Unforgettably Confronts The Question What Does It Mean To Be Watched In Doctorow S Eerily Plausible Scroogled, The US Has Outsourced Border Control To Google, On The Basis That They Do Search Right In Lincoln Michel S Our New Neighborhood, A Planned Suburban Community S Neighborhood Watch Program Becomes An Obsessive Nightmare Jim Shepard S Haunting Safety Tips For Living Alone Imagines The Lives Of The Men Involved In The US Government S Fatal Attempt To Build The Three Texas Tower Radar Facilities In The Atlantic Ocean During The Cold War Randa Jarrar S Testimony Of Malik, Israeli AgentIs A Sweet And Deftly Handled Story Of Xenophobia And Paranoia, Reminding Us That Such Things Aren T Limited To The West Sabotage Reviews And Alissa Nutting S The Transparency Project Is A Creative, Speculative Exploration Of The Future Of Long Term Medical ObservationBy Turns Political, Apolitical, Cautionary, And Surreal, These Stories Reflect On What It S Like To Live In The Surveillance State Surveillance society stories More, please This was the copy Charles Yu read his fantastic short story from, after which he gifted and signed it to me This is a public thanks There is plenty of futurism here, but the best thing about this collection is that it makes you think about the society we already inhabit This is a must read even if only for Yu s story, which is what attracted me to the collection The one quibble is that some of the stories felt like they needed to be explored at greater length, but given that this was science fiction, which has a history of authors turning short stories into book length works later, fingers crossed Very, very good short story collection on our battle with surveillance and privacy, although not all stories adhered to the theme.As you can see, it took a while to read longer than it has ever taken me to read a book Not sure why, although it may have had to do with the varying quality of the stories.DeFillipo s dozen or so short vignettes the last entry was the best You might want to start there. From my review for the Brooklyn Quarterly The pieces in Watchlist that most directly address state surveillance tend to highlight the absurdity lurking in repression The web watching spies of the unnamed Empire in Terror tour istas Juan Pablo Villalobos work feverishly to decide if people posting and liking poetically captioned photos of K2 on Facebook Mountains are not fair or unfair should be arrested and tortured, or spammed with ads for exotic holidays In Our New Neighborhood Lincoln Michel , Donald creates a mini surveillance state complete with drones, dissidents, conspiracies, and so on in his suburb of Middle Pond located between West Pond on the east and East Pond on the west because he is obsessively worried about property values This emphasis on the absurd might be a matter of taste Hurt s preference, at least in Watchlist, is apparently for absurdist stories of the type misleadingly known in American indie publishing as innovative fiction The association of absurdity and authority also might be an expression of how Hurt perceives government If so, he would be in good company political satire has always assumed that one can and should bring rulers nose to nose with the ridiculous The pieces collected in Watchlist do not necessarily make clear, however, whether logical absurdity leads to the surveillance state or the other way around Meanwhile, their conflation in some stories apparently means that absurdity by itself inevitably implies repression A similar conflation of subjects happens around technology Almost every story about state spying shares a distrust of technology Although government is sometimes the main culprit, tech companies inevitably provide the tools Google and Facebook make several appearances, joined by a long list of invented start ups and their apps and hardware Ether, FicShare, HausFlippr, SingleMingle, Olfanautics, Ladykiller, Strava technology is what makes surveillance both likely and possible By extension, it seems, all new technology must be a form of surveillance The Relive Machine T Coraghessan Boyle and Second Chance Etgar Keret are both stories about new technology in which people watch only themselves owners of relive machines can visit their own pasts through stimulation of their memories clients of the Second Chance service can, at the moment of death, experience a virtual second life based on one decision made differently The Transparency Project Alissa Nutting is told by a woman who allows researchers to replace part of her skin with a clear plastic, so they can observe her organs What has any of this to do with the surveillance state I often read short story collections as a change of pace This collection of thirty two stories by 32 different authors presents varying views on the heart pounding, paranoia inducing theme of surveillance Many of these stories are creative and thought provoking Some, honestly, are a little weird for me So to balance the stories I liked with the ones I didn t, I rated this book three stars Several stories are five stars in my opinion T.C Boyle s story, The Relive Box , will stay with me for a long time I just hope it doesn t come true A device allows you to replay your life, over and over again on a screen The scary, overlapping characteristic of this story with most stories in this group is that personal devices and technological advances real and imagined have opened up the often creepy world of super surveillance I did get tired of this concept after awhile At the end of Our New Neighborhood by Lincoln Michel and the beginning of Buildings Talk by Dana Johnson, I hit a wall I couldn t make myself read this book for two weeks straight Maybe it was because the content of these stories is not soothing bed time reading, and I do most of my reading before I go to sleep Maybe it was because I was consumed by the biography of Virginia Woolf Possibly, it was a combination of the two Thankfully, at some point while my family and I were watching hours and hours of college basketball during March Madness, I reached for this book to read during time outs, half times and commercial breaks To my surprise, I began to enjoy the stories again I think I prefer the second half of the book better than the first half Make Book by Dale Peck was memorable The Taxidermist by David Abrams was great and Ether by Zhang Ran blew me away.I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in exploring the subject of surveillance with a warning not to read it right before you go to sleep.I forgot to add a kudos the editor, Bryan Hurt, for gathering and reviewing the submissions for this collection 4 stars for his effort I might have limited the total number of stories to less than 30, but who am I to say Imagine what this collection would be like 20 years in the future Maybe Bryan can put a WatchList, Vol 2 together at some point. 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Watchlist is a collection of stories related to people watching and or being watched in some fashion, sometimes with atenuous thematic link, sometimes painfully obvious, often involving technology or science fiction, and often similar to an episode of Black Mirror.Two asterisks indicates I particularly liked the story for some reason.1 Nighttime of the city Robert Coover Bizarre The reader watches an endless, improbable film noir pursuit of shifting shapes and shadowy figures.2 Sleeping where Jean Seberg slept Katherine Karlin Meh Not feeling it.3 Testimony of Malik, Israeli agent, Prisoner 287690 Randa Jarrar Good Awkward at first The Middle East from the perspective of a Kestrel4 The Relive Box T Coraghessan Boyle A teen girl and father are, like much of the world addicted to the Relive Box a device similar to a VR mask that allows the wearer to relive memories over and over if they like Many people re live their relationships and sex lives, some search for poignant or painful moments Nice writing Very Black Mirror Scary Related to recent waves of nostalgia, and of course the internet, smart phones, video games, social media, and the potential VR and AR revolution s People forget to eat or bathe or sleep when confronted with something so powerful and addictive it makes, say, Skyrim look silly Would you be able to resist 5 Scroogled Doctorow Great title The government has outsourced immigration control to Google They know all Black Mirror onceScary, but unclear Fizzles out6 California Sean Bernard An obscure and artsy ode to California A public television host is being watched7 Adela Chanelle Benz A modern author writing in the Victorian style Children conspire to reunite old lovers in this manufactured and perhaps pretentious period piece Fabricated footnotes Fake critique of racial and sexual issues The author having a literary laugh Pretty cool8 Lady Killer Miracle Jones A man updates his Facebook status to engaged He s approached by a drone unclear resolution, but tech is scary seems to be the message9 The transparency project Alissa Nutting Weird Pretty big sacrifice for money Very short10 The Gift Mark Irwin Very, very, very short you ll see what I mean 11 What he was like Alexis Landau About a woman and her relationship with others, such as a woman in a local convenience store, an old female neighbour, and him view spoiler she was pregnant and lost her baby boy hide spoiler Review originally for Sabotage Reviews Sabotage ReviewsUndeniably, we in the West live in an age of information, or readily accessible and frequently shared data As the early twenty first century progresses, we have increasing instances of leaked secret information, intelligence agencies monitoring our communications, and companies changing the ways they can use customers personal information through their privacy TCs or insisting they won t sell it on All of which is to say nothing of people s desire to share occasionally profound, occasionally mundane, occasionally intimate, personal information over social media, nor the ubiquitous CCTV camera This, then, is the inspiration behind OR Books short story anthology, Watchlist, edited by Bryan Hurt What is a god if not alone Watchlist is an interesting anthology of stories about surveillance some by well known writers like T.C Boyle and Aimee Bender, others from newer writers, others from international authors There are dystopias, strange machines, and parallel worlds and a strong USC connection among the contributors, where the editor Bryan Hurt and I both went to grad school The quote comes from Hurt s own story, Moonless, about a guy who creates a mini universe and thereby becomes a god of sorts It s the perfect book if, like me, you ve already watched all 3 seasons of Black Mirror and needscary stories about the future of tech.