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`Epub ↠ Seitan and Beyond ↛ Please Note This Cookbook Is TEXT ONLY Many People Who Embrace A Plant Based Or Vegan Diet Do So For Ethical Reasons And Not Because They Dislike The Flavor And Texture Of Meat But Finding Satisfying Meat Alternatives Is Not Always Easy For Individuals Who Once Enjoyed The Flavors And Textures Associated With Meat Based Dishes, Or For Individuals Who Grew Up With Meat Based Dishes As A Traditional Part Of Their Family Or Ethnic Heritage This TEXT ONLY Cookbook Is An Expansion Of My Early Work With Vegan Meat Analogues In The Gentle Chef Cookbook With These Recipes We Will Explore New And Different Ways To Approximate The Texture, Flavor And Appearance Of A Wide Variety Of Meats, Meat Products And Seafood At Home Using Gluten, Tofu And Other Wholesome Plant Based Ingredients And Without The Need For Expensive Factory Equipment In This Book You Will Learn How To Create Different Types Of Vegan Chicken, Beef, Pork, And Seafood Dishes The Cookbook Also Offers A Comprehensive Section Of Recipes Devoted To Essentials And Incidentals Needed For Preparing Meat Analogues, As Well As Seasoning Blends, Gravies, Sauces And Condiments A Digital Version Of The Cookbook In PDF Format With Beautiful Full Color Photos Can Be Purchased Directly From TheGentleChef Website Many Photos Of The Recipes Can Also Be Found On The Website