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DOWNLOAD ☦ Confessions Of A Not-So-Dead Libido (Harlequin Next) ♙ When Longtime Best Friends, Patsy Leslie And Louise Jernigan Decide To Jump Start Their Not So Dead Libidos, Quilting And Bridge Suddenly Take A Backseat To, Well, Amorous Pursuits Local Tongues Wag, And Patsy S Son And Louise S Daughter Who Happen To Be Married To Each Other Demand Answers To The Burning Questions Who Is This Man And Where S The Rest Of Mama S Skirt Then Life Throws Patsy And Louise Another Sharp Curve, And They Don T Know Whether To Drown Their Shock In Hot Fudge Or Buy Some Strong Binoculars And Take Up Spying On Each Other Can Forty Five Years Of Friendship And Family Ties Survive Unexpected Detours On The Bumpy Road To Liberation Maybe All Patsy And Louise Need Is To Grow Wings And Learn To Fly Again This book has been on my shelf for quite a while Not sure the Next series exists any and is the story of two older ladies who are both widowed It had dated elements like that they talk to each other primarily through email though they live right next door to each other It also brought up that age old issue of why do women fight against each other when there is a man involved, particularly when that man does them wrong