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Wow uh wow I understand the other reviewers when they spoke about a roller coaster, so many ups and downs and twist and turns I so enjoyed this book MIND BLOWING This book is no doubt one of my favorites of the year This book is pure gold It s very rare that I become completely consumed by a book like I did with this one I read Beneath the Vine in a little over 24 hours, which for me is unheard of I have literally been walking around my house with my kindle in my hand since yesterday I just couldn t stop reading this book There is SO much to this book than what the synopsis alludes to This is an intelligently written, scorching hot book It s got suspense, heartbreak and some insanely hot mfm action, and a heart stopping conclusion My stomach was in knots for the last quarter of this book I loved the characters, especially the fact that the guys were in their 30 s Because let s face it, sometimes I get tired of reading about people who are half my age Bennett and Gage are confident, successful, sexy as hell businessmen But they each have secrets to hide, and Selene becomes involved in their web of lust, secrets, lies and deception And did I mention super hot mfm scenes Can I please come back as Selene in my next life I can t say enough about this book I hope everyone devours it like I did Bravo to AM Johnson I am a new fan of yours and cannot wait to read of your work [Download Kindle] ⚔ Beneath the Vine ☨ Selene Cavalier Spent The Majority Of Her Time Behind Her Cello Her Dull Life Was Made Up Of Dark Notes, Hard Work And Sheet Music Bennett Monterosso Did What He Had To Do To Get His Family S Winery Up And Running He Didn T Have Time For His Old Ways His Quiet Dominance Had Been Silenced His Need Was Just Waiting Below The Surface, Until Now Having Her It Was All He Could Think About As He Watched The Young Woman Behind The CelloGage Calibri Left His Best Friend, His Home, And His Tarnished Past Five Years Ago He Suppressed His Darker Tastes, His Physical Appetites, And His Secrets Until He No Longer Had A Choice It Only Took One Night For These Three Lives To Collide And To Be Altered Forever This Wasn T What They Were Expecting This Wasn T Who She Was Each Moment They Sank Deeper, Each Minute They Felt , Each Second They Took Her FurtherUnhinged Restrained This Obsession This Love It Was All Consuming There are not enough words to express how much I loved Beneath the Vine Lillian has this amazing talent for taking you on an emotional journey through the pages of her books I loved the chemistry between the characters and the twist and turns of this story were beautify executed This is a book not to miss. Beneath The Vine is the story of bestfriends Bennett Montessoro and Gage Calibri These two grew up like brothers and shared EVERYTHING with each other Everything women included Due to some circumstances, they stopped doing what they used to do and parted ways But then, the lovely cello player, Selene Cavalier happened I love how this book was written It is written in alternating POVs Gage, Bennett and Selene s , so you will be able to experience the book thoroughly Each character has a story that will pique every reader s interest It s quite unpredictable, and I m very sure that this is not the romance most of us commonly encounter And just when you thought one book boyfriend will be enough to send shivers down your spine, try two Bennett and Gage are equally hot, yet very unique I want both of these men for myself Writing with this theme is such a tricky move for some authors, however, Ms Bryant was able to pull it off very, very well I really cannot afford to have a massive book hangover right now, because a lot of books are still waiting for me But damn it, this book is going to make it really hard for me to move on If u loved Alessandra Torre s SEX LOVE REPEAT, BENEATH THE VINE will also take your breath away.It s a 5 scorching hot stars for me all the way, no doubt Lillian Bryant, you are now one of my most favorite erotica writers heads for a cold shower A.M Johnson, where have you been hiding Lillian Bryant Phenomenal Magnificent ExquisiteDo you think I can get away with only using single adjectives to explain how in love I am with this book It s been an hour and my heart is still racing, there are goose bumps all over my body and my heart is not ready to let go The adrenaline, the seduction and the flawless execution of this uniquely intimate story has singlehandedly left me in awe and admiration for the gifted Lillian BryantDon t be fooled, this isn t a love triangle this is SO MUCH MORE This story of love, lust, submission and domination will consume you Your body, mind and soul will feel the depth and intensity of every single word, every single touch, every single tear and every single smile Selene Cavalier, Bennett Monterosso and Gage Calibri have a relationship unlike any other The three of them, will imbed themselves underneath your skin and have you falling in love with their passion, complexity and raw and honest desire Beneath the Vine explores the actions, wants and needs of two dominant men and a beguilingly innocent woman As their bodies succumb to their decadent cravings, their hearts will be sliced open trying to find the balance of their unforgiving and unparalleled situation A.M Johnson writing as Lillian Bryant has taken a chance with Beneath the Vine, pushing boundaries and expectations Following the road less travelled with Selene, Bennett and Gage has unquestionably paid off Writing from three points of view, Lillian Bryant s dedication and devotion to the development of this story is blaringly obvious With such meticulousness and finesse, each character s persona is exclusive and enchanting Using the perfect amount of heartache and redemption, Bryant fills your mind with this intoxicating tale of eroticism and amorousness With substance and originality, Bryant solidifies her place in the world of erotic fiction Captivating Enthralling Hypnotizing. FREE on today 5 3 2018 Blurb Selene Cavalier spent the majority of her time behind her cello Her dull life was made up of dark notes, hard work and sheet music Bennett Monterosso did what he had to do to get his family s winery up and running He didn t have time for his old ways His quiet dominance had been silenced His need was just waiting below the surface, until now Having her it was all he could think about as he watched the young woman behind the cello Gage Calibri left his best friend, his home and his tarnished past five years ago He suppressed his darker tastes, his physical appetites, and his secrets until he no longer had a choice It only took one night for these three lives to collide and to be altered forever This wasn t what they were expecting This wasn t who she was Each moment they sank deeper, each minute they felt , each second they took her further Unhinged restrained this obsession this love it was all consuming. This book was absolutely brilliant I loved every word, every page, every chapter It absolutely consumed me It was real, it was love, it was heartache, power, loss, grief, friendship, and LUST I was absolutely floored by how beautifully written it was Grab yourself a glass of Merlot, clear your scheduleand just let Lillian s words take hold of you and not let go until the very last page. 6 stars This book is everything I m writing this review and trying my hardest to be cool and down earth but I can t because I m high on BOOKDRENALINE I m having a BOOKGASM here What a rollercoaster ride Wow Words fail me I m in awe of this author and this story is truly amazing Such a a masterpiece cleverly put together Brilliant I loved the characters Three of them have a special place in my heart now I loved them separately and together in each and every possible combination At first I was full on team Bennett , I loved the dark brooding aspect of him and how he cared about Selene I loved who she were with him Loved the submission the complete and utter trust and the way the author captured it She made you fall for Bennett and hell bent on wanting them together and the She d pull a stunt on you and shows how equally perfect Gio Selene was with gage And Gage oh my god At some point I was like no please don t make love him don t make me feel for him don t make me choose buy boy did she Another thing I loved about this book is the writing Her writing is so beautiful and flawless and bone deep in the emotions you ll fill it down to your marrow The way she captures the connection, every single moment , she made everything count Nothing is fake or overplayed Nothing It s perfect really You think you ve seen it all by 97% she throw you off guard you d be left stunned My jaw hit the floor at that point My word this book kept me on the edge of my seat all the way to the epilogue And boy the epilogue MY GOODNESS I love you author A M Johnson Authors like you remind me why I love reading so muchAs much as she created turmoil within me at some point by the end of the book I felt so fulfilled that no matter what was the ending I would be happy Happy to have read such an amazing book and shared such an amazing journey with these wonderful charchaters they will forever stay with me.I feel humbles to have received an ARC of this book Thankx to my friend and book dealer guru PIMP Alissa girl you re the shit Ok, can I just say I am blown away, BLOWN AWAY by this book I thought it was going to be a brilliant sexy read But no, oh noooooo, it is sooo much I didn t expect to feel heart ache, I didn t expect to feel my heart broken, and I didn t expect to feel a piece of my soul is missing at the end I am always a bit anxious when I am reading love triangle male female male romance as we will all inevitably take a side or love one male than the other, but this book is so worth the risk It is soo beautifully written, I can see all the characters right in front of my eyes, I can feel what they feel You have Bennett who is a quiet sexy successfully businessman who has a secret that is destroying him day by day, you have Gage who is a handsome bad boy who is trying do everything right and help his friend, and then you have Selene, the girl who is trying to become someone she thinks she is by hiding her true self This book is sexy, is hot and is emotional I truly feel a piece of my soul is missing at the end I will always be Team Bennett Loooove this book.