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This story, though simple, could be used in elementary classrooms to open up conversations for students to have about the world that they live in The story poses the question, what is over the ocean , and on each page explores various possibilities of what could be over the ocean in question form It starts with ideas mostly involving settings such as farms and cities, but as the story continues it explorespossibilities of how people may live over the ocean In addition to the simple text and questions posed, the illustrations open up a world of possibilities for kids by showing illustrations of people and what they might be doing over the ocean I like this idea because for kids, it is often hard for them to imagine a world beyond their own When they look at a globe or map, even though they may be told that people live in all different places, it is often very hard for them to picture people doing similar or even different activities from them, or to think that there are houses other than the ones that they live in There are people who may look different or partake in different activities, but yet they are still people, not so different from them who are living their lives across the ocean, and that the people over there may be posing the same question themselves I think the ideal age for this story would be older elementary grades, as it would help them expand their world views and use critical thinking to analyze how people in different parts of the world may live, but they can also see all the similarities that there may be no matter where you live or who you are It could also be used with young elementary students to introduce them to the idea of the world and people who live in various parts of the world, but a lot of young students probably would not be able to analyze the same way older elementary students would Therefore, I think teachers could use for various ages but the way you use it would vary from grade to grade All in all, I thought this was an excellent book for expanding world views and to facilitate open ended discussions in which there is no right answer but can allow for students to communicate and think about the world in a unique way. (((Book))) ☘ Umi no mukō wa ☔ A Young Girl Gazes Out To Where The Water Meets The Sky And Wonders What Lies Beyond The Waves Boats Filled With Toys Skyscrapers Filled With People Houses Filled With Families Or, Maybe, Over The Ocean Stands Someone Not So Different From The Girl Herself, Returning Her Gaze The book Over the Ocean, was written and illustrated by Taro Gomi This story was originally published in Japan If you ve stood on a beach once in your life, then like most people, you have wondered what lies on the other side of the ocean This story is about just that, a little girl standing on a beach looking over the ocean She wonders what there could be in the ginormous ocean in front of her Could there even be someone not so different from herself looking back at her After reading this story, I can relate this to Text to Self Oddly enough, I ve never been a beach person since the sun and I have never gotten along, but as for the ocean, I can t get enough of it I love finding some shade, lying in a hammock, and just staring off into the distance I basically become entranced by it, as I listen to the waves and forget about everything that s on my mind As I let my mind drift, I start to think like the little girl in the story I wonder how far away I am from other countries I ll think about what s happening on the beaches over there Could there be someone else on that beach doing the same thing that I m doing right now, and thinking up the same meaningless questions It s not a unique thing to love Taro Gomi but his books have been the number one literary gift of having a baby and spending so much time at the children s library This book is wonderful, short enough for one year olds but also contemplative and interesting enough for adults who have to read it over and over again I think it s a perfect book for a school library as well Absolutely cannot get enough of this author Lovely book This is one of my favorites so far by Taro Gomi The concept is nicely dually dreamlike and practical, and a lot of the color schemes are pretty inventive especially the ice country. A child stands looking out at the ocean and wonders what is on the other side Cities Towns Strange animals Maybe another child standing looking this way and wondering what s on this side Haven t we all wondered what lies on the other side of the ocean If we could stretch ourselves exactly across and see exactly what and who is directly across from us This book scratches that imaginary itch and has beautiful artwork to match. Is someone standing looking over the oceanjust like I am doing now Over the ocean is a picture book about a young girl wondering what is on the other side of the ocean Throughout the book, the young girl faces the ocean and looks out over it with her back to the reader On each page she wonders about a different possibility of what is over the ocean She imagines there might be animals she has not seen before, cities full of tall buildings, or houses full of kids.Over the ocean is a 2017 Batchelder Honor Book It was originally published in Japan in 1979, but translated to English in 2016 The author, Taro Gomi is a Japanese children s book writer and illustrator Taro Gomi uses simplistic illustrations with bold colors to illustrate the girl s imagination On each page the reader sees the girl facing the ocean and then beyond the ocean, her imagination In the book many of the children s faces look similar, presumably because it is illustrating her imagination and the faces that she would be familiar with.The content of the book is easily relatable to children everywhere All children are naturally curious and wonder about things they don t know The concepts and vocabulary used the book are simple and most children would be familiar with them This book would be most appropriate for use in grades PreK 2 The book could be used to promote student questioning on a topic For an older grade it could be used as a mentor text and students could write a book in a similar format, but wondering about different topic. March 2017 perfect for kids who ask lots of questions and wonder about places they can t see.