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I had higher hopes for this book when I started it.I especially like it when I read books where my last name and the last name of good characters are the same 0 The things I enjoyed about this book are the most important aspects of a romance I enjoyed the chemistry between H h I enjoyed the intimate scenes between them too When an author gets that good, that is huge.What really bothered me was the ending that didn t have to do with Hh First, the horrible brother Bill is sitting with his father like nothing is wrong BUT he is supposed to be protecting his sister when they have a target on their backs and people are out to hurt them The other brother just got shot bc they are being preyed upon But does the father seem concerned for his daughter No But when the H realises the brother is not protecting the sister and gets mad at Bill for leaving her the father DEFENDS Bill After Bill is the cause for all this Huh I lost all respect and sympathy for the father right there.Then the mother after days of watching her daughter in pain, can t put her daughter first It is up to the h to do take care of everyone With characters like the father Stephen and mother Bel it doesn t make me like the book The H and h can t be everything to everyone.But the ending was a complete fail for me.When the author has me come to care about Pippa and then has me read what she puts Pippa through, well then the author should make me feel that whoever is responsible for that brutality will get what s coming to them.If Shirley Kennedy is responsible for hiring men to do that to Pippa then Shirley Kennedy s world should have been hurting by the end of the book In some way or another If it wasn t through the law then by the hands of the H or SOME way Instead, not only did she not get caught and is not hurting but she got what she most wanted How does the author think the reader feels walking away from THAT Plus the men aren t even going to be held accountable for it They got a punch in the face from the H That s it They might be in jail but not for what they did to Pippa.And what about the completely corrupt sheriff who had his own hand in what he did or actually didn t do Did he get caught and is paying No Maybe he will in a book or two after this one But that isn t satisfactory.The 3 stars I did give are for H h s chemistry But the total bitter feeling I have bc Kennedy and Pippa s attackers didn t get hell handed to them has completely overshadowed any good feelings of H and h. 4.5 5.0Meg is the heroine of her own story which makes her a strong and admirable character.Read full review in the A Secret and a Kiss begins with a dramatic set up three brothers escaping their abusive father in the middle of the night Except the oldest one decides to stay to keep the younger ones free We flash forward and see the youngest brother, Carter, grown up and working on a ranch where he meets Meg, his boss s beautiful niece Meg is an innocent but frightened young woman running away from her past The author deftly intertwines the stories of the people living and working on this ranch in a romantic, multi layered love story What I especially liked was how all the characters were fully developed individuals, and we are given enough background to understand their actions in the book For example, when the brothers risk their lives to help Carter, we know of the deep bond they have with each other Readers of smart, sexy historical fiction who like their heroines strong, and their heroes tough but tender will love this book. I liked the story in general I think many details could have been added about day to day activity Also about the other family members of both MC s I think would have helped the sorry not feel so detached What happened to Porter What s to be done about Bill Does Steven recover Does Pippa Meg and Carter needed to talk about their own issues and all that s happened, not just gloss over all the emotional turmoil to have a sex scene Just constructive criticism, I did like the story just thought these things would have made it extraordinary. For a full review and star rating please see InD tale magazine November 2015 issue. This is your classic Western romance There s plenty of tension between these likable characters, the setting is rich, and there are several different plot lines keeping your interest It s extremely well written and compelling. *FREE EPUB ☘ A Secret and A Kiss (Western Secrets Book 1) ⇥ Western Secrets In The Midst Of The Colorado Mountains, Lived Three Brothers Who Were Driven By Love, Loyalty, And Secrets In This Wild, Untamed Land, Each Brother Would Find Scandal, Betrayal, And A Love That Threatens To Burn Out Of Control A Secret And A Kiss Meg Simpson Is Running For Her Life In A Desperate Attempt To Flee The Madman Who Had Killed Everyone She Had Ever Loved, She Traveled In Secret To Her Uncle S Colorado Ranch Scared, Penniless, And Uncertain, She Knew Only That She Had To Keep Running Imagine Her Surprise When She Found Herself Face To Face With The One Man Who Made Her Knees Weak And Her Heart Race Terrified Of Falling In Love With This Handsome Ranch Hand, She Resists His Attentions And Plans Her Next Move Only To Discover That She Is Completely Inept In The Old West As She Learns What Is Needed To Survive, She Realizes That Not All Is At It Seems At Southfork Secrets, Lies, And Betrayals Surround Her And Threaten The Only Family She Has Left And Lead Her To Question Everything She Knows And Give In To Her Feelings For Carter Ellis Now She Just Had To Figure Out How To Keep Him Alive