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The Other Side of Life by Andy Kutler was read with mixed feelings I gess it was partly my fault, I should have read the preview completely Instead, I saw that it was about WWII and Pearl Harbor and dove in It was frustrating to find that it was a type of time travel which really doesn t interest me Both places in time that the author wrote about were excellent stories, but combined, it was frustrating It took me 3 weeks to read the novel and I almost put it down after the first third of the book But I have a motto, if I start a book I will force myself to read it I owe that much to the author The novel was well written In the end, it did pull all ties together, which was a fete in itself Historically it was accurate and interesting. Thought provokingThis story reads roughly at times, but makes up for later The characters are very real to life with everyday flaws and worries A book I would recommend to all #E-PUB ê The Other Side of Life Û December , Pearl Harbor A Peaceful Sunday Morning Turns Into A Devastating Attack On American Soil Naval Officer Malcolm Mac Kelsey Is Severely Wounded While Defending His Ship A Flawed Man Abandoned Long Ago By His Alcoholic Wife, Kelsey Has Been Mired In Despair And Hopelessness Following The Accidental Death Of Lucy, The Young Daughter He Considers The Only Redemptive Aspect Of His Life Near The Point Of Death, Kelsey Is Brought To What He Believes To Be An Afterlife Where He Is Offered An Opportunity To Shed His Past Memories And Embark Upon An Alternate Path In Another Place And Time Eager To Escape His Torment And Begin A Tranquil Existence, Kelsey Accepts, Only To Feel Quickly Betrayed As He Soon Finds Himself Back In The Midst Of Battle, This Time As A Union Soldier At The Dawn Of The Civil WarThrough Antietam, Gettysburg And Four Years Of Relentless Fighting, Kelsey Attempts To Cast Aside His Painful Past While Trying To Survive The Horrors Of Combat He Crosses Paths With Compelling Figures On Both Sides Of The Conflict Determined To Persevere And Return To Those They Left Behind Idealistic Ethan Royston, Promoted From The Enlisted Ranks, Believes In Preserving The Union But Is Plagued By Insecurity And Self Doubt His Closest Friend, West Point Trained Cal Garrity, Remains Loyal To His Home State Of Virginia Despite His Misgivings About The Virtue Of The Southern Cause The War Will Divide These Friends, Just As It Will Divide Garrity From His Adoring Wife, Emily, The Charismatic And Headstrong Daughter Of A Prominent Norfolk Shipbuilder, Forced To Face The Onset Of War AloneEach Will Endure Unimaginable Hardship And Brutality That Will Forever Reshape Their Core Beliefs And Values Each Will Find Their Strength And Resolve Tested As They Search For Self Purpose, Humanity, And Reconciliation Most Of All, Mac Kelsey Will Discover The Very Essence Of Life And Death, And Whether The New Beginning He Has Long Coveted Will Bring Him The Inner Peace He Has So Desperately Sought It took me almost 5 months to finish this book It started off very slow and I put it down for quite some time and only read it when I was exercising Finally at about 80% through the story caught my attention and I liked how it ended I just wish the whole story would have grabbed my attention the entire time. Officer Malcolm Kelsey is aboard the USS Nevada the morning of December 7, 1941 when the Japanese attack He makes the difficult decisions to maneuver the ship and save crew members During the attack, Kelsey receives a head injury and goes into a coma While unconscious, he is taken to the other side and given a choice Kelsey can stay in his current timeline with his painful memories of his deceased daughter and wayward wife or be placed into a different timeline with no memories of his current life The decision is not difficult for Kelsey, he takes the deal and is transported back to the eve of the Civil War Kelsey feels duped, transported from one war to another with all of his memories from his past life in tact There must be a purpose to all of this though, and Kelsey might have found it in a name he remembers from his past life, Travers There are also new people that bring hope to Kelsey s new life, like Garrity I was really intrigued by the time travel aspect of the book as well as the historical fiction The whole other side was very interesting and I loved the scenes that happened there between Kelsey and his guide, Leavitt Kelsey was also an amazing and well developed character brave and determined, he has pain hidden deep inside, is a self described ass hole, but would do anything to help another member of his team This made him perfect to go back to the Civil War One thing that threw me though was the changing point of view between Kelsey and Garrity, an officer in the Dragoons where Kelsey first awakes in 1861 I wasn t really expecting so much of the book to focus on someone else, especially so soon For much of the book the perspectives are taken back and forth between Kelsey s experience and Garrity s This does have a purpose in the end, but at first it was a little disorienting Anyhow, the context into the Civil War with a view from each side was very detailed and graphic Much of the battles, prison conditions and medical treatment was done with historical accuracy The ending was inspiring and surprising, nothing that I saw coming This book was received for free in return for an honest review. Let me start by saying that I liked this book It was a good story BUT, man did I have a hard time with it at first I like to read a book having only the most basic understanding of the content My dad asked me to read this and gave me a deadline, and that didn t help me I wasn t really in the mood to read a war type book Book starts out in 1941 in pearl harbor We meet Mac Kelsey He is a tortured soul suffering from loss his young daughter was just killed and almost immediately after we meet him the Japanese start bombing He was on the Nevada and was issuing order to try to save his men and his ship I was actually enjoying this part of the story well, not ENJOYING, but it was interesting and then the book went all weird.So I guess the author was interested in exploring this afterlife other life etc and Kelsey finds himself at a train station He is given a choice to return to Pearl harbor or have a new life with no memories He chose the latter except it didn t work and he kept his memories.So now we find Kelsey in the southwest in the 1860s 61, i think I was a little disjointed from the random jumping of the story and it got worse, because it seemed that for the next 100 pages very little had anything to do with Kelsey Wasn t he supposed to be the main protagonist of the story What is going on Instead we meet Ethan Royston, Cal Garrity and his wife Emily Ironically, I grew to enjoy the story once Kelsey left the picture I thought that the character s stories during the civil war were well told and kept my attention Basically everyone dies but our main four characters Kelsey is given a chance to kill the ancestor of the man who killed his daughter Travers but he chooses not to Cal and Emily reunite again she thought he was dead in the southwest due to a lie Travers had told after Cal was captured by Union soldiers he lost an arm in the war and Ethan managed to get him released Cal was from Virginia so after they served together in the southwest, Cal joined the South, and Ethan stayed with the North though Cal s sympathies were of the North Emily had born him a son during the war Charlie and was forced to sleep with an officer to be able to afford to feed him She never told Cal Ethan s father left him money when he died so he bought the land and house Cal and Emily were about to lose to the state and they started a horse breeding business together Before Kelsey left to go kill Travers, he told Emily part of his story.Kelsey is returned to the in between land and is given a choice to work there, but he has to finish his life in Hawaii but this time will have no memory He also discovers his daughter is there He wakes up in Hawaii after being in a coma for 2 weeks He meets a woman rachel garrity who had a letter from her great grandmother for him So the reader got closure on our characters from th 1860s Honestly, I almost wish the author had left Kelsey and this who afterlife thing out of it and just focused on the story of the civil war This is the part of the story where he excelled and was the most enjoyable to read The afterlife and unfortunately even Pearl Harbor didn t have enough meat to really add anything to the story Still, it wasn t a bad book and I ended up enjoying itthan I thought I would. Time travel books have become a favorite of mine these days With the Other Side of Life the protagonist is male verses thecommon female Beginning in 1941 Malcolm Kelsey is an officer aboard the USS Nevada during the bombing of Pearl Harbour As you can read from the synopsis above this is an interesting and unique twist to time travel.With the promise of the memories of his life being erased Kelsey s frustration upon learning that isn t the case adds to this story Once Kelsey arrives in 1861 much time is spend introducing the reader to key players, meshing the story together nicely I got to know Kelsey and his personality, outwardly a harsh officer but inside still grieving the death of his daughter years earlier.I really like the authors writing style, his knowledge of the time period, especially the Civil War is evident With vivid details it wasn t hard to visualize the living conditions, battles scenes and medical treatments there.This book is not just about war, but also friendship, heartache and love to name a few Though at times predictable there were enough twists and turns that I didn t see coming Overall a solid debut that has me looking forward to what the author is working on next. Let me start by saying that this is not TYPICALLY the sort of book you would find me reading on any given day I read Stephen King and Kim Harrison Michael Connelly, Karin Slaughter, yes I love a good scare, and I like a book with intensity If I have a chance to figure out a good who done it, all the better I didn t expect to fall in love with this book BUT I DID Kutler brings together several genres with a fluidity I ve never experienced before Mystery, intrigue, suspense, romance and a hint of the supernatural all flourish in a tale told in a vivid, historically accurate setting I was invested in the characters from the beginning and found it difficult to put the book down Do yourself a favor, and READ THIS BOOK You won t regret it. Books by first time authors are often characterized by stilted prose and uneven character development, resembling an early spring training baseball gamethan a well played, mid season win However, this is not the case with The Other Side of Life, Andy Kutler s debut book Mr Kutler has given us a book in full mid season form, an intriguing plot that starts with an interesting literary device, characters that grow as the book is consumed, and an ending that offers a delicious conundrum that leaves the reader with a smile.The most engaging aspect of the book may be the theological ambiguity that Mr Kutler introduces at several points in the story The main character Malcolm Kelsey is seriously wounded during the attack on Pearl Harbor and finds himself somewhere that he doesn t recognize and can t explain There, he is offered a choice by an infinitely patient Mr Leavitt The author never makes it clear if this place is heaven, purgatory, or something else leaving it up to the reader to interpret through his or her own frame of reference Moreover, the choice Mr Leavitt offers Kelsey begs the reader to ask, which option would I take As the story unfolds, the reader is drawn into the lives of Ethan Royston, Cal and Emily Garrity, and a retinue of supporting characters that make up the tableau of Kelsey s chosen path The villain of the book, despite the abominable acts hinted at in the story, is treated even handedly by Kutler Although the villain disappears for much of the book, he seems to hover over the story like a dark cloud The reader may find some aspects of the story predictable, these few instances are soon passed by as the reader negotiates the next sudden plot turn tossed out by the author The pacing that Kutler has built in keeps the reader engaged it is a difficult book to put down The Other Side of Life is an extremely enjoyable yarn that is well worth an exploration If he chooses to write again, and he should, Mr Kutler may be hard pressed to top his debut book. The Other Side of Life is a story of life and death in America during World War II and the Civil War, with these two eras linked by an unusual twist Interesting, relatable characters make it hard to put the book down It s one of those stories that s an experience you don t want to end, covering war, love, loss, friendship, and even the afterlife Over the course of this novel, Andy Kutler manages to address some of life s toughest questions in a thoroughly enjoyable way What an accomplishment Looking forward to the next one.