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!Free Kindle ⚒ Chaos Choreography (InCryptid #5) ♾ Verity Price Is Back On The West Coast And Getting Back Into The Swing Of The Family Business Cryptozoology She S Rescuing Cryptids From Bad Situations, Protecting Them From Monster Hunters, And Generally Risking Life And Limb For The Greater Good, With Her Ex Covenant Partner Husband, Dominic, By Her Side Her Ballroom Dance Career Is Behind Heror So She ThinksWhen Verity Gets The Call From The Producers Of Dance Or Die, The Reality Show She Almost Won Several Years Before, She Finds The Lure Of A Comeback Impossible To Resist, And She And Dominic Are Off To LA For One Last Shot At The Big TimeOf Course, Nothing Is That Simple When Two Of Her Fellow Contestants Turn Up Dead, Verity Will Need Every Ally She Can Find And A Couple She Wasn T Looking For In Order To Navigate The Complicated Steps Of Both The Tango And A Murder Investigation Without Blowing Her Cover It Doesn T Help That Her Official Family Backup Is Her Grandmother, Alice Four fun, furry, feisty stars.True confessions time back in the days when I owned a telly, I was a happy addict to Dancing With the Stars, glued to the waltzes, rhumbas, and tangos performed by be sequined celebrities and their professional dance partners I listened with bated breath as the judges rated their performances and urged them to give it a littlewelly Reading this novel was like going back to those days for a few hours, without paying for cable, as Verity in her persona as Valerie is summoned to perform again on Dance or Die I have rhapsodized in other reviews about how wonderful I consider McGuire s invention of the Aeslin mice to be I adore these tiny sapient rodents, their love of cheese and cake, their fierce dedication to the people whom they have chosen to worship, and their general good humour and willingness perform tasks that larger creatures might shrink from The mice are as charming as usual, although I wish they had received slightlyair time Perhaps I always wish for that I have rated this book at four stars, because I did inhale it in one evening as I have all of the InCryptid books, truthfully I was somewhat dismayed, however, to find a kind of repeat villain in the form of Yet Another Snake Cult let me speak in capitalized words, as the mice do The temptation to knock off a star or at least half of one was strong.However, we do get to meet Verity s renowned grandmother, Alice, who is much quoted in the earlier volumes We also get caught up to speed on Verity Dominic, who apparently got married in Vegas inexplicably on their way from New York to Oregon geography must be different in the InCryptid universe An acceptable addition to the InCryptid canon, the sacred scriptures of the Aeslin mice. UF buddy read with my peeps at Wow was I happy to be back with Verity, even though I really liked Alex s PoV too I have a great time with Verity I was a little sorry that I didn t read a few of the road trip free stories available from Seanan Mcguire s website here before starting this but don t worry I read them right after so I would have all the details of the 4 month road trip to get back to Oregon.Verity and Dominic are living with her family and while they are not nearly as bad as Shelby s family was to Alex I couldn t help but feel a little bad that Dominic is still trying to prove himself worthy to join their ranks This book started out a little slow for me and when Verity is given the opportunity to enter a dance competition as her alter ego Valerie I m not going to lie I groaned internally But let me put your fears to rest IT WAS AWESOME And the reason it was awesome is because of her back up ALICE.Yep this book took off when Grandma Alice showed up She is the only member of the family to have 2 congregations of mice following her But that is what happens when you are close to 80 but look 25 because you are an interdimensional bounty hunter trying to find your husband who was sucked into some vortex 60ish years ago She is fantastic in this and I love her and Verity hanging out together Especially since if anyone is going to understand turning and marrying an ex covenant boy it is herGrandma Alice isn t a free runner like most of my family, she views my tendency to throw myself off tall buildings as just short of suicidal, although being her she also found it sort of adorable When your grandmother with no sense of self preservation thinks you re being cute, maybe it s time to reconsider your life choices. Okay so Verity is going to give Valerie her dance alter ego onechange in the spot light and then it will be time to tie off the loose ends and kill her off So she is just going to enjoy the moment and dance for the fun of it but then she finds a few of the voted off contestants dead and that changes everything because someone is trying to call a snake god forthI don t have much experience with gods, and I don t want much experience with gods, since people who meet gods tend to wind up pregnant with demigods Not my idea of a good timeSince the stakes have just been raised the family decides that Verity needs a little extra back up and who better than Grandma Alice.After Alice showed up I couldn t put the book down It was intense, fast and fun Plus there were the mice and as always I love the mice and their sayings and ritualsHail to Verity, the Arboreal Priestess, bride to the God of Hard Choices in Dark Places, it squeaked Today begins the great feast of Dammit, Enid, Where Is That Girl, I Know She Tells You When She s Sneaking Out We have come to beg a re creation I was still partially asleep, and it took me a moment to remember which holiday they were talking about Wait isn t this the one where Grandma Alice got lost in the woods for almost a whole day, and then wound up at Grandpa Thomas house for the first timeI adore that as the books go one the mice getandpage time and get to dothings to help out I find them one of the best parts of this series.The ending surprised me, like really surprised me and wow is really all I can say without giving anything away I didn t see the series heading in that direction but I m pretty sure that whatever happens next is going to be just great A few other things of interest Another clan of Dragon Princesses that need something from Verity cute Ghoul children at play A shark shifter that can walk on land Routewitches A fight with a giant Snake God chupacabra AND newlywed Verity and Dominic so totally cute SpoilersMeh, nowhere near as fun as the other Verity books Verity banging on about being torn about her dancing and her duties as a Price was boring, she had the same issues in the first two books and chose to stick with her family duties, there was already closure on that Her bringing it all up again was repetitive and pointless, especially as it was obvious where her loyalties ultimately lied Really didn t enjoy the focus on dancing and reality TV It wasn t funny or insightful or interesting What happened to Anders at the end His character was completely forgotten, everyone else was dealt with but there was no mention of whether he was punished or killed or if he got away He was one of the main villains there should have been some closure as to what actually happened to him Alice was a farentertaining character than Verity, I wasinterested in her story with her missing husband than Verity s constant whining about her love for dance. Buddy read with the Wednesday UF group at BBB This is one of those books you don t read, you inhale them The suck you in and keep their hold on you even after the last sentence is read I m completely and utterly in love with this world and can barely wait for the next book to be published.In Chaos Choreography we re back with Verity and Dominic Following the events in New York those two have gotten married and live with Verity s parents And they ain t happy with their daughter s choice in husband Or at least with her choice to elope instead of having a proper wedding So they re taking it out on Dominic by being distrustful and a little bit illogical Still they act a lotreasonable than the Tanners did when confronted with the reality of Alex dating their daughter so points to the Prices The thing is that in Oregon people are used to turn to Evelyn and Kevin when things get bad and Verity feels a bit useless so when a call from the head judge of the reality show she appeared on that ultimately led to her going to New York and meeting Dominic calls she jumps at the idea of dancing professionally onetime.Dominic and her parents don t really understand her passion for dancing but they are incredibly supportive I loved how quickly Dominic said that she should do it He thinks it s stupid and irrelevant thing to do, especially compared to their work with the cryptids, and yet he encourages her to grab the chance in front of her This showed how much he loves her and added to all the little things he has to suffer because of his love of her makes Dominic one of those swoon worthy male leads that have ruined my chance of ever falling in love with a real life man Verity s little sister Antimony, however, acted like a spoiled brat and while I can understand being jealous of your sibling, it was a bitchy move that makes me worry about the next book, since it ll be from her POV.Once Verity, Dominic and a small splinter colony of Aeslin mice arrive at L.A things start to heat up Things go great for a couple of weeks We meet the other competitors, some of them old friends of Valerie from the time she appeared on TV, have a laugh at the expense of Dominic, who s been demoted to the role of boyfriend, since Valerie isn t married and Verity agrees to negotiate the arranged marriage of a nest of dragons with an unborn male of the species But because this won t be an InCryptid book if there isn t murder, blood and mystery, things go south pretty fast Verity seems to have an affinity for snake cults She acts like a magnet for them or they for her since she seems to be attracted to the places where these psychos operate This particular snake cult is using the eliminated dancer as sacrifices and this makes it evenpersonal for Verity She knows these people, some of them are her friends So she bands up with a couple of the other dancers, who happen to be cryptids to solve the mystery and save their lives Enter the second chick on the cover, you won t guess who she is Why, it s grandma Alice You know the crazily violent one that takes trips to hell and other dimensions looking for her lost husband From the moment she showed up I knew this is going to be great And it was The banter between Verity and Dominic is great, Verity s witty comments are hilarious but they don t hold a thing to the hilarity Alice causes Mostly because Verity doesn t really know what to do with her or how to introduce her to her friends When your grandma looks younger than you things do get complicated.From that moment on there was a hell of a lot of running around, meetings with the local ghouls and investigations carried with the help of talking mice I had my suspicions for who the cultist were and I was mostly right One of them was a surprise One I should have seen coming because in hindsight it s obvious and yet Verity presented that person as a non treat so well that I never even suspected him I felt as betrayed as Verity did and at the end when so many people died, people that don t deserved it and were close to Valerie s heart, I felt so sad The final showdown was incredible, action packed and intense and opening up the door for a war I don t think the rices are ready for But maybe with the help of the various cryptids of North America when the Covenant comes to answer Verity s challenge, the good guys will win and rid the world of the real monsters Buckle up, people, because this series is just getting started. You know, I don t really care for reality dance shows Just like the reality music competitions, I feel like these things have run their course and need to go to where reality shows go to die But, thanks to Seanan McGuire, I ve now enjoyed at least one reality dance competition show this decade Dance or Die.Yes, that s right, ladies and gents, Verity gets a call to be on a special All Stars edition of the show, which at first seems like a great way to confirm to herself that her decision to give up her Valerie Pryor identity and focus on cryptozoology was the right one At least, that s what it was supposed to be luckily for the world, it was kismet that brought her back to the world of dance, because yet another snake cult has decided to attempt their rituals around Verity you would think they would have learned and this time, they make it extremely personal.My only complaint is that I totally guessed who was involved in the snake cult and was responsible I really enjoyed the book though, and very much liked the new characters Like I say every time, do yourself a favor and start reading Seanan McGuire. Though I ve loved every book and all of the many short stories in this series, I was extremely excited to get back to Verity Especially after reading the short stories that were set while she and Dominic drove across country from New York to her family home in Oregon.I wasn t let down.I was a little concerned when I realized that her dance career was going to play such a large role in this book, especially after she d been forced to make a decision in book 2 But after we got started in it, I realized that I loved everything about it I love dance competition shows, and I love reading about Verity juggling the dance competition and the very dangerous cryptid problem that is occurring in Los Angeles right now.Better yet was meeting Alice Finally I still have a lot of questions about Alice, and I m sure that there s quite a lot of mystery that will need to be resolved in the future or stories about the past, maybe , but I sincerely hope that we get some full length novels featuring Alice and the search for her husband, Thomas Please Pretty, pretty please I ll make brownies and cake and all sorts of yummy food stuffs for the mice and anyone else.I don t want to say too much about the plot, but I can say that this took my worry about Verity s two worlds colliding which happened in books 1 and 2 , and amped it up to the nth degree And the ending Oh, damn That ending left me wide eyed and with goose bumps.I can t wait to see what happens next There are so many questions that are answered in this book, but then there are so many new ones that are brought up I love how intricate and detailed this world is How many secrets and occurrences are happening with the family And I m well and truly hooked.Now, I just have to wait for the next book And it s Antimony s I m a little worried that there s going to be a lot of roller derby occupying the pages, but I have faith in this author to deliver another stellar story with a main character that I end up adoring.Review also available at The Book Eaters Verity was back as the MC I greatly prefer her POV over Alex s I definitely did not miss Alex at all So Verity s alter ego Valerie was invited to reappear on the tv show Dance or Die And that is where the story went downhill for me I love Verity and her family, but the dance stuff was boring There was quite a bit of it too It did play into the incryptid mystery, but most of the people involved with the dancing weren t appealing I did like a few of the new characters but not many It was great to see how Verity and Dominic s relationship had evolved I like them as a couple Since they were in Hollywood for Dance or Die, they couldn t publicly be a couple It would have put Dominic in too much danger with the covenant But it also meant they didn t get to work as a team for the majority of the book I was disappointed he didn t getpage time.Grandma Alice made an appearance She was one kick ass lady with plenty of secrets What she does when she travels in other dimensions is a mystery No one knows why she is getting younger instead of older She s in her 80 s but looks like she is in her 20 s Then there were other times where she acted like a sweet old grandmother and baked cookies Alice is interesting to say the least The next two books are going to be from Antimony s POV, but I really hope there will be a book or two from Alice s at some point I want to knowabout her and about what happened to her husband. I have to admit I felt a little let down seeing that we were moving back to the big city Maybe It s just the Verity and Dominic arc that I just don t care all that much for, no matter that it s not bad or uninteresting, but I just don t love it quite as much as big bro.Of course, most of my annoyance is just because I don t really care about dance, and this,than all the others, is all about dance Dance competition, stardom, and Verity s personal gratification I don t disapprove, and there s plenty of good conflict, but it s like watching an episode of Dancing with the Stars or some other weird tv show I have absolutely no interest in watching The saving grace is that we get to see all these semi or professional dancers get permanently kicked off the show and life.So even if I didn t give much of a poop, at least I can snicker when the prima donnas start getting bumped off, and that s basically where I was.Except for grandma and the dragon princess I have to admit I really enjoyed them And the Mice Things are definitely getting interesting in the side characters So, all in all, and despite the basic subject matter, I still had a great deal of fun These are still full of a great selection of beasties, of course, but first and foremost, it s all about the Price Family, as usual And That s A Good Thing What a weird family. I m not going to lie it was a relief to be back with Verity and Dominic again The Alex books were ok but Verity is better There is no doubt that Seanan McGuire is onto a winner with the Aeslin mice love their capitalised speech and general joy at life It was great to meet Grandma Alice and spend time with different incryptids too.