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I love Stephen Meader s novels and T Model Tommy is one of my favorites Set in the depths of the Great Depression, this story follows the struggles of young Tom Ballard who is trying to make a living and support his mother as trucker and jack of all trades He is an impressive young man hardworking, courageous, independent, and clever who has to battle weather, tough luck, and gangsters to make his way in the world This historical novel offers a fascinating look at the tough years of the 1930s and how industrious Americans, young and old, rose to the occasion and prevailed over adversity A very uplifting novel that has many lessons for us today. Read Kindle ☳ T-model Tommy ♕ Here Is A Story Set In The World Of Today, Where The Most Intense Interest Of Every Boy Approaching Manhood Is The Problem Of How He Is Going To Earn His Living Red Headed Tom Ballard Started Off With No Capital Except His Ancient T Model Ford Truck And Built Up A Thriving Business By His Own Efforts Among The Difficulties He Had To Overcome Were The Hazards Of Confronting The Truck Driver, Perils Of Stormy Weather And The Danger Of Attack From Hijackers Tom Found Himself Involved In Adventures That Took All His Courage To Surmount But The Battle He Waged To Get His Business Started And Keep It Going Will Interest Boys As Much, And Will Give Them A Great Deal To Think About Mr Meader S Familiar Skill At Handling Plot And Character Shines With Particular Brilliance Against The Sober Background Of Real Existence Another terrific historic novel by Stephen W Meader, a New Hampshire author known for his ability to connect with boy readers I haven t read this in a while, but it is fast paced and excellent. This is a classic boy s adventure tale about a lad who buys an old Model T Ford and starts a trucking business He, along with Federal law enforcement thwarts a gang of hijackers bent on running cigarettes and booze during the Prohibition This book is well written, and not as dated as one might think it was written in 1938. I was perusing through BookSleuth and someone referenced this book, so I pulled it off the shelf and re read it Stephen W Meader books are a treat to read. Wonderful story of good boy makes good Lots of history, geography, and a super story of a time gone by One of my very favorite Meader books I have read it multiple times and hope to do so again before I leave this old world.