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~Read Epub ♞ The Counterfeiter-Catching Cat (Beatrice Young Cat Mystery #1) ♬ The Leaves Have Turned And Autumn Has Finally Come To The Small Town Of Ashbrook, New Hampshire Beatrice Young, The Sixty Two Year Old Owner Of The Cozy Cat Caf , Is Busy Slinging Coffee For Tourists Yet When Her Ever Perceptive Maine Coon Cat, Hamish, Sniffs Out A Fake Twenty Dollar Bill, The Hunt Is On To Find Its Maker And Then There S The Fact That Jordan Clark Has Disappeared He Was Seen Walking Out Of A Bar Towards The Woods, Never To Be Seen Again With The Help Of The Ever Grumpy Sheriff, Her Black Cat Lucky, And Her Ex Husband And Best Friend Matthew, Beatrice Finds Intriguing Links Between The Two Mysteries Jordan Has A Complicated Past, One That Could Draw Out A Dangerous Killer And Place Him Squarely In Beatrice S Path In The End, It S Up To Her Feline Companions To Find The Clues That Will Keep Her Safe, Put The Culprit Behind Bars, And Restore Order To Ashbrook Once The Counterfeiter Catching Cat Is The First Book In The Beatrice Young Cozy Cat Mystery Series Strictly amateur hourMarie s ReadIt s not awful There s only one or two ah ohs It s just that there is nothing really appealing about anyone, including the cats and I m a cat lady.I had most of the mystery unraveled before the middle of the book and really just didn t care who killed the guy you do get a who, but that s it, no how, etc., so that s a bit lame.Nice try, but no cigar. There were a lot of reasons I expected to enjoy this book, and obviously many people did HOWEVER,I wanted to make a note to warn those who, like me, have their pleasure spoiled by poor mechanics of writing There were so many in the first chapter that I gave up Examples She spooned in ground beans into the portafilter Mosteither worked at the park or in various tourism related jobs If those examples bother you,I suggest you skip this one, even if it does feature a cute Maine Coon cat. Jessica Fletcher with cats So cosy that her business is even called the Cosy Cat Cafe, but this novella was very short, very underdeveloped and very bland The end just chopped off short We have the obligatory references to previous cases she has helped out on.Rogers writes cats as if they were dogs I myself was owned by an albino Siamese for years, that I treatedlike a dog than a cat, but I know from experience that you won t get any response from a cat by giving it a hard look It will ignore you and proceed to do what it wants to do Also, I doubt many restaurants, supermarkets etc would allow cats in due to health and hygiene legislation Added to that, Rogers needs to go back to eighth grade composition class and review English mechanics, as well as style We are treated to such wonderful writing as He looked up with a knowing look Where was the proofreader Oh, that s right, there wasn t one. I am sorry to say, I did not like this book very much.The writing was very well done Ms Rogers is a talented author, but she created a plot that was preposterous and the lead character, Beatrice acted dumber than a box of rocks.Bee is not some young woman who does not understand life She is a woman in her sixties And yet, every time the sheriff asked her to stop doing something, or not do something, she went right ahead as though she were impervious to the law.And finally, I enjoy cozy mysteries which include animals But, this went too far I am sorry Maybe today was not my day for fantasy I received this book from the author I am voluntarily writing this review and all opinions are my own. What a delightful book about a 60 something woman who owns a cafe has 2 cats who accompany her everywhere and a penchant for solving mysteries She makes sure to listen to all the gossip so she knows what is happening in the small town she lives in.Then she receives a counterfeit 20.00 bill from an old male friend and starts to wonder who is passing them out Well, her maine coon knows there is something wrong with that boll and tries to take it from her Then comes the fun as she, her 2 cats and the sheriff with a bit of help from her friend who is actually her ex have an additional puzzle to solve who murdered the young man I highly suggest you read this one fast read with fully developed characters I am looking forward to readingin this series.The Counterfeiter Catching Cat I m basically a dog lover, but the curious cats in this story won me over A mystery that takes place in a small town in New Hampshire and the Cozy Cat Cafe It seems that the owner of the cafe is destined to get involved in the mysteries that spring up Her cats are not just her loyal friends, but indeed true investigators that help her discover the murderer I recommend it as a short lighthearted read. The cats are cute but who takes their cats everywhere and who tolerates cats being taken everywhere The story is predictable and the mystery too quickly solved for my taste The characters are endearing Bee and Matthew as old divorcees who still get on are really sweet This book was a quick easy read but something was missing. This is a good humoured small town mystery The sleuth is a lady in her golden years, divorced, on good terms with her husband, who is now widowed from his second marriage I am sure not even a Maine Coon could do all that this cat does, such as pickpocketing a young woman for her phone, hiding and cluching it between his back paws, until he could drop it for his owner So let s call it a smart cat fantasy As to why a cat would sniff out a forged banknote, an explanation should have been provided, like the money smelling of fish oil or something A cat doesn t just decide to point out a particular banknote Young people and their problems are also in the tale, although we re assured the town is now better for the young than it used to be Probably because of broadband and wi fi, if we re realistic The sleuth destroys evidence and wrecks the chain of evidence on several occasions No police department, except a totally incompetent one, would work with her or prosecute on the strength of the items she brings in they must be left in place for proper forensic recovery and investigation Don t pick them up, shake them off and carry them in to town in your hot little hand Nor should you breach privacy as described Read a few police procedurals and see the difference The author sent me an e ARC through Instafreebie This is an unbiased review. The Counter feiter Catching Cat By Alannah RogersThis was a charming, easy and quick to read mystery book An excellent book for middle school ages and up It is fast paced and sure to keep the reader s interest.The story is set in the small tourist town of Ashbrook, New Hampshire The town and local businesses as well as the main characters are well described The author does such a great job, it made me want to take a long road trip and visit this town I also enjoyed that one of the main characters was a Maine Coon cat I have always admired the breed The Main Coon cat s appearance is regal and majestic while at the same time you can imagine their wild heritage.This is the first book in the Cozy Cat Mystery series Given how good this book was, I hope there will be many to follow it.Beatrice Young is 62 years old and the owner of the Cozy Cat Cafe She is also the owner of 2 fabulous cats Her Maine Coon cat, Hamish, is quite unusualHas has some quirky abilities and turns out to be a 1st class detective His sidekick, Lucky, is a black cat Beatrice adopted after he was abandoned Lucky has some sleuthing abilities of his own.But you ll have to read the book to find out just what these 2 cats can do.https www. review R1F1816