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FREE BOOK Ã Öppen grav ⛎ Professor Bertram Von Ohler Has Been Awarded The Nobel Prize For Medicine This News Causes Problems In His Otherwise Quiet Upper Class Neighborhood In Uppsala, Sweden, As Not Everybody Is Happy With The Choice Of Winner Mysterious Incidents Start To Occur Boyish Pranks Say The Police, But What Follows Is Certainly Not Innocent Amusement Detective Inspector Ann Lindell Becomes Involved In The Case And Immediately Is Transported Back Into Her Own Past Strange book in some ways I felt that I had been dumped into the middle of the story The writing seems a bit belaboured though that could be the translator s issue The main character does not come into the story until halfway through the book And really nothing happens until halfway through the book I Think the author is clever in the way he has brought the threads together but this story is a bit lacking there is no suspense at all if that is what you are expecting There is a murder but it is not the person you are expecting to be murdered It is a sad story andabout the way people interact than a crime novel. This book was painfully slow I wasthan 25% in and ready to give up when I looked up some reviews and learned that it was the 6th episode in a police procedural I decided to persevere, but the series character wasn t even introduced until nearly halfway in, and then the personal soap opera stuff was pretty much the whole thing no murder until nearly the end, no detecting, no resolution of any mystery, although the readers eventually know what took place So why did I rate it as high as 3 stars Because what the author did do was set up characters so well and paint such vivid pictures of their interactions The geographic details are also quite wonderful and you can almost feel the beech leaves crunch under your feet and smell the apples. My review for Open Grave by Kjell Eriksson will be posted after the official release Stay Tuned Takes the scenario of an old school Christie type plot, and remoulds it into a Scandinavian procedural but with some non standard structures of a literary mystery without the latter s attempts to be fancy at writing, which too often end up cold, distant and unengaging Prof Bertrand von Ohler is a retired medical researcher in his eighties, from an old aristocratic family Living not in the old family seat, but in amodern mansion in a prestigious area of Uppsala Sweden s Oxford or Cambrige, where one of his ancestors worked alongside Linnaeus , he is nevertheless surrounded by centuries old portraits and war booty furniture, the only other resident the faithful old retainer and housekeeper Agnes, nearly the same age as he is von Ohler is unexpectedly awarded the Nobel prize for research carried out decades ago, for which he never publicly gave others enough credit, and all sorts of people and skeletons come crawling out of the woodwork There s something of the Golden Age mystery about the backstory, but filtered via the concerns of fellow Swedes Stieg Larsson and Liza Marklund.I enjoyed the perspective shifts in this for instance the idea of how one might go about telling people you ve won the Nobel Prize like the best this doesn t happen to most people news you ve had in your life, multiplied however many times over , and felt the narrative got under the skins of several other characters as the book progressed and altered ideas about the others.I tend to read procedurals as something throwaway, yetoften than not find myself chiming with the emotions of some gloomy loss lorn detective, even if I don t agree with all their decisions Same again here, but unlike many of her species Ann Lindell can be sarcastic and jokey with colleagues, which made me like herthan some of the run of the mill examples It s not the sort of thing that s going to make you hyperventilate with laughter whilst reading on the bus, but which would make someone good to work with.I d assumed that Eriksson s writing English translation wasn t great given the sub 3.5 ratings for most of this series, and on that basis was pleasantly surprised There are a few awkward sentences, but for the most part it was the sort of book to switch off with, where style isn t noticeable For this book at least, one can put the ratings down to readers dissatisfaction with the unexpected atypical structure I usually stick to series order but it was relaxing to kick off that constraint and read the last first, for once nothing seemed unexplained, and given the way I read this sort of book, I don t mind a couple of spoilers for long term storylines Just now, I wanted a book that wasn t going to prompt the urge to write some essay of a review that skirts the max wordcount, and this gothically titled thing did the job very well, whilst also being ratherinteresting than expected.