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Broke My HeartThis story was excellent and heartbreaking at the same time, because I, too, thought my brother was my best friend, then I lost him, but not because he died In a way, that might have been easier He just became someone I didn t know and who didn t want to know me. How far would you go to find your sibling When she was little, Kayleen Schaefer was best friends with her brother Jarrett They were inseparable, bound together against their parents and the world As they grew up, their bond continued they lived together in New York for a dizzying, brilliant time as Schaefer began to establish herself as a journalist and Jarrett embarked on his directorial debut, the film Chapter 27 But then, after Chapter 27 had come out, something started to change in Jarrett He d already moved to the West Coast, but rather than buying into the Hollywood lifestyle he seemed to be getting further and further away from it Schaefer found herself losing touch with the brother who had always seemed a part of herself He seemed to be deliberately reacting against the life of comfortable success that everyone had been imagining for him And then, one day, he simply disappeared.This is the story of Schaefer s efforts to find her brother not just geographically, but emotionally Wondering whether perhaps she never really knew him as well as she d imagined, she seeks out those who shared other parts of his life schoolfriends, New York pals and, because this is a Hollywood story, she drops a line to Jared Leto, who starred in the controversial Chapter 27 and who comes out of the story as a thoroughly nice guy Slowly the story begins to take shape and Schaefer must then decide what to do Should she respect Jarrett s desire to disappear, or should she try to track him down A moving tale about families, love and the desire to forge one s own way in the world with than a hint, at times, of Stevie Smith s Not Waving But Drowning, as we see behind the superficial mask of success.For this review and other reviews of bite sized books, please see my blog #READ EBOOK ð Fade Out ⚣ Fade Out Was Named One Of The Best Kindle Singles Of The Year By At , Writer Kayleen Schaefer S Brother Was One Of The Most Promising Young Filmmakers In Hollywood, Having Shot To Success As The Writer And Director Of Chapter , Starring Future Oscar Winner Jared Leto As John Lennon S Killer Mark David Chapman Then, Five Years Later, To The Surprise Of Those Closest To Him, He Left It All Behind Abandoning His Career, His Family And His Life, Without Telling Anyone Where He Was Going With Only A Vague Idea Of Where He Might Be, Schaefer Went Looking For Her Kid Brother, Embarking On A Journey That Would Take Her All The Way To Mazatl N, Mexico, To Learn Why He Left And, In Doing So, Discover Who She Was Without Him Kayleen Schaefer Is A Journalist Who Writes For Vogue, New York, The New York Times, ELLE, The New Yorker, Lucky, ESPN The Magazine, BuzzFeed, And Many Other Publications She Is Also A Contributing Editor At Details Her Website Is Kayleenschaefer Cover Design By David Drummond had promise, with a few genuinely good moments, but ultimately seemed self serving and empty quick read Sweet but confusing relationship with her brother ends up being a really bizarre story but worth telling. I enjoyed the book It s well written and has a terrific story arc I had a tough time with it, though, because I didn t like her brother He seemed both spoiled and somewhat ill I am so sorry for her heartache though. Really a great little snippet of a memoir Some of it is disjointed, but it reads like a stream of consciousness, which I think is suitable for this situation If I were in the author s shoes, I too would be reflecting back on my relationship with my brother while looking for him and gaining to understand why he left We never truly find out why Jarrett left I, like other readers, want to know and seek to understand his motivation But I don t think the author knowsand that s okay What she discovers instead is who her brother really is, and what he s becomeand a little bit about herself in the process. The plot is weak and the words all feel repetitive The story had no real climax or interesting builds in the writing It was like being stuck in a room with that annoying person at a party droning on about a story you don t care about The parts of the story that could have been interesting were never even explored. Boring No climax or excitement.The storyline never gets exciting, and the ending just left you almost thinking they forgot the last chapters to finish the sptry Heartbreaking but too scattered for me.