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In less than 24 hours, I consumed The Forgetting Time and I can t recommend this one enough This is the author s debut novel and it is unlike anything I have ever read before I don t want to delve too much into it because half of the fun, for me, ended up piecing everything together myself It s a bit like a mystery as you try to solve the puzzle of a child s unusual first years of life The story intertwines with a doctor nearing the end of his career due to a deadly diagnosis and who could be the only one who could make Noah and his mother s life better What Noah is suffering from is beyond what any parent could comprehend Beautiful from start to finish, never a lag, and a lot of food for thought I guarantee this will be in my top ten this year I was drawn to this book the moment I saw it on my coworker s desk and it didn t disappoint Such a page turner, I enjoyed this book thoroughly You know you re reading a great book when you hide from your toddlers to finish a chapter or two A book anyone especially a mom can relate to, what lengths would you go to to help your child A heart warming story and a journey you ll feel you re a part of all the way with a delightful outcome #Free Pdf ⚦ The Forgetting Time ⚼ Noah Wants To Go Home A Seemingly Easy Request From Most Four Year Olds But As Noah S Single Mother, Janie, Knows, Nothing With Noah Is Ever Easy One Day The Pre School Office Calls And Says Janie Needs To Come In To Talk About Noah, And No, Not Later, Now And Life As She Knows It StopsFor Jerome Anderson, Life As He Knows It Has Stopped A Deadly Diagnosis Has Made Him Realize He Is Approaching The End Of His Life His First Thought I M Not Finished Yet Once A Shining Young Star In Academia, A Graduate Of Yale And Harvard, A Professor Of Psychology, He Threw It All Away Because Of An Obsession Anderson Became The Laughing Stock Of His Peers, But He Didn T Care Something Had To Be Going On Beyond What Anyone Could See Or Comprehend He Spent His Life Searching For That Something Else And With Noah, He Thinks He S Found ItSoon Noah, Janie And Anderson Will Find Themselves Knocking On The Door Of A Mother Whose Son Has Been Missing For Seven Years And When That Door Opens, All Of Their Questions Will Be AnsweredSharon Guskin Has Written A Captivating, Thought Provoking Novel That Explores What We Regret In The End Of Our Lives And Hope For In The Beginning, And Everything In Between In Equal Parts A Mystery And A Testament To The Profound Connection Between A Child And Parent, The Forgetting Time Marks The Debut Of A Major New Talent You only live once That s what people said, as if life really mattered because it happened only one time But what if it was the other way around What if what you did mattered because life happened again and again, consequences unfolding across centuries and continents What if you had chances upon chances to love the people you loved, to fix what you screwed up, to get it right The subject of reincarnation fascinates me, I don t so much believe it as I believe in the possibility of it I lost my beloved dog Avedon a couple of years ago, I still mourn the loss, he was my constant companion, he came into my life at a crucial time, he changed me, he was as human as a dog could be One of the last things I said to him was that if he decided to come back, he should give me a sign So when I got a call about a litter last July, I said no thanks, I m full up with two dogs right now, ailing parents, blah, blah, worst possible time to get another dog And then she told me the litter was born May 26, Ave s birthday, and she had a male and then I met him and that was all she wrote Suffice it to say, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if Avedon is in my puppy Why do some people believe ESP inherently likely than that some fragment of consciousness might continue in some fashion after death This never would have happened in India they understood that life unfolded the way it unfolded, whether you liked it or not one life ended, a new one began, maybe it was better, maybe it wasn t, they accepted this with a resignation that was like simple good sense.So when I started this book I was all in and then quickly became disenchanted The writing annoyed the hell out of me, mired in metaphor, too many forced phrases the gas lamp flickered in the wet March mess like a beacon of far off sanity and I kept stumbling over these tortured sentences which took me out of the story and that really bugs me, but it s my book club s selection and damned if I wasn t going to finish it And somewhere about the halfway mark it becomes something else, pieces start coming together, metaphors mercifully limited, and I flew through to the satisfying end How would you react in the face of the impossible That s what the mothers in this tale explore, come to terms with and try to understand, how do you face what your mind can t absorb It s also what the psychologist, an academic, tries to comprehend, how does he close the chapter on his life s work, how does he find a way to make the effort worth it in the face of a debilitating condition What I found the most intriguing about this second half, the half that made this book worth reading, is that it explores depths of emotion and philosophy, while revealing aha moments and speeding to its eventual conclusion.From a discussion standpoint, I think this book will make for lively conversation, its themes and character development ripe for exploration As entertainment, I feel that the story was a bit disjointed, it was several things at once and I wish an editor had reigned in the florid writing in the first half All that aside, for me the theoretical overtones of the psychologist s ruminations were what elevated the novel Does consciousness survive death and does that then make this world like a dream with each life flowing one after the other And the karmic ramifications across time, is there a connection between the kinds of lives people led and their next lives These thoughts are deeper than the actual book, but for me, the saving grace. The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry lifetime after lifetimeAlex CollierSharon Guskin, an American author, pens her debut book, The Forgetting Time that narrates the story of a four year old boy who constantly asks his single mother to take him to his real mother after his nightmares For his mother, the boy seems like making up imaginary stories, until when things get serious in his pre school, she thinks that there is something terribly wrong with his little boy and she fears that she might lose her son to someone else when a doctor enters their lives.Synopsis Noah is four and wants to go home The only trouble is he s already there.Janie s son is her world, and it breaks her heart that he has nightmares.That he s terrified of water.That he sometimes pushes her away and screams that he wants his real mother.That it s getting worse and worse and no one seems to be able to help.In desperation, she turns to someone who might have an answer but it may not be one she s ready to hear.It may also mean losing the one thing she loves than anything.Noah Noah is four years old and right after his nightmares in the middle of the night, he asks his mother, Janie, who is a single parent, that he wants to go back to his home, especially to his real mother Every night it s the same story, Janie thinks that his son is making up imaginative characters in his head But things changes, when she gets a call from his pre school where the principal says that Noah is talking about guns and Harry Potters books, but the only problem is that Janie has never bought Noah any Harry potter books or never ever let him watch anything about guns in the TV, but then how a 4 year old possesses so much knowledge about these things when he has never been exposed to Enters Professor Jerome Anderson, who is diagnosed with a rare form of Aphasia, which might make him dumb in the long run, but he is in a hurry to finish his book and make a name for himself, mostly, he needs to finish his research about reincarnations Will he be able to find a new case and put an ending to his book as well as to his research of so many years The author s writing is fantastic, layered with enough suspense that kept me hooked to find out what actually is wrong with Noah The story builds up pretty tightly without any single hint about the mystery behind Noah s pleads The narrative is engaging but at times, it felt like diverting from the main story line Since the story is an emotional one, the author have depicted heart felt emotions which have power to move the readers Moreover, the story will let the readers heart syncopate with the pain, grief and loss over someone you love The chapters are divided between mainly Janie and Professor Anderson s POVs, but that doesn t make it difficult for the readers to contemplate the story with their own perspectives The characters are flawlessly created by highlighting their strong and weak points, especially their deep, evocative emotions Janie s fears for her son will actually keep the readers glued and will definitely keep them from turning the pages of the book till the very end Janie is brave and an extremely caring mother, for her, her son is her only priceless possession, and she would do anything to make him better Anderson is running out of time and is in a race against his diagnosis and is extremely dedicated to find a cause to Noah s behavior, over, Anderson is haunted by his late wife s memories, which is beautiful yet tragically projected in the story line Noah will make the readers fall for his sweet and witty demeanor and his character is so developed with so much depth, that it feels like rooting for him till the very end There are also some supporting characters which play an important role to this mystery, that are also quite well developed with enough emotions and pain.In short, this is an intriguing book with an equally fascinating and riveting mystery that will enlighten the readers minds by keeping them glued till the very end.Verdict Please don t miss out this gripping mystery which will empower your brain not only with the concept but also with the characters Courtesy Thanks to the author, Sharon Guskin s publicist for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book We ve all heard the term old souls , the youthful who are wise beyond their years The ones who seem to have been through life s journey a time or two already Have they The Forgetting Time is Sharon Guskin s debut novel and she was inspired to write it while working as a hospice volunteer which allowed for several discussions about what happens after death Thomas Shroder s nonfiction book Old Souls Compelling Evidence From Children Who Remember Past Lives came into the equation which sparked that many questions and discussions Ms Guskin s personal interest lead to the creation of her debut novel The Forgetting Time The Forgetting Time is a fictional story about a young boy Noah who experiences episodes of trauma, confusion, and homesickness over a life that is not his Is he mentally ill What other explanation is there The mother is desperate for a different answer An out of the box researcher is desperate for one case study Fate intervenes and the combination of mild suspense, family drama, and mystery begins At its core, The Forgetting Time is a beautiful and thought provoking book There is a lot going on here though Multiple storylines include view spoiler the mother s one night stand in which Noah was conceived the abrupt ending and timeframe jump kept me waiting on some follow up , the mother s life as a single mother to Noah, Noah s episodes and how they impact his functioning, the researcher s separate storyline that involves his career and rapid cognitive deterioration, failed attempts at finding the Noah s matching family from before the reincarnation, the successful match s family dynamics, grief process, and differing responses to the idea of reincarnation, Noah confronting his former life s killer hide spoiler It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma but perhaps there is a key. Sir Winston ChurchillSharon Guskin s debut novel The Forgetting Time is a layered, multi faceted exploration of motherhood, loss, the impermanence of death and the mutability of consciousness Janie conceives her son Noah during a brief interlude of mindless passion with a man whose last name she forgets to ask for But the child who results becomes her every breath, her true love, her reason for believing that she serves a purpose greater than her solitary, work driven life Noah is an articulate, intelligent, physically healthy four year old But something is going terribly wrong inside his fragile soul He is inexplicably terrified of water and suffers every night from nightmares that leave both mother and son weak with fear Perhaps worst of all are the daily moments he looks into Janie s eyes his mother, the woman he calls Mommy Mom and asks her, Is my other mother coming soon I want my other mother When is she coming When can I go home Noah s strange behavior seeps into every corner of their life He has intimate knowledge of things that Janie has never brought into his life Harry Potter, guns, reptiles, and a brother named Charlie When Noah s teacher expresses concern that Noah is being abused at home after he claims to have been held under water until he passed out and tells Janie she s ready to call Child Protective Services, Janie starts on a journey that leads her to the darkest of places and possibilities in search of healing for her son In clear, evocative and intimate prose, through characters so rich with life and feeling, Guskin presents a wholly original take on the possibility of reincarnation She weaves the paranormal it into an intelligent, grounded thriller that uses character, not plot twists, to explore the unknowable A page turning, profound, outstanding debut. From the blurbs reviews, I was expecting a creative quirky story about time and human memory via a fantastical tale of reincarnation Alas, it was not to be The Forgetting Time is a mediocre book that does far too much telling and is in no way inventive in its structure or the ideas presented Not only that, but instead of treating reincarnation as a fantastical mythical allegory, Guskin seems to actually take reincarnation seriously as science , quoting at length fromLife Before Life A Scientific Investigation of Children s Memories of Previous LivesSynopsis A difficult young boy remembers a past life A doctor who is nearing the end of his life meets the boy and sees in him a perfect case of reincarnation The boy, his mother, and the doctor seek the prior personality They find this other family and help police to solve the disappearance case of this other now passed personality.The story is neither here nor there I can see how it could have been good, in the hands of a skilled, creative, skeptical writer But, as it was, I just could not stomach the writing Much of the time, it s not terrible, but sometimes, stuff like this happens Feel like I know u already Weird No she texted Same here Was this true Maybe Should she xo Or was that too forward She settled for a single x He responded immediately XXX Oh She felt a current of heat run through her body, as if she d swum into a warm patch in a cold lakeSo, yeah Then, there s the writing style, which is 80% telling and almost as much telling about emotions Basically, half the book is Guskin describing the feelings of her characters In my opinion, this weakens the story tremendously the point of fiction as I see it is to spur and inspire me to imagine beyond the written word, and Guskin leaves no space for that, because every single character s thought is dissected thoroughly, as the reader is exhorted to feel a particular way That just doesn t work for me telling me how someone feels won t make me feel it SHOWING me the situations they are faced with has a much higher success rate in achieving this purpose.Lastly, Guskin s perspective, seemed, to me, a bit superficial, not least of all due to her focus on feelings Now, I don t think there is anything wrong with feeling things, but I do believe, along Buddhist lines, that feelings are but a superficial mood layer we get caught up in There is a clarity and depth one can gain by stepping back from the powerful influence of un modulated feelings This is why they say, think before you act in the heat of the moment is implied This is also how humans are able to live, or less, in organized societies i.e most of us don t go around blurting out our true feelings to our boss, or don t let our feelings determine the outcome of research, etc We know there are limits to how thoughtful we can be while mired in a torrent of feelings So, Guskin s characters, always caught up in a desperate, overwhelming, very needy whirlwind of emotions, did not appeal to me at all.I am giving this book 2 stars instead of 1, because I do see why it may have broad appeal, especially to grieving or non grieving mothers This book is basically about one mother s hardships in raising a difficult child alone, and about another mother s grief at losing her son The absolute gut wrenching details of these difficult situations are described in depth I am not a mother, but if I was, and if I had just lost my baby or maybe if I was just afraid of losing my baby, i.e if I was a mother this book may appeal to me on a much emotional , raw level I can see myself, in that situation, crying through every page at the excruciating detail of other mothers grief, and I can also see this book working to help me feel a little bit less alone Perhaps, in that case, I would be rating this as a 5. But surely we all carried some little piece of each other inside of us So what did it matter, whether the memories belonging to her boy existed inside this other one Why were we all hoarding love, stockpiling it, when it was all around us, moving in and out of us like the air, if only we could feel it Four year old Noah Zimmerman is Janie s whole world, but his mother has to struggle with Noah s behavioral issues and precocious nature Noah seems to know things for which there is no logical explanation, he has an inexplicable phobia of water, and he even tells Janie that he wants to go home to his mama When things reach a critical point at preschool, Janie is forced to seek professional help for her son.Dr Anderson is a former professor of psychiatry and has spent his life documenting paranormal phenomena He has recently been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia, a neurological condition that would eventually rob him of his ability to remember vocabulary and communicate Dr Anderson decides to devote himself to finishing his book.Janie seeks out Dr Anderson in a final attempt to find answers for her son Noah s case becomes the all important U.S case that will help him complete his book Together the trio searches for the answers that will irrevocably alter the lives of everyone involved.This novel with its shimmering, pearlesque cover is a compelling debut for author Sharon Guskin The story is suspenseful, and I was captivated by the premise and exploration of reincarnation 4.5 stars Many thanks to the author for my wonderful autographed copy 3.5 starsReincarnation is a Latin word, meaning entering the flesh again The forgetting Time is an interesting and throught provoking novel exploring the idea of reincarnation and is also a mystery surrounding the disappearance of a child I picked up this novel on audio as was looking for something interesting to listen to and while I prefer Non Fiction on Audio I was intrigued by the idea of reincarnation as brought up a Catholic reincarnation was a idea which I remember discussing in religion class but was quickly dismissed as not of the Catholic faith and therefore not up for discussion How things have changed in today s religion classes as religion classes in school explore and discuss all different religions and young people have a better understanding of each other faith and beliefs.While this is a fiction story it is well presented and the ideas explored certainly gave food for thought.I kept thinking how would I deal with the situation presented to Janie and her young son Noah, would I have accepted the doctors diagnosis or took the road that Janie travelled I found myself wondering who would I have been in a past life The Characters were well drawn and interesting and I especially liked the character of Anderson The performance of the narrators were very good and I enjoyed listening to this one However one thing annoyed me in the story was the term Mommy Mom thats just my silly niggle.An interesting and thought provoking book.