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#FREE ⚡ Wild Desire (Wild, #7) á Mark Richards Was A Womanizer, An Athlete, And Drop Dead Gorgeous He Knew He Could Have Any Woman He Wanted And All Of That Came To A Halt When He Met Selena She Was Well Schooled In The Ways Of Hockey Players Because She Was The Sister To The Captain Of Their Most Hated Rival Team Not Only Did He Have To Try And Win Her, He Had To Deal With The Wrath Of An Overbearing Protective Brother Somehow It Fuelled His Desire To Possess Her, And He Was Determined To Get Her In His Bed At All Costs However, It Wasn T That Easy She Had Some Ideas Of Her Own When It Came To Hockey Players And Vowed Never To Date One The She Resisted Him, The He Wanted Her For A Man In Control Of Everything In His Life, He Was Helpless When This Woman Unravelled Everything He Believed In He Was Willing To Risk Everything To Have Her I always enjoy reading Leitha Ward This isn t for you if you can t handle a ALPHAHOLE because he is Those are my specific favorites so I always come back to her reads. What can I say I love a good, super sweet romance and this series delivers that in spades I started this book late one night, luckily a weekend, for a bit and they stayed and read the whole thing Yeah, I got wrapped into it that quickly and needed to see how it played outTwo hockey teams, bitter rivals, and full of playboys and players off the ice as well, If you read any of the other books in the series, the players are familiar, if not, don t worry, you don t need to for the storyMarcus is on the opposing team, and he has a little sister who is a model They are all each other has in the world, so while he knows he is a dog, he is very protective of his little sisterResident reigning playboy of the other team, Mark, yes Mark and Marcus, let it go, notices said sister at a game He is immediately smitten, and having been around with models quite a bit, makes a play for herShe has been well protected by her big brother, so has next to nil experience with men, even as she approaches 21 Marcus tries to explain this to Mark, his own teammates see this and try and it explain it to Mark, but until she spells it out, he doesn t get itSo instant attraction, a thrashing on the ice from her brother, warnings from all sides, doesn t slow down Mark, he gets his date, where, once he understands how innocent she is, he does stop, but still want to dateA couple of misunderstandings happen on Mark s part, he is a bit of a hothead, and it is not a smooth ride for these two At the end of the day, he finally gets how much she means to him, which, considering all he went through to be with her, he was slow on the uptake They get their HEA, after same serious loss and pain on both sides, and hopefully he can keep his head on straight Now, slimey Marcus and his antics, he had a whole different side here, and HIS story and journey, getting behind that curtain would be interesting. Self note