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Written in 1938, the murder mystery is solved by a grade school teacher and police inspector There are so many rules broken that allow people to tamper with evidence, that it makes it difficult to read for the mind in 2011 You can t help reading it and thinking, you can t allow that Inspector The writing seems to play to the heart as much as to someone hoping to read a mystery story I would say this falls under the category Romantic Mystery writing typical of the 20 s through 40 s. Reading this book is like watching a 1930s classic film Each character jumps from the page, particularly the main two, perfectly created and perfectly matched Not surprisingly, the movie based on this book was a hugely popular hit in the early 30s. I think I ve seen the movie too many times Amazing how close it stuck to the book I read the Rue Morgue Press reprint Received it several years ago before it came out on Kindle Originally published in 1931 and meant to take place shortly after the beginning of the Crash in 29.In the edition I have there is a little blurb in front, after the Cast of Characters, about Stuart Palmer Who knew that Miss Withers was partially based on Edna May Oliver, plus a librarian he had known And he was from the circus town of Baraboo, Wisconsin The Crash figures largely in this story Gerald Lester has a fixed up marriage with Gwen, his partner s daughter Never any love there And it appears he may have a thing with his secretary I think they cut her out of the movie And the daughter had a thing with an aspiring lawyer that Daddy didn t quite approve of These three Lester, Mrs Lester and the lawyer all meet up at the Aquarium one day, along with Miss Withers and her Grade Number Three , along with a number of other people But they won t all be leaving Lester, the questionable stock broker, will wind up in the pool with the penguin The title kind of gives that away.Inspector Oscar Piper shows up and somehow Miss Withers tags along with him, taking notes, insinuating herself into the case.An entertaining read.I only had one question didn t taxis get tipped in those days Miss Withers comes across a clue of a cab receipt that says 1.75 pay noSo I m wondering if they weren t tipped in those days Not sure if that s the kind of minutiae that Google would have an answer for And the vast majority of the people who could answer that question are gone now. 3.5 A fun Golden Age mystery, even if I did figure it out about halfway through. [ DOWNLOAD EBOOK ] ♦ The Penguin Pool Murder ♌ For The Third Graders At Jefferson School, A Field Trip Is Always A Treat But One Day At The New York Aquarium, They Get Much Excitement Than They Bargained For A Pickpocket Sprints Past, Stolen Purse In Hand, And Is Making His Way To The Exit When Their Teacher, The Prim Hildegarde Withers, Knocks Him Down With Her Umbrella By The Time The Police And The Security Guards Finish Arguing About What To Do With Chicago Lew, He Has Escaped, And Miss Withers Has Found Something Far Interesting A Murdered Stockbroker Floating In The Penguin Tank With The Help Of Detective Oscar Piper, This No Nonsense Spinster Embarks On Her First Of Many Adventures The Mystery Is Baffling, The Killer Dangerous, But For A Woman Who Can Control A Gaggle Of Noisy Third Graders, Murder Isn T Frightening At All I don t usually pick the murderer out of the gate, but I did in this one Not a bad one, but SP is clearly still hitting his stride with Ms Withers co it s not as smart or atmospheric as The Puzzle of the Red Stallion I ll definitely keep going in the series, though I stumbled upon this series after seeing one of the film adaptations, and at least based on the one book in the series I ve read, I m surprised this 1930s mystery series is not better remembered today.Hildegard Withers, spinster teacher, is on a field trip with her students at the aquarium when she witnesses a murder More preciously She sees the body of a dead man drop into the penguin tank Smart, resourceful, and having an interest in mysteries, Hildegard is eager to help the police What makes this book interesting is that Oscar Piper, the police inspector assigned to the case, doesn t dismiss Hildegard but quickly sees her value, and the two partner up for the investigation.I loved that the police officer didn t dismiss the amateur, which is the common thread in most mystery books and results in the amateur sleuth going off on her or his own A fun one for fans of the golden age of mysteries and it s nice to read one set in New York rather than somewhere in England no offense to the many delightful mysteries set in 1920s and 30s England Recommended. A fun, though somewhat dated, mystery, but still very enjoyable It took me a while to warm up to the main character, Hildegarde Withers, mainly because I recalled the old movies in which she is played by Edna May Oliver I had trouble squaring that image with the character in the book, where she is described as 39 years old nowhere near as old as that actor was, nor quite as prim In a later movie, Eve Arden played her and I found her much closer to how I envisioned Hildegarde, a teacher, who has taken her 3rd graders to the NY Aquarium on the particular day when a murder is committed in the Penguin Pool Miss Withers is insinuated into the case by the loss of her hatpin and works with Inspector Piper, a cigar chomping, slang talking detective with NYPD, to solve the case If traditional mystery readers keep in mind the Depression era in which this was written, and don t judge it by today s culture, they will enjoy it muchThere s a bit of a clever locked room element touched on, and the courtroom resolution reveal by Miss Withers doesn t disappoint. Dated but still an entertaining read you can even watch the film on you tube if it takes your fancy And Hildergarde is a most worthy sleuth. Okay I m sorry but I m unable to separate the fact that I am reading a book from when the laws of this country was different.