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What an awesome book with great ideas for keeping in touch with people the old fashioned way Who doesn t like a good piece of happy snail mail LOVE THIS BOOK I even sent a copy to a friend of mine, I loved it that much Review from my daughter Leah, age 10 What I love best about this book are the prompts and friendly encouragement in the introductory paragraphs It makes me smile, relax and kick starts my creativity I know that others will like this book if they are looking for something to push their creativity So far my favorite prompts are to send a postcard with a 100 word scary story and write a letter using only 17 syllables So fun @READ DOWNLOAD â Write Back Soon! ⚣ Connect To Your Friends Through Handwritten Notes, Cards, Letters, And Postcards An Interactive Workbook That Encourages Creative Interactions Between Friends Through The Written Word, Complete With Cross Outs, Smudges, And Parenthetical Asides Put Down That Smartphone And Pick Up A Pen Texting And E Mail Have Taken Over Our Correspondence, But Karen Benke Is Ready To Change That Through Prompts That Invite Penning Short Postcard Size Notes, Ideas For Sending Cards Just Because, And Inspired Letter Writing Exercises, Pass That Note Offers Limitless Possibilities For Connecting With Your Friends In Personal, Unique, And Creative Ways Use The Book For Its Letter Writing Ideas, Tear Out Pages To Send To Friends, Or Write In It As A Journal To Record Big Ideas For Future Correspondence No Matter How You Use It, You Ll Be Connecting With The People You Care About The Most In Ways That Are Surprising, Fun, And Heartfelt Contributors Include Neil Gaiman, Jon J Muth, Ruth Ozeki, Wendy Mass, Gary Snyder, Norman Fischer, Natalie Goldberg, Jane Hirshfield, Claire Dederer, Albert Flynn DeSilver, Alison Luterman, Sam Hamill, Ava Dellaira, Lucille Lang Day, And J Ruth Gendler I am reviewing an ARC, digital edition of this book This would make a great gift purchase buy a pair and encourage the recipient to stay in touch The anecdotes and prompts are short and sweet This would make a great gift for a friend moving away or a relative with whom you struggle to keep up to date. As an unabashed snail mail lover, I m thrilled that children and teens can learn both the basics and the creative uses of letter writing For the email texting generation unfamiliar with receiving a handwritten letter, this book aims to ignite the thrill one can experience with written communication Benke offers wonderful prompts, new and established, that will engage young people in ways they ll never expect Brava to Karen for corralling some terrific established poets and authors who share their love of sending and receiving handwritten letters Ah, the handwritten love letter, the newsy catch up gossipy letter, the let s get to know one another letter They re tangible, can be read anywhere, carry barely any weight, and last lifetimes, reflected first in our memories and later for future generations to learnof us through the footprint of the written word A wonderful teaching tool, too, for teachers of all subjects from geography philately and, of course, English writing and social studies reading letters from bygone eras and even economics postage wasn t always 49 cents Makes an unusual and delightful holiday gift, too. I am the first to admit that my expectaions for this book were very high and I found myself disappointed in many ways I expected acreative book with great ideas.As a fan of the hand written letter note postcard, etc I was hoping to see some brilliant new ideas I felt most of the suggestions were tired, old ideas i.e Writing a letter to your younger self, Writing a letter to never be mailed There were a few helpful prompts but this volume is definitely for someone totally unfamiliar with mail art and the idea of written communication Probably the most frustrating aspect was the pages that discussed the abbreviations for states, the importance of using zip codes or postal codes , and such mundane details While I would not suggest this book for anyone who practices the fun creativity nature of mail art, I would probably buy it for someone who only emails and texts I realize part of my issue may have been lofty expectations after seeing so much gorgeous mail art from friend artists.This book was provided to me by NetGallery in exchange for my fair and honest review. In an age when the actual physical act of writing, let alone the craft of letter writing, is fast becoming an outmoded art this book comes as a very refreshing and insightful attempt at reviving one of our most personal forms of communication Write Back Soon is an important book that has the potential to inspire people young and old to sit down and put pen to paper to reach out to others in a way that our digital lifestyle cannot But it is far from being a reminiscence of the past as this book lives firmly in the future helping us create thoughtful and inspiring correspondence that helps us balance the abbreviated and truncated texts and emails with something vastlypersonal and intimate A great book born from a brilliant observation. A very nice book about the joy of letter writing that will appeal to those of us who find joy in letter writing This is a good addition to the handful of books out there on this topic her writing prompts and ideas for unique correspondence inspire the reader to put down the book and pick up a pen. This is for a quite specific kind of reader one who is in love with language, spoken and or written, one who cares for others or would like to careagain , one who is creative and loves surprises, one who is curious One who remembers how is to be loved through pages and or would like to love and be loved though pages again One with a soul of child and or poet I would like to qualify It will not teach you how to love writing although it contains some very useful tips But it can boost your inner creativity and everyone is creative, I believe, knowingly or not to start to write or well continue.But the message you should let yourself be taught is just to simply slow down, perceive the world around you and realize one should loveand let the loved ones know they are loved And I love the citations included, some speaks directly to my soul Lovely book, Ms Benke I will write , I promise. I love that there is a book encouraging people to actually write letters Being very fond of sitting down in a peaceful setting and writing letters to my closest friends is one of the most calming and therapeutic things for me which is why Write Back Soon interested me It has cute stories, lists of what you can send via snail mail, recommendations on keeping it short, sweet and personal, how to greet, say good bye and other great suggestions It may be helpful for someone just getting into letter writing or is stuck on ideas.It also doesn t necessarily lend itself to an electronic book since one is supposed to be able to tear pages, but that s ok I m not sure if it s en easy book to recommend it s very specific to certain readers and I m always happy to meet certain readers We ll see