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I was shocked when I opened up the eBook and found it only contained twenty nine pages, and disappointed by how it looked and was set up, not as a book, but as a list Yes, the meanings and description parts of each name were very well done, gold star, but most of these names I ve seen a thousand times before, though I did rather like the name Elvira , which was new to me I suppose I should state that I m not an expecting mother nor am I trying to get pregnant, I am a writer and I like to look at these things to jot down names for possible characters The only real issue I had with this book , was the lack of selection. ( Pdf ) ♠ Baby Names Book ♶ Baby Names Book Baby Names Kindle Getting Started On Choosing The Perfect Baby Names And Meanings It Can Be Difficult As A Parent, Trying To Decide On A Name For Your Beautiful Baby All Sorts Of Things Inhibit The Decision Process, Like Well, That S A Cute Name For When They Are A Toddler, But What About When They Are Adult Will A Child With This Name Get Teased At School Are There Any Nicknames That This Name Will Automatically Become, Despite The Parents Wishes What Will Their Initials Be Will There Name And Surname Be Simply Too Long As You Can Imagine, The List Goes On And On Baby Names Kindle Getting Started On Choosing The Perfect Baby Names And Meanings Offers Ideas, Insights Meanings And Origins Of Some Of The Common Names In Use Today Or The Future Plus, As A Bonus, You Can Claim A Free Copy OfBaby Names , Which Includes The TopNames, Tips For Naming Twins, Names To Avoid, And Useful Tips